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Montage: 22 Exterior Glass Doors

This very minute I’m in the quad awaiting the annual Maypole dances at my son’s school. It’s gorgeous out —green, flowering, and sunny. When the kids were small, I’d perch on the playground bench equipped with my laptop. These days, it just doesn’t seem worth the effort since conditions are less than ideal. Although we live on the “garden” level, first floor Back Bay, Boston condos aren’t outfitted with much in the way of outdoor space. On  a whim, we looked at two houses across the river in Cambridge. One had such a lovely city-like patio and yard, I was tempted.

I’ve pulled together a collection of 22 exterior spaces all accessed by wonderful (mostly) glass exterior doors. There are the obvious sliding doors and French doors, but these are unique wood slat and metal-frame versions. I’ve included plenty of traditionally-hinged doors, though their shape, size, and applications are anything but run-of-the-mill. An  accordion door is incredibly appealing, and sadly not so common in the Northeast. (One could do accordion room dividers, however. I’ve seen a few amazing photos of these on Pinterest.) Interiors with sliding barn doors have become hugely popular; I found one outdoor example, included here. The most amazing exterior doors, aside from having a garage door in your living room, which I’ve always thought was cool, are glass pivot doors. I’ve found a number of gorgous examples for you. Every category could easily get its own post—which do you like best?

F R E N C H  D O O R S 


Steven Harris Architects


Home of designer Richard Shapiro –  Photographer Lisa Romerein

home-of-artist-rirkrit-tiravanija-Aroon Puri-Tuttle-Neil-Logan

Home of artist Rirkrit Tiravanija
Aroon Puri Tuttle and Neil Logan, Fernlund + Logan

A C C O R D I O N   D O O R S 


Pitzo Kedem Architects – Photographer Amit Geron




William Tozer Associates

B A R N   D O O R 


Sunset Magazine

G A R A G E   D O O R S

Randall Mars

Randall Mars Architects


The Novogratz

T R A D I T I O N A L L Y   H I N G E D   D O O R S


Elding Oscarson


Govaert & Vanhouette Architects


Richard Shapiro – Photographer Lisa Romerein


Photographer Mark Bolton


Home of Ben David of bedding company Kas

S L I D I N G   D O O R 


Atria Arquitectos – Photographer Edgar Cezar

P I V O T   D O O R S


Home of Dwell magazine founder Lara Deam  –  Sand Studios


T38 Studio


Est Magazine


Dear Architects – Photographer Karen Mendoza


The Selby


Lake|Flato Architects


Graux & Baeyens


Outdoor Spaces
Pools & Water


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Montage: 34 Work Spaces with Swivel Chairs

Now that my workspace has been relocated to the living room, I’m thinking of getting a new desk chair. The one I’ve been using from Hold Everything is literally falling apart. I’m uncertain whether to opt for a stylish dining/upholstered chair or for a more ergonomically-correct, but not as living room-y, office chair. I think a rolling swivel chair may be too office-y for my workspace (I’ll post a photo of it tomorrow), though some of these look lovely. I love the Eames Management chair, but at over $2,000, it’s not likely to make an appearance at my house.

via Live Creating Yourself

via Herman Miller Lifework

Gene Meyer

Cookie Magazine

Photographer Justin Bernhaut

Photographer Erik Johnson


Kate Hume

Jessica Helgerson

Amanda Nisbet

Photographer Idha Lindhag


Architectural Digest

Sara Story

Hus & Hem

Living Etc.

Elle Decor Italia

Marie Fisher  – H2hotel

Photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo


Victoria Hagan

Photographer Marti HahnReal Living Magazine


The Office Stylist

Michael Habachy

Palmer WeissTradHome

Matt Eastwood

Cassie Pyle  – The Veda House

Studio AV5

Stefano Tonchi’s home (editor of W Magazine) – The Selby

Photographer Kelly Ishikawa

Photographer Trent Bell

Photographer Magnus Marding

Lonny Magazine

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Montage: 44 Painted Built-In Bookshelves (Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple)

I love the richness of the painted bookcases in these rooms. The tones are much deeper than I would dare to go in my own home. Most of the time. A couple of years ago, inspired by such shelving, I had my husband paint the built-in bookcases in our family room a deep purple. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great either. We’ve since gone back to white, with taupey greige walls, to complements the neutral re-do of our family room. But still, it doesn’t stop me from admiring the work of designers accomplished enough to pull off the look of richly painted bookcases. I particularly like Katie Ridder’s rooms with painted bookcases; she does it with great panache, in monochromatic and highly contrasty spaces. As does Miles Redd. Which colors would you experiment with for built-in bookshelves  in your own study?

