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Montage: 50 Rooms with Built-In Log Storage

Last week my first post of the year for the Lamps Plus blog was published, Firewood Storage Solutions, From Trays to Totes. Since ’tis the season, and I’ve been seeing massive stacks of logs on Pinterest, here’s a companion post for you, with plenty more of the look.

wood storage in entry Stine Langvad Interior Design

Stine Langvad Interior DesignElle Deco Denmark 

Photo by Ann-Charlotte Fagerlin for Expressen

photographer Ann-Charlotte Fagerlin for Expressen

window seat storage skona hem

Skona Hem magazine


 Catherine Kwong Design

photographer Paul Massey.

 photographer Paul Massey

Marimekko’s Spring 2009 catalog-logs

Marimekko’s Spring 2009 catalog


Pizza East restaurant, London via Arch Daily
Michaelis Boyd Associates  –  photographer Richard Lewisohn


Summer home of set designer Rie Lykke, Denmark
photographer Pernille Kaalund for Femina


photographer Mark Borthwick


firewood organizer by Antonio Lupi

under stair logs erin martin

Erin Martin Design


Mikkel Mortensen of Yellows Photography


The Construction Zone


Meister Construction


photographer Daniel Hertzell


 Shim Sutcliffe Architects


Catalonia fireplace by Francesc Rifé Studio

tulip table



Murakami Design
photographer Michael Graydon for Canadian House & Home

Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects

Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects

rustic room




purple flowres


Photos- Maria-Isabel Hansson via Hus och Hem

Photographer Maria-Isabel HanssonHus & Hem

Photo ©- Greg Cox-HogL House of Pictures

photographer Greg Cox for HogL House of Pictures


 Andersson Wise Architects


 Olson Kundig Architects



Kelly Klein beach house AD

Kelly Klein’s beach house
Architectural Digest

built by photographer Trine Thorsen

Built by photographer Trine Thorsen




 Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Jeltje Fotografie

Culligan Abraham Architecture

Culligan Abraham Architecture

Studio Ko

Studio Ko


Elle Decor


Elle Decor

Kendall Conrad, via C Magazine.

Kendall ConradC Magazine

firewood organizers by Antonio Lupi

firewood organizers by Antonio Lupi

Lena Proudlock Photography for Maison Francase Magazine

Lena Proudlock Photography for Maison Francase 

elle decor deerhead

Elle Decor

 architects Renaud De Poorter and Femke Holdrinet

architects Renaud De Poorter and Femke Holdrinet


home of Elisabeth Heier via The Veda House


AKSL Architects

black-fireplace-new Cubic wood fireplace stove by Wittus

Cubic wood fireplace stove by Wittus



nina k.studio-photographer-Nina-Kellokoski

photographer Nina Kellokoski of Nina K. Studio

[via The White Company - Savoy Bed Linen Collection

Savoy Bed Linen Collection via The White Company

The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu

The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu


Jarlath Mellett


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Montage: 36 Interiors with Nudes

After admiring a collection of nude drawings above the bed in a cottage we once rented on Cape Cod, my husband and I decided to acquire some for our own art collection, to add to the handful that we had collected over the years. I’ve recently snapped up a few on eBay; the prices are great. You can get lovely sketches for very little money—under $20 even. They look beautiful with simple frames or ornate ones, in groups or on their own.

Christina Halscov

Painting by Francine Turk

Paintings by Joan McD Miller

Buckingham Interior Design

Buckingham Interior Design

Carrier & Co.

Drawing by sculptor Chaim Gross on my mantle.

DNA Gallery, Provincetown (back office)

via Roseland Green

Welhil Interiors

Apartment Therapy Boston

Trine Thorsen   |  Sibella Court

Ryan Korban  |  Stylist Johanna Flickt

Justine Hugh-Jones (painting by Robert Malherbe)   | via Lindsey Adelman

Justine Hugh-Jones  |  Melanie Coddington

Grant K. Gibson

Gideon Mendelson  |  via Design Attractor

Grant K. Gibson  |  Charles Spada

Jarlath Mellot  |  Melanie Coddington

Elizabeth Martin  |  Eddie Lee

Matter & Order  (Nude by Austin Eddy)

unknown (via aestate)

Ryan Korban  |  Brooke Giannetti

Stylist Johanna Flickt  |  Carrier & Co. photographed by Habitually Chic

Photographer Simon Eldon (nude by Lucie Bennett)

For more photos and tips on using nudes in décor, see “The Nude: Rooms in a State of Undress,” an article I wrote for The Inside Source.

