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Montage: 25 Concrete Sinks, Showers, and Tubs

It’s like all of Pinterest is being paved over in concrete. It’s everywhere, polished and textural. It’s possible that the more aren’t actually concrete; perhaps some sort of stone. Not sure; some may actually be limestone. (Any experts out there?)  I’m not much for the rugged ones, but I love the feel of polished concrete. Our fireplace mantle on the Cape is done in the most wonderful shade of jade green colored concrete, made by a local artist. The hearth is flush with the oak floor, and I love to stand barefoot on it. So smooth and lovely. The current look though, isn’t colored concrete. It’s gray concrete, pretty much on any surface, in any room. Here are 25 concrete bathrooms.

Architect Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirand Architecture

David Kohn Architects Concrete Bathroom

David Kohn Architects




Côté Sud 


 Taverne Agency


Abaton Architecture


Francois Muracciole Architects – Agathe Perroy Interiors


via Apartment Therapy




Photographer Stellan Herner for Swedish Elle Interior




photographer Martin Dyrløv




Skona Hem


 Taverne Agency


 M. Elle Design


Solenne de La Fouchardiere of Ochre


Photographer Paul Ryan Goff

Color Pops in Concrete Bathroom LIving Etc.

Living Etc.


 Fábio Galeazzo


a house in Italy




ABK Tiles


Architects Felipe Hess & Renata Pedrosa
Photographer Fran Parente


Cox & Cox

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Montage: 32 White Rooms with Pops of Color

So we’re about to close on the condo in Delray Beach, and we’re scheduled to fly down for Columbus Day weekend. But other than that scouting trip to IKEA, I haven’t made much progress on the decor. Although the lines of the buildings are very clean, there’s a cathedral ceiling and a bit of white wood paneling. I don’t want to go too stark, if only because our Cape house is quite minimal and I’d like it to be somewhat different. So I’ve pulled a ton of photos of white spaces with bright pops of color. I want to be careful not to get too Scandinavian either. Perhaps I can strike a balance to achieve a Nordic meets Miami aesthetic.

The Apartment

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Home of Danish jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen

Photographer Rachel KaraThe Design Files

Home of Danish painter Gitte Brandt

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Photographer Linda Bergroth

Photographer Fred Heiberg

Cookie Magazine

Photographer Stellan Herner

Photographer Bruno Suet

via By.Bak

 Jeg er Jonathan

 Hourglass vineyards in the Napa Valley via Remodelista


Anthology Magazine – Photographer Anna Beth Chao & Jen Siska

Home of Louise Briener of BALlab

Bolig Magasinet

Photographer Stellan Herner

The Apartment

Photographer Stellan Herner

Photographer Fred Heiberg

Bolig Magasinet

via Daily Love Dose

Home of Danish designer Anne Black

via Design Attractor


via By.Bak

 via Style Files via Sotheby’s

Photographer Andreas Mikkel Hansen – Bolig Magasinet

Apartment in Sweden via Fair Interior

Stockholm apartment via Design Attractor


Finn Juhl’s Art Collection
IKEA PS Collection 2012
44 Rooms with Candlesticks
32 White Rooms with Pops of Color 


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Montage: 28 Red, White, and Blue Rooms

Red, white, and blue can be intensely patriotic, or just another well-devised scheme. Both work today—Happy Fourth!

Joe Serrins – Photographer William Waldron – Elle Decor

Fox Hotel, Copenhagen

Lisa Sherry – Lonny

Healing Barsanti 

Roger Davies – Rebecca Ascher – Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Ellen Hamilton

Nick Olsen – Lonny

Liz Caan

Jonathan Adler

Lindsey Coral Harper


Sara Gilbane – Domino


Michele Bonan – Lonny

Photographer Gemma Comas

Cath Kidston – Lonny

Light Locations

Atlanta Homes

Meredith Heron

Catalano Architects – SLC Interiors – Photographer Gordon Beal

David Cafiero –  Lonny

Photographer Stellan Herner

Miles Redd

John Douglas Eason

Country Living

Ashley Whitaker

S.R. Gambrel


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Montage: 44 Rooms with Candlesticks and Candelabras

Ever since I got back from my design trip to Copenhagen last fall, I’ve been really interested in candlesticks. Candles are a key element in Scandinavian interiors, the fire adding both warmth and light over the long winter months of shortened days. I fell for smooth, brightly colored wooden pairs in the airport outpost of the department store Illums Bolighus, and located a set on eBay when I got home. (More beat up than smooth, but very inexpensive.) A lot of these interiors are Scandinavian in style, though not all. I bet you will recognize some specific candle holders and candelabras below. Which can you identify?

