Get the Look: Every Type of Birkenstock Sandal

After putting together Friday’s post on the revival of Birkenstocks, and having a late birthday lunch with friends (thanks Marcie & Deb!), I headed to The Tannery to try on Birkenstocks. As they’re hardly sexy, I felt like I was trying on shoes that an college roommate left by the door. But, once I channeled the women in all the street style photos, I was on board. So I turned my attention to how Birkenstocks actually felt on my feet.

The leather of the Arizona sandals were a little stiff for me, (though seems to be fine for everybody else), and I didn’t even bother trying on the Gizeh thongs  because I can only wear flip flops with ribbons, not leather, between my toes. (Princess and the Pea, me.)  It’s too bad, because I really like the white Arizona Birkenstocks. They remind me of my white rubber platforms slides by Patrick Cox from the mid-’90s (which I actually still have and should perhaps resurrect).

The white Birkenstocks are so obviously a cute style statement and would not be mistaken for the schleppy misguidedness. Look, if you’re going to wear Birkenstocks because they’re back (and by back I mean, by those who matter, i.e., Phoebe Philo, Marc Jacobs, Jenna Lyons), then you’re going to have to cultivate the total look. (I can do a post with specific clothing picks too if anyone’s interested.)

Back to the try-ons. I also slipped on a slouchy pair of suede Arizona sandals labeled “soft footbed.” Bingo. Pure comfort. (For sizing, go down one.) I could definitely get on board wearing these. Thing is, I haven’t been into earth tones the past ten years.

Back home, my search for size 36 black suede Arizonas turned up “out of stock” messages. Not willing to languish on a wait list, I ordered the Arizona Soft Footbed Suede Sandal in Velvet Gray . Admittedly, it is going to be harder to pull off elegance in gray suede than crisp black, but so be it. Besides, I’ve been totally into my gray Madewell jeans, so this could all be good.

I’m headed to the Outer Cape for most of the summer, where looking just-so is just not.

I’ve updated the shopping options below on June 2021. I also just bought a new pair of shearling-lined Birkenstocksshearling-lined Birkenstocks that are irresistibly cozy, especially on chilly Cape nights.

S H O P P I N G 

Birkenstock Sandals Boots Clogs New Styles 2021

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Birkenstock Sandals Boots Clogs New Styles 2021

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Birkenstock Sandals Boots Clogs New Styles 2021

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Birkenstock Sandals Boots Clogs New Styles 2021

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Birkenstock Sandals Boots Clogs New Styles 2021

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5 thoughts on “Get the Look: Every Type of Birkenstock Sandal”

  1. Would love to see your fashion tips for Birki’s!! I too recently succumbed and my feet are now happy, although feels like i should be wearing a flower headband …

  2. I lived in my Birkenstocks (when I could) for many 90’s summers. Agree they are not so easy on the eyes, but the fun colors & metallics (especially on the thongs) make them less clunky. They are comfy & good for your feet, and as we all know…confidence is the best look!

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