ARTmonday: PAAM Members Auction


Every year the Provincetown Art Association and Museum holds a silent auction of member works created on 12×12 boards. The work is exhibited for about six weeks, during which time the bidding is on. The bids start at $125 and increase by $25 increments. This means you can get some good deals on local artwork. Well known artists’ works go for quite a bit, but I was once the lone bidder on a piece I really love. The artists agree to donate 50% of the purchase price to PAAM, though many donate 100% of the proceeds.

We put in our initial bids over the weekend. We are especially interested in the middle piece in the bottom row. My mother-in-law painted it, based on a photo I took last summer of my sons and their cousin on the beach. So if you’re in Ptown, stop by and bid, but not on that one! Here is a sampling; sorry the photos aren’t great.



PAAM Members’ 12 x 12 Silent Auction
July 24, 8 PM to September 12, 4PM


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4 Responses to ARTmonday: PAAM Members Auction

  1. What a great idea- the artwork is so cool!

  2. I have heard about this – it is supposed to be fabulous! So many wonderful artists are in P-town!
    Is there a way to bid on line? Great info!

  3. stylecarrot

    Sorry Gina, they don’t do an online component for this auction.

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