Real Estate Agency Stadshem via Desire to Inspire
+ + +

Photographer Danielle Moss – The Everygirl
+ + +

Home of the blogger behind A Merry Mishap
+ + +

Bo Bedre  |  Hus & Hem
+ + +

Nacho Polo Design
+ + +

mc & co design store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
+ + +

Home of Diana van Ewijk of Ozowiezo
+ + +

Real Estate Agency Lagerlings
+ + +

via Solid Frog-Mia Linnman  |  Martha Stewart Living
+ + +

Photographer Cyrille Robin  |  Traditional Home
+ + +

VitraHaus by architects Herzog & de Meuron |  Studio William Heffner
+ + +

via Vosges Paris  |  via Room For Two
+ + +

Photographer Anita Colero via Sunday in Bed  |  Photographer Max Zambelli
+ + +

via Alvhem Makleri & Interior
+ + +

Ranjana and Naeem Khan’s SoHo loft in Elle Decor
+ + +

Photographer Stellan Herner
+ + +

Milk Magazine  |  via Hus & Hem
+ + +

Deborah Wecselman Design  |  LDa Architecture & Interiors via Houzz
+ + +

Weitzman Halpern Design
+ + +

Adam Bram Straus Interior Design
+ + +

Fox-Nahem Design  | Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör
+ + +

via Design Attractor  |  via Chocolate Creative
+ + +

Weitzman Halpern Design
+ + +

Photographer Lesley Unruh  |  Gaile Guevara Interior Design
+ + +

SF Girl by the Bay  |  Stylist Susanna Vento
+ + +

via Note to Self  |  via The Peak of Chic
+ + +

via Pinterest  |  via Beau Lifestyle
+ + +

via Emma’s Design Blog  |  via Chocolate Creative

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Montage: 65 Rooms with Bunk Beds

Looking back at my last bunk bed post from almost two years ago, I see I only included 17 examples. I can do better. Here are 65 amazing children’s bedrooms with bunk beds.

Duc Duc

Architectural Digest

via Oh Dee Doh

via Treehugger   |   via The Boo and the Boy

Elle Decor

Patrice Bevan Cowans


Buckingham Interiors + Design

Photographer Anitta Behrendt   |   Photographer Jason Loucas

Sarah Davison Interior Design


Katie Leede of Digs by Katie

Bolig Magasinet   |   Celerie Kemble

via Treehugger

Architect Tom Murdough—Photographer Chuck ChoiBoston Home Magazine

via A Well Traveled Woman

M. Elle Design

Architectural Digest

Diane Hendrikx   |   via Desire to Inspire

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Justine Hugh-Jones   |   unidentified

New York Magazine   |    Cookie

Shawn Henderson

Photographer Stellan Herner   |   unidentified

via nie tylko dzieciaki

via DecorPad   |   Tasten Atelier

Nina Tolstrup, Studiomama

via Made by Girl


FC Studio


House and Home   |  Superkül Inc Architect 

Jarmund Vigsnaes Arkitekter

via Automatism

New York Times

Antonia Hutt

Architect Lucia Korcarz via Apartment Therapy

John Maniscalo Architecture

Victoria Hagan Interiors

Wooden Beds

House Beautiful


Skona Hem

Elle Decor

Coastal Living

Living Etc.   |   Abaton Architecture

Abigail Ahearn

Fernau + Hartman Architects   |   Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz of BNO Design

Orrick & Company   |   Darryl Carter

Skona Hem   |   Coburn Architecture

Wary Meyers   |  via Noosh Kids


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