ARTmonday: 10 Art Prints from Stampa

Online gallery Stampa, headed by Stephanie Pesakoff, offers limited edition, archival prints of work by commercial illustrators. Pesakoff  founded the illustration division of the agency Art Department, so she’s right in her niche. The prints are available framed or unframed, in four sizes. The site currently features the work of ten artists. I chose one piece from each to highlight here.


Alli Arnold, “Chair 2

•  •  •


Bella Foster, “NY Public Library

•  •  •


Bill Brown, “Guest Check

•  •  •


Bo Lundberg, “Los Angeles 69

•  •  • 


Sirichai, “Car

•  •  •


James Graham, “Apple

•  •  •


 Virginia Johnson, “Settee

•  •  •

Scans_.tif 2

Stephen Campbell, “5 Bottles

•  •  •


Sara Singh, “Blue Flowers

 •  •  •


Britt Brown, “Dots

•  •  •

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