Stuff Magazine: Hot 100

Today the Stuff Magazine “Hot 100” issue hit the newstands, or rather, the news boxes on the street. I contributed six “hot” trends in décor. Those of you who read my blog regularly won’t be surprised by the choices.



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bird pillow


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single wall

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Style Carrot post coming soon.

chairHOT AND GREEN: Eco-conscious design

Related Style Carrot post maybe someday.


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5 Responses to Stuff Magazine: Hot 100

  1. I actually have a decal question I’m posting (in a few hours). I’m looking forward to your post about it!

  2. Loved the list this year- I ripped out all of the design focus ones and knew they were all your fantastic additions 🙂

  3. Thanks for the list.. love the designs

  4. Great choices — very on trend. I’ve finally convinced my husband to agree to some wallpaper in the new house and I’m so excited!

  5. Fabulous job. I just clicked on the pink wallpaper pic’s & found one that I had done a guest room in two years ago here in Houston. It was the one called “dropper in pink, mauve & grey” by Design Your Wall. Know I feel really great about my choice! I need to scout for “Stuff Mag.” Thanks for the tips as always.

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