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Montage: 30 Pretty Pastel Interiors

When browsing J.Crew the other day, I noticed an abundance of pastel products. There’s always a healthy serving of pretty pastel rooms on Pinterest, and given my obsession with Scandinavian decor, especially white rooms sprinkled with pops of color, they’re always on my radar. I also just put together a post on pretty bedrooms for girls for the Matouk blog that posted yesterday, for which I had to slog through many a pink room to find the gems. Anyway, pastel style does seem to be a thing. Here are 30 pretty pastel interiors. Love ’em, or not so much? I like to look at them. Not sure I could live in one. Would definitely do a guest room in such a scheme. My favorite here is the very first. The combinatino of violet and mint is inspired.


Home of cosmetics executive Jeanine Lobell and actor Anthony Edwards
Rafael de Cardenas, Architecture at Large
Photographer William Waldron   –  Elle Decor

Artist-Gretchen-Weller-Howard stenciled-floors.

Stenciled floors by artist Gretchen Weller Howard


Home of jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen
Photographer Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer  –  Interiormagasinet


Home of Dos Family blogger on Design Sponge




Home of stylist Ana Antunes

House-&-Home-pastels- Stacey-Smithers

Photographer Michael Graydon  –  House & Home

Jaime Mears-lonny-lr

Jaime Mears, Furbish Studio  –  Lonny

Kiane-Von-Mueffling-Burley Katon Halliday

NYC home of Kiane Von Mueffling  by Burley Katon Halliday
Photographer Ditte Isager for Australian Vogue Living


 Home of Real Simple editor, Kelley Carter  – Lonny


Melanie Turner Interiors


Home of Fjeldborg blogger, Ingrid via Lanalou Style


Home of blogger of My Old Country House


House Doctor‘s Spring 2011 “Everyday” collection


Photographer Petra Bindel 
pastel-entry-Hus & Hem

 Hus & Hem


Better Homes & Gardens




Photographer David Cleveland  –  Stylist Laura Fulmine


Hecker Guthrie Studio

photo-Olaf Szczepaniak-schoner-wohnen

 Photographer Olaf Szczepaniak   –   Schoner Wohnen


Photographer Malia Cano  –  Style Me Pretty


Suzanne Kasler

TH-Julie Goldman of J

 Julie Goldman, J. Latter Design  –  Traditional Home


 Tobi Fairley  –  Traditional Home


 Home of The Everygirl blogger Danielle Moss


 Fashion designer Vanessa Bruno’s Paris apartment
Photographer Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer  –  Interiormagasinet


VT Wonen


Willem de Koonig’s studio  –  Architectural Digest

* * * * *

Dress the part!
Tons of great pastels at Shopbop.

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Montage: 32 White Rooms with Pops of Color

So we’re about to close on the condo in Delray Beach, and we’re scheduled to fly down for Columbus Day weekend. But other than that scouting trip to IKEA, I haven’t made much progress on the decor. Although the lines of the buildings are very clean, there’s a cathedral ceiling and a bit of white wood paneling. I don’t want to go too stark, if only because our Cape house is quite minimal and I’d like it to be somewhat different. So I’ve pulled a ton of photos of white spaces with bright pops of color. I want to be careful not to get too Scandinavian either. Perhaps I can strike a balance to achieve a Nordic meets Miami aesthetic.

The Apartment

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Home of Danish jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen

Photographer Rachel Kara – The Design Files

Home of Danish painter Gitte Brandt

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Photographer Linda Bergroth

Photographer Fred Heiberg

Cookie Magazine

Photographer Stellan Herner

Photographer Bruno Suet

via By.Bak

 Jeg er Jonathan

 Hourglass vineyards in the Napa Valley via Remodelista


Anthology Magazine – Photographer Anna Beth Chao & Jen Siska

Home of Louise Briener of BALlab

Bolig Magasinet

Photographer Stellan Herner

The Apartment

Photographer Stellan Herner

Photographer Fred Heiberg

Bolig Magasinet

via Daily Love Dose

Home of Danish designer Anne Black

via Design Attractor


via By.Bak

 via Style Files via Sotheby’s

Photographer Andreas Mikkel Hansen – Bolig Magasinet

Apartment in Sweden via Fair Interior

Stockholm apartment via Design Attractor


Finn Juhl’s Art Collection
IKEA PS Collection 2012
44 Rooms with Candlesticks
32 White Rooms with Pops of Color 


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Montage: 35 Bell Jars (or Cloches If You’re French)

Anything can be art under glass. I first heard this from stylist Kara Butterfield, who displayed rocks in and under tumblers on her mantle in Boston. She told me,  “If you put anything in a glass, or behind glass it celebrates it, gives it meaning, like a picture in a frame.”  Others seem to be catching on. Bell jars, or cloches, seem to be on every console and coffee table, containing anything from fawn figurines to succulents or matchbox cars to brass nails. J. Crew has even been showcasing shoes under them. Here’s a look at 35 examples which includes live plants, dead insects, and inanimate objects from the ordinary to intricate.

Prop stylist Dietlind Wolf

Greige Design

 Lindsey Adelman

Jessica Helgerson

Gennine’s Art Blog

Carrier & Co.

Good boutique in Boston

Better Homes & Gardens   |   Apartment Therapy

Country Living    |   Young House Love

Stylist Heather Nette King for Dulux

Stylist Heather Nette King

Traditional Home

Stylist Heather Nette King • Photographer Mike Baker

Elizabeth Martin Design   |   via Chocolate Creative

Anthropologie   |   SoSo Sculpture Series from Ginat, Etsy

Ampers & Vintage   |  home of designer Sarah Illenberger via Aesthete Curator

J. Crew, Midtown Manhattan   |   Better Homes & Gardens

La Patisserie des Reves   |   home of  jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen

Green Wedding Shoes

stylist Heather Nette King  •  Photographer Mike Baker

Emma’s Design Blog   |   Stylist Graham Moss

David Stark Sketchbook

David Stark Wood Shop pop-up at Haus Interior

Prop stylist Dietlind Wolf  •  Photographer Sabrina Rothe


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