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By now you know I’m partial to photography of women, especially when their backs are turned, or they are otherwise obscured. I spotted the snapshot above on Lisa Cancelli’s Facebook page (Lisa is the proprietor of the North Shore boutiques Viola Lovely), and she was kind enough to identify the artwork when I swooned. The photographer is Ranee Palone Flynn, and I’m in love. I may need that image of the girl in the green dress.

According to the Danforth Museum of Art, Flynn  is a self-taught photographer who moved from New York City to Boston’s North Shore. If you’re familiar with the area, you’ll recognize the environs. She photographs strangers in their own clothes in their personal environments, finding the majority of her subjects by placing ads in Cape Ann newspapers, though occasionally, she will approach people on the street. Flynn spends sixty to ninety minutes with her subjects in their natural habitats (bedroom, yard, etc.). Her images are voyeuristic, sexual, and compelling.


Renee Palone Flynn Boy in Blanket

Renee Palone Flynn Lilies in Vase

Renee Palone Flynn Girl Against Fence

Ranee Palone Flynn Girls on Street Corner


Ranee Palone Flynn Prom Girls Down Stairs


Ranee Palone Flynn Girl with Arms Crossed

Ranee Palone Flynn Shirtless Boy and Girl

Ranee Palone Flynn Sky and Grass

Ranee Palone Flynn Boys in Fur Coat on Ice

Ranee Palone Flynn Painted Wall

Ranee Palone Flynn Girl in Tube Socks









Ranee Palone Flynn Peach Wall Radiator Chair


Photos courtesy of Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art

Author: StyleCarrot

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the freshness of perspective in these photos. If you’re taking the green dress…I’ve got my eye on the hat over face green dress in the background!

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