ARTmonday: Ocean Wave Artworks

It’s July 1, the start of the week of the Fourth of July, a big deal around here. My boys consider it the best day of the year (and not just because we let them have soda, which is basically never allowed). We celebrate with a picnic at Corn Hill beach, which my husband has done his entire life. It’s a definite slice of Americana, with many groups of families and friends that span multiple generations gathering on picnic blankets, with grills, hors d’oeuvres, and cocktails. If it’s warm the kids run in and out of the ocean waves (actually,it’s a  bay beach), and later there are sparklers, s’mores (my favorite part), and fireworks. I’ll definitely snap some Instagram pics (follow StyleCarrot). Here are some ocean wave artworks, all available to purchase online. And speaking of waves, has anyone else been noticing a lot of wave prints in wallpaper and textiles?


 The Wave, Matt Josephs, Society 6


 Wave Flow, Cailin Rawlins, Society 6


 Mariana’s Wave, Shelly Sea, Etsy


 Ocean, Design Windmill, Society 6


 Wave, Jesus Zuazo-Garrido, Saatchi Online


 Wave, Bella Blue Photography, Society 6


Any Ocean, Estelle Caswell, Society 6tina-crespo-ocean-nature-circle
You or Me, Tina Crespo, Etsy


Bridge, Jeremy Miranda, Mammoth & Company


Wave, Chris Redford, Society 6


Sunlight On Narragansett Bay, Jorey Hurley, Etsy


Wave, Caroline Provine, Society 6


Ocean Wave With Color Bars, John Jackson, Saatchi Online


Sea Recollection, Efi Tolia, Society 6

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Author: StyleCarrot

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