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Parker Pens has been around for nearly 125 years, and they continue to create new designs.  The company has recently introduced Parker 5th technology, which they call a “fifth mode of writing” where the pen adjusts to your personal writing style in a few strokes. The innovation is incorporated into several  collections including Ingenuity (designed exclusively for Parker 5th), Sonnet Feminine, Urban Premium, and IM Premium. They’re really beautiful, with art nouveau / art deco styling, in finishes that include pink gold, pearl and gun metal.


StyleCarrot is giving away one Parker IM Premium pen with Parker 5th technology, which retails for $80. It’s perfect for writing old-fashioned love letters. Leave a comment on this post telling me the last time you wrote an actual letter (or even a card or note that you mailed), and to whom. Just curious. : )

Deadline for entering is next Wednesday, Feb. 6, so the winner can have her new pen by Valentine’s Day. Love letters rock.



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  1. As the office manager for a small design firm, I always hand write all of our thank-you cards for the wonderful holiday gifts that we get. Additionally, I hand write a love letter for my husband every year on his birthday ( Jan.25th)
    this year was his 55th birthday!

  2. The last “letter” I wrote was to my boyfriend in a card when we exchanged our Christmas gifts. I intended to only write a small sentence, but it turned into a long story about how I was so glad my aunt introduced us to each other over 5 years ago. =)

  3. My Mother is elderly and very traditional when it comes to etiquette. I remember, as a child, writing all of my thank you notes (yes, a necessity for any little gift or thrill) on Crane stationery with a fountain pen. To this day, she believes a handwritten letter conveys intent far more than a phone conversation. In order to communicate with her I’ve resorted to writing her every day on my formal engraved stationery with my favorite Parker fountain pen. Every morning, part of my routine is to sit down and write a note to her. I fondly refer to it as my ‘love campaign’. This pen would make the experience extra special; I know this is asking alot but if I win, may I have one for me and one for her? It would make Valentine’s Day spectacular!

  4. The last letter I wrote was a thank you card for my wedding. I count it as a letter as I tried to personalize each one, which albeit took longer but made it a much more fun project to relive all of the personal moments with each guest from the special day.

  5. Last letter I wrote was to my 11 year old daughter. I got her a mom & daughter journal for Xmas and she loved the idea. We have been writing letters to each other every other day. It has become a wonderful communication system between us. The journal is always holding a pen…I’ll be happy to replace it with a Parker 😉

  6. I always hand-write thank you cards – it’s just nice to personalize them that way rather than send a thank you e-mail!

  7. For some reason I still require pen and paper to jot down my most important thoughts. I will occasionally journal, always in the form of a letter.

  8. There is just something about holding a weighty, solid pen in ones hand, while still considering what to write next.

  9. I try really hard to be good about thank-you notes. I feel like emailed versions don’t count. Despite my bad handwriting, I always send a handwritten note on stationery. I just sent off a whole batch of post-holiday thank-yous for the gifts my son (two years-old — too young to write himself) received.

  10. Just last week, I wrote a note of congratulations (with my Parker pen on Crane note stock, no less) to a colleague for an award she received.

  11. I love writing letters, especially on nice stationary. As an out-of-state college student, they are usually to my parents. I always wax seal them the handmade letter seal that my dad made for me.

  12. A love letter to my husband of 40 years. I was a business education major in college…..with plans to be a shorthand/typing teacher. I always wrote in shorthand with a Parker fountain pen…..because they don’t skip!

  13. The last letter I wrote was to my grandparents. They live in South America and I live in Florida. Wefrequently correpond in thus manner, as they never learned to use computers.

  14. My husband is in the Air Force and has been away from home since October. We still write letters and send notes even though email and texts are at our disposal. My favorite note he writes for me is in the form of little post-it notes. He puts them all over the house in surprising locations for me to find weeks after he leaves. They say sweet things like “I love how you burn the rice” which I found INSIDE the rice maker!

  15. Wow, I can’t remember the last time I wrote an actual letter, other than writing news in a Birthday card.

  16. Love Letter Campaign Sequel: I lovingly pulled out my Parker Sonnet this morning in order to write the morning letter to my Mother. I was going to keep this contest a surprise, but it’s hard to keep this kind of secret. Hopefully she won’t receive the pink Crane envelope until after you announce the winner. How special it would be if the two of us could write with matching Parker IM Premium pens. At this point, if we don’t win, I’ll have to splurge, since the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

  17. I wrote a card to my sister-in-law most recently, I do it so seldom that my cursive is seriously deteriorating!
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  18. The last time I wrote a letter was to my fiance, Zachary on our third year anniversary. The ‘love letter’ was taped on top of a heart shaped box that held all of the notes to each other I could find from when we were together in high school.

  19. I wrote a thank you letter to an old friend who sent me a wonderful book that I really enjoyed. It felt like the proper, old-fashioned way to express my gratitude! I will always enjoy writing the “real” way.

  20. The last time I actually wrote a letter by hand was probably at least 10 years ago, when I was out of town on a business trip and I wrote my wife a letter by hand because I was bored in the hotel room. That was the last time.

  21. I wrote a letter to my mother-in-law in December thanking her for being such a wonderful mother-in-law and being there to support me when my husband is so far away from home. It ended up being a two page letter and she wrote back telling me how much she loved it. Now I write her once a month as well as call her too. I forgot how much I enjoy writing letters and expressing how I feel.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  22. I wrote one for to my aunt to keep in touch a month ago. She is pretty old but I have great memories of her, her husband, and my cousins growing up.
    Love the pen! So would hubby! Perfect Valentine’s Day gift as anniversary of our first date.

  23. I mailed a card to my friend. She had a double mastectomy and I sent her a card wishing her well. We are in contact online and by phone but that isn’t enough.

  24. Thanks for the giveaway…just wrote a note to my uncle for his birthday & stuck it into a Hallmark today; I write thank you notes by hand all year long as well i.e. business & in my personal life.

  25. Have you selected the winner of the Parker fountain pen? Are you planning on making an announcement?


    Emily Main

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