Just In: The Chicken Lamp

This just popped up in my inbox and I thought it was hysterical. It’s called the Chicken Lamp, and yes it is really a chicken.

Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz created this working lamp using actual taxidermy.

Previously he designed a Duck Lamp out of a taxidermy duck with a broken neck (poor duckie) that he found in the trash of a taxidermy museum. (Museums just toss specimens in the trash? Really?) Apparently he was nervous about presenting the piece since taxidermy was not yet trendy.

Taxidermy is certainly trendy now (with deer heads thankfully disappearing from the design scene), though not sure I’ve seen much in the way of stuffed chickens.

White Feather Chicken Lamp WIth Bulb Head


Author: StyleCarrot

Marni Elyse Katz is a design writer and editor who lives in Boston and Cape Cod with her husband, two sons, and a cat. She blogs about design at www.stylecarrot.com

3 thoughts on “Just In: The Chicken Lamp”

  1. As an animal activist, I don’t find this humorous or trendy. While I recognize the cycle of life, clearly these animals were killed in the interest of making a design “buck.” Their corpses seem perfectly intact, sans heads. I think it would be way more chic to taxidermy the designer’s head and put that on a stake!

    1. Sarah, good idea. Perhaps you can design a vodoo doll lamp just like that. I’m going to hope the chicken wasn’t raised specificlaly for this purpose. We could investigate.

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