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Montage: 54 Kitchen Banquettes

Our Boston condo is under renovation. One of the features we are adding is a banquette adjacent to the kitchen area. It seems to me that there’s been a proliferation of built-in seating recently. Unlike the booths of the ’70s (I grew up with an orange and white vinyl booth in a kitchen with oversize floral wallpaper that had a gold, brown, and orange plaid border), today’s specimens are sophisticated and sleek.

Ours will be U-shaped (not ideal, but we’re dealing with a tight space), with a pale blue and taupe chevron upholstered seat-back and pale blue faux leather seat cushion. The custom table has a walnut herringbone-pattern top on a restaurant supply style stainless base. I’ll post a photo when it’s complete. (If I’m not dead first.)

In the meantime, here are 54 very fabulous banquettes. In addition, check out my piece “The Haute Seat,” in last Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine.

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Montage: 20 Spaces with Swings

I’ve been noticing swings in interiors rather a lot over the last year. The plexiglass ones have a retro ’60s look and the rattan harken back to the ’70s. I prefer the cleaner, more architectural designs. I sprinkled in a few summery outdoor ones too.

Brian Andriola

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Montage: 27 Rooms with Ladders

Ladders have been popular in interiors for a while now, not just to access books, but in bathrooms as towel racks. Even stepladders have been appropriated, sometimes with a tray on top, as side tables. To accompany my piece,  “Trendlet: Ladders” on The Inside Source, I’ve put together an expanded montage of ladder decor.

Zen Associates

Architect Diana Kellogg

Mimi O’Connell

Kate Hume

Light Locations

Stylist Jaimi Holker

Hufft Projects Architecture

Fritz von der Schulenburg

Antonio Martins

Joe Schmelzer                                                         Anthropologie

Colombe Steven                                                Fernau + Hartman Architects

Remodelista                                        The Brooklyn Home Company

Sania Hedengren & Susanna Zacke                           A Beach Cottage blog

photographer Trine Thorsen                                          Mimi O’Connell

Mariam Francova Residence                             Heir Antiques, Providence

Photographer Paul Barbera                                                  Erin Martin

Nathalie Vingot Mei                                                     Apartment Therapy

photographer Trine Thorsen                             photographer Trine Thorsen

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Montage: 22 Spaces with Sheepskin Throws

It makes sense that so many taste makers strew sheepskin throws on the furniture. Whether it’s to reinforce the cozy in an already dressed down space, soften a room that’s bit too sleek, or add texture to a monochromatic palette, the shaggy skins are undeniably a nice touch.

I was immediately drawn to the gray sheepskins that are thrown over the chairs in the third photo down. I could do that, I thought. I had seen the curly gray versions at IKEA. They’d make the perfect touch on my new gray sofa in the family room. At once inviting and edgy. So tempting. Until I thought about it. How many times a day do I replace the pillows and blankets that litter the floor? Did I want to add to the chore? Not so much. Oh well.

Maybe it’d work on my all white bed. Who am I kidding? I don’t make my bed . . .

Photos: photographer Laura Resen; stylist Leslie Siegel; photographer  Stellan Herner; Flickr-herz-allerliebst; Flickr-famapa; photographer Anna Kern; Digs by Katie; Flickr; Atticus & Milo; Erin Martin Design; John Maniscalco Architecture; Living Etc.; Mi Casa; photographer Rachel Smith; Apartment Therapy NY; Hotel Esplendor via Continuous Thread; Julianne Moore’s living room; Flickr-JHJapan; Elle Decor; photographer Trine Thorsen; Studio Isle Olde Bell Inn; architects Fernlund +  Logan; Emma’s Design Blogg via Remodelista; Apartment Therapy; architects Fernlund +  Logan; Bolig Magasinet.

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Montage: Mudrooms

When my editor at the Boston Globe Magazine asked me to do a column on mudrooms, I wondered how I would find three great specimens. Turns out, I got more submissions more quickly than for any other assignment. Makes sense, with our wet winters and sandy, saltwatery summers. “Cloudy With a Chance of Backpacks” was published this past Sunday. Below are many of the mudroom submissions I received, plus a handful of others, including my own. (On the Cape. Unfortunately there’s no such space in our Boston condo, unless you count the living room. I don’t.)







Photos: Architect Jan Gleysteen; architect Stephen Reilly; Sally de Gan of Spacecraft Architecture; S+H Construction and Amory Architects; photographer Stellan Herner; LDa Architecture; Jarmund/Vigsnaes Arkitekter; Desire to Inspire; Debborah Farrand; Coburn Architecture; FC Studio; photographer Trine Thorsen; Katz Residence; Robin Pellissier of Robin’s Nest; Meg Braff; TMS Architecture; photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo; Zero Energy Architecture; Sally de Gan of Spacecraft Architecture; architect Michael Collins; Sunset Magazine.


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