Design Diary: House on South Pamet

We recently went to a neighbor’s house warming party in Truro. They had just completed a renovation by Mark Hammer of Cambridge- and Truro-based Hammer Architects, who expertly blended the very old, existing cottage with an airy, new addition that took cues from the original design. The house was owned by a journalist who was a staff writer for the New Yorker for over 50 years. My husband had visited a few times when he was a kid, and we recently reconnected with his son and his son’s very lovely wife, who now own the home and commissioned the renovation. It looks beautiful. I love the blue door, the bar on the old staircase, the black granite kitchen, and the artwork.


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4 Responses to Design Diary: House on South Pamet

  1. Terry Kahn

    Thanks for the kind words and the terrific pictures.

    Terry Kahn

  2. lisa neville

    I love the LOVE pillow – any thoughts on where it’s from?

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