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Montage: 30 Ways to Branch Out

A breezy, beautiful day. But before we abandon the chilly season altogether, I thought I’d break out the branches. While I’m sorta over the branch branch furniture and accessories (though I included some shots), I love the real thing used as sculpture. And I still adore the wallpapers.

Photographer Kelly Ishikawa

Photographer Trevor Tondro

Photographer Trine Thorsen

Ghislaine Viñas

Marie Claire Maison

Clockwise: Photographer Trevor Tondro – Abington Gallery via Remodelista – unidentified – Minaric, Henry & Zervudachi

Clockwise:  Photographer Trevor Tondro – Photographer Mark Williams – Stylist Rachel Vigor – Habitually Chic

Clockwise: Photographer Kelly Ishikawa – Photographer Ellen McDermott –
Remodelista via the City Sage – Photographer Hotze Eisma

Clockwise:  Sixx Design – Eric Roseff – Leesa O’Reillh – Remodelista

Clockwise: Terrat Elms – Photographer Eric Johnson –  Brad Ford ID – Desire to Inspire

Clockwise: Photographer Prue Ruscoe – Atticus & Milo – Photographer Jean-Pierre Lemoine – Photographer Lincoln Barbour

Tom Baker

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