Thom Filicia

Lindsey Coral Harper


Designer Eric Gartner  –  Photographer Tim Street-Porter  – Elle Decor

Collette van den Thillart of Nicky Haslam Design

Architectural Digest

Katie Ridder

Katie Ridder

Photographer Diane Sagnier  –  The Socialite Family

Jan Showers

Jonathan Adler

Miles Redd   –  Photographer Simon Upton  –  Elle Decor

 Miles Redd   –  Photographer Simon Upton

Todd Alexander Romano

Meredith Heron Dark Blue Bookshelves In Den

Meredith Heron  •  House and Home

repinned 460

ODA-Architecture  •  Architectural Digest

Katie Ridder


Country Living

 Katie Ridder

 Miles Redd

Elle Decor Espana


Susan Sargent  –  Photographer Eric Roth

Martha Stewart Living

Techentin Buckingham Architecture

Katie Ridder

Amanda Nisbet

Angie Hranowsky – Domino

Martha Stewart Living

David Kaihoi  – House Beautiful

Charles Spada

Inès de la Fressange’s Paris office – The Selby

Corinne Gilbert, Mc&Co. –  Photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna

Photographer John Bedell

Michael Richman – Metropolitan Home


Hus & Hem

Traditional Home


Raji Radhakrishnan  –  Metropolitan Home

Photographer Guido Barbagelata

Dark Blue Paneled Library Den Study Bookshleves



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Montage: 64 Rooms with Black and White Art

I’ve been really drawn to black and white abstract artworks recently. For instance, I could really go for a Franz Kline. OK, so that isn’t likely, but there are plenty of alternatives, and designers are incorporating them into interiors rather a lot of late. From misshapen ink blots and robust geometrics to feathery woodcuts and simple hand-drawn forms, black and white artworks elevate the sophistication level of a room.

I love the look, but I’ve found myself hesitating when confronted with the opportunity to purchase such a piece. Maybe the thought of laying out a lot of money for such simplicity is not as exciting as taking ownership of something bright and shiny. But let’s be serious,that could end up being the difference between something trendy from Forever 21 or a beautifully tailored Armani. No comparison. Happily, we recently purchased a pair of drawings that resemble thread. I had them matted and framed and they look fantastic. (I’ll try to post a photo later today.)

Bolig Magasinet 

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Weitzman Halpern

Elle Decor

Molly Luetkemeyer, M. Design

Christina Murphy

Betsy Brown

Anouck Lepère’s home via Nowness


Photographer Moris Moreno

Jan Showers

Shawn Henderson

Elle Decor


Angela Hardison via Design Sponge


Hay Copenhagen

Nina Freudenberger, Haus Interior

Betsy Brown

Ruthie SommersLonny

Meichi Peng Design Studio


India Hicks, Domino

Delphine Krakoff, Pamplemousse Design

Nina Freudenberger, Haus Interior

Ron Marvin

via The Decorista

via Wishflowers

Margarita Lorenzo, Chocolate Creative   |   via The Aestate

Celerie Kemble   |   Jennifer Ferreira

Ashley Putman, Lonny   |   Photographer David Prince

Photographer Lucas Allen   |   unidentified

Mim Design   |   Meichi Peng Design Studio

via  The Glamourai   |   Weitzman Halpern

Mendelson Group   |   unidentified

via  The Brick House   |   unidentified

via David Stark’s Sketchbook blog   |   via The Selby

Delphine Krakoff, Pamplemousse Design   |   Apparatus Lighting

Ericka McLain   |  via Design Manifest

via Erin Loechner on Pinterest   |   unidentified

Bruno de Caumont   |   unidentified

Luis Bustamante   |   Frédéric Méchiche’s loft via Door 16

via Mr Call on Pinterest    |   Haus Interior, Traditional Home

Ron Marvin, Lonny    |   via The Lennoxx

via The Aestate   |  Photographer Virginia McDonald

Betsy Brown

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On Trend: 35 Arrays of Arrows and Targets

I’ve been collecting images of arrows and targets for a while; I think I began to notice the trend in the fall. I thought it was a natural outgrowth of the trend of using feathers in decor, but I actually think it is part of The Hunger Games hoopla. In any case, I did a a piece on the arrow trend for The Inside Source earlier this year, and profiled blogger Amanda Hanley, in the Boston Globe Magazine. Put off by the high prices of vintage arrows, Hanley makes and sells arrows through her webshop Quivver. I, along with everyone else, saw The Hunger Games over the weekend, and as such felt inspired to post the roundup. UPDATE: I can’t believe I forgot about my own display of targets… They’re by Tracy Melton, and they’re hanging in our house on the Cape. It’s the first photo on the 23 Wall Installations post.

Katniss Everdeen’s arrows are fierce.

Piper Perabo’s home, Garance Doré.

Handmade, one-of-a-kind arrows from Fredericks and Mae.

Arrows in an armoire at Anthropologie, Boston.

Targets, Lawson-Fenning, Los Angeles.

via baubauhaus

House Beautiful   |  via Apartment Therapy

Trip Haenisch   |  Office door of David Weeks Studio, Brooklyn

Left: Dan McCarthy of mc&co, has a Fredericks & Mae arrow at home.
Right: via norske interiorblogger

Amanda Hanley’s Boston home, Red Whistle Jet

Primitive arrow set with case at Three Potato Four, Philadelphia.

More arrows at Three Potato Four.

Model Erin Wasson, The Selby.

Mollie Campbell Greene incorporated a wooden arrow into one of the mobiles she makes.

via The Peak of Chic

Amanda Hanley’s craft room, Red Whistle Jet.

Amanda Hanley’s living room, Red Whistle Jet.


Danielle Thompson of Thompson Family-Life made arrows for her son’s bedroom.

Arrows at mc&co, Brooklyn via Remodelista.

Anna Korte necklace via Honey Kennedy.



Left: Kate Lindello, Hello Victory
Right: Coral and Tusk arrows print. Photographer Kate Lacey.

Concept Blanc   |   Native Shop, Etsy

via Coloring Contest   |   Native Shop, Etsy

Noun, Portland, Oregon   |   via Making It Lovely


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