Shop Alert: Newbury Street Update

I was back in town last week. Here are the changes I noticed on Newbury:

Le Tigre is open. Since when did they become relevant again?

Judi Rotenberg Gallery is closed. It’s too bad; they had some great work.

And right downstairs, Shu Uemura has shuttered too. Probably because they were so rude. [NOTE: A reader was offended by this comment, so I’ll clarify.] I found the service at this boutique to be unprofessional and unresponsive each time I stopped by or contacted them. By contrast, the service at MAC (112 Newbury Street) is always impeccable. PS – I use products from both lines and love them.

Author: StyleCarrot

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3 thoughts on “Shop Alert: Newbury Street Update”

  1. Good Evening,

    I, too am sad that Judi Rotenberg Gallery, is no longer there… I love your blog. I have to strongly, disagree with you about She Uemura and the very talented and so gracious people that worked there… I love their products and the people. They ALL will be sorely missed.

    When, I was editor of Palm Beach Illustrated, for design and fashion… If I didn’t have something nice to say… Then they would not be in my magazine. In this day and age we all need to be kind and respectful. Again, it served me well as an editor and designer, to write positive pieces.
    Which, you always do…

    1. Maureen, Thanks for your thoughts. I disagree with you. Journalism is not about writing only the positive. Some publications choose that route, and I understand why. This is my personal blog, so if I have an opinion about an organization or business, than I feel it is okay to share it. I certainly would not attack an individual. Every time I visited, the staff at Shu Uemura were unresponsive at best. I did not say they weren’t talented or that the products aren’t good. In fact, I use some of them. Feel free to share your opinions again. Thanks for your honesty.

  2. SC. I am happy to see you explain why you didn’t like them …although, like their products.
    My best, Maureen

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