ARTmonday: 20×200 Is Back!

Periodically I check to see if 20×200 is back online. Recently I was surprised with a splash page, encouraging users to sign up for its “Reboot List.” Lo and behold, I received an email last week that the site is up and running; a version of it anyway. It seems that Jen Bekman is doing business at Looks as though she is selling the same, superbly curated affordable art prints as before, the leftovers even. The home page states that you should snatch up what you like, because works won’t be replenished. Bekman and her team are working on a relaunch for early next year, with “new editions, new artists, and some exciting surprises.” I for one cannot wait. Here are 16 prints tempting prints available right now. Love.

UPDATE: Jen emailed me yesterday to thank me for the post, and relay further info about the site. They will definitely replenish out-of-stock prints; just not until early 2014, which is when they’ll resume releasing new editions as well. (As always, sold out editions are gone for good once they’ve sold out.) And, they’ll be adding new inventory throughout this beta period, so keep checking it. Finally, 20× will once again be the URL, with the transition happening in early 2014 as well.


Aaron Straup Cope, prettymaps (paris)


Jane Mount, Ideal Bookshelf: Jen Bekman


Mike + Doug Starn, alleverythingthatisyou sno6_034.1


Jenny, Odell, 77 Waste Ponds


Helena Wurzel, Time


Amze Emmons, National Treasures


Lisa Congdon, Birch Forest No. 7


Michelle Hinebrook, Crystallized


Paul Octavious, Kite Hill 


Sharon Montros, Baby Donkey


Laura Bell, Sarah Waiting for the Tide


Christian Chaize, Praia Piquinia 16/08/11 13h26


Jorge Colombo, Wedding Portrait 


Daniel Seung Lee, Belmont Harbor Tree II, Chicago


Gary Petersen, Flex


Jennifer Sanchez, ny.08.#06

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