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Sunday Bouquet: Still Life on Book

Flowers And Fruit Still Life By Angie Cao

Photo by Angie Cao
Flowers and fruit on a well-worn book.

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ARTmonday: 12 Society Photos by Jessica Craig-Martin

“One is never so naked as when dressed for a party.” —Jessica Craig-Martin

Photographer Jessica Craig-Martin is best known for her hyper-realistic depcitions of the lifestyles of the rich and famous for being rich. Society photography raised to an at times grotesque art form. At other times the images channel Slim Aarons, but in true Jessica Craig-Martin style they only showcase the subjects’ lower halves, with the focus on jewelry, shoes, handbags, and such.

Jessica Craig-Martin was born in Hanover, New Hampshire in 1963. and attended New York University, The New School/ Parsons, and the International Center of Photography. She has shot for VogueVanity Fair, W, and her work is part of the collections at the Guggenheim Museum, New York and The Whitney Museum of American Art. Jessica Craig-Martin lives in New York City. 

If you’re in Boston,  The Street in Chestnut Hill mounted an outdoor exhibition of photographs by Jessica Craig-Martin (including some of the below images), which will be on display through fall 2015. On May 21, 2015, merchants throughout The Street donated a portion of proceeds on May 21st to Artists for Humanity, a Boston based non-profit organization whose mission is to bridge economic, racial, and social divides by providing under-resourced youth with support towards self-sufficiency through paid employment in the arts.

Shops at The Street Chestnut Hill include SC sponsors Jonathan Adler, Intermix, and Vince as well as locally owned businesses including Polka Dog Bakery, Ku De Ta, Skoah, and The Urban Grape.

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Real Wasps (Cancer Benefit, Southampton), 2007
Winston Wächter Fine Art

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Mondrian Teacup Pug (Watermill Center Benefit, Watermill), 2007
Winston Wächter Fine Art

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Golden Showers, 2000  •  Artspace

Jessica Craig-Martin Society Photos

The End of the Revolution (Real Estate Brokers Party, Southampton), 2007
Winston Wächter Fine Art

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Ladies and Gents, Moulin de Mougins, 2008
Winston Wächter Fine Art

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Brides Magazine

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Untitled (Gossip Girl: Renovation Complete), 2008
Art Production Fund • Paddle8

Jessica Craig-Martin Society Photos

Dragon Red and Cherry Blossom Pink, 2000 (printed 2004)
Art Production Fund • Paddle8

Jessica Craig-Martin Society Photos

Erection Ring, 2014  •  Instagram @jcraigmartin 

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

The Answer is White, 2007

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Cosmos for Cancer (Cancer Benefit, Southampton), 2007
Galerie Andres Thalmann

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

AmFar Benefit Cannes, 1998
Saatchi Gallery

StyleCarrot Breakfast Banquette Art Wall

I love my Let’s Party print from 20×200.


Jessica Craig-Martin

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ARTmonday: Asia Kepke’s Self Portraits With Mannequin

Boston-based photographer Asia Kepke is a former model with a great sense of humor. Her series “Bridget and I” are self portraits starring a mannequin (Bridget, I presume) in all sorts of environments, indoors and out. She shot them over the course of ten years with a 4×5 camera (with the exception of the water images).

I discovered Asia Kepke’s self portraits at the SMFA Sale 2013, when I had one of her mannequin photographs in my hand, but ultimately didn’t buy it. (I now wish I had.) She also has a series of humans wearing horse and squirrel masks, but I will feature those another time. For now, let’s enjoy her journey with Bridget.














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ARTmonday: Architecture in Art

Last night I pulled together 20 examples of architecture in art for today’s post. As I scrolled through Pinterest pinning hundreds of images that appeal, I realized that one of the categories that make my heart flutter most is architecture. (You can look at my Architecture I and Architecture II Pinterest boards and see if you feel similarly.)

Artwork sucks me in, street style compels me to lose weight and dress with more verve, and food photos makes me wish I had more time and energy to really cook, but the architectural images draw me in more profoundly. Sure, it’s the design aspects in part—the corrugated metal, black stained siding, expanses of glass, pointy rooftops, and placement in the surrounding landscape transport me to another place, another time, another life I could have. Or maybe, just a house I might someday build.

So just for that reason, the realization that looking at sublime examples of contemporary dwellings elicits a response deeper than browsing well-designed living rooms and adorable, furry animals, here are 20 occurrences of architecture in art, including photographs, paintings, illustration, sculpture, and collage.


Apple Blossoms and Architecture    The Naked Rose
Prints starting at $22.50 at Society6


Classic Bowling Architecture    Vorona Photography
Prints starting at $16 at Society6


Banco    Luciana Levinton
Prints starting at $124  •  Original $10,000  •  Saatchi Art


Universal Space    Cécile Van Hanja
Prints starting at $60 at Saatchi Art


Farewell     Rosalind Davis
$170 at Rise Art


Architecture    Sannngat
Prints starting at $17.67 at Society6


Yellow Surfer’s House    Ieva Baklane
Prints starting at $104  •  Original $1,278  •  Saatchi Art


Back door #1    Michael Wolf
Christophe Guye Galerie /Artsy


False Memory  Ricky Allman
Starting at $60 at 20×200


Look Down    Gail Schechter
Starting at $20 at Minted


On Camera Nº41    Luis Mallo
$2,500 at Praxix /Artsy


Dreamed Bungalow    Carola Schapals
$8,000 at Saatchi Art


Icons *2 (Trevi Fountain, Rome)    Nicolas Vionnet
$985 at Saatchi Art


Woodshed    Andrew McClintock
tarting at $22 at Minted


At the Sea II    Igor Vitomirov
Prints starting at $67  •  Original $1,200  •  Saatchi Art


Painting Edifico Chrysler y Empire State    Claudia Hernández
Saatchi Art


Modern Architecture  •  Lemonee on the Hills
Prints starting at $17 at Society6




Untitled00373  •  Peter Matyasi
Prints starting at $125 / Original $1500  •  Saatchi Art


Concrete Candy    Neil Ayling
£3,000 at Berloni /Artsy

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ARTmonday: Tom Chambers Landscapes with Animals and Girls

I discovered Tom Chambers‘ photography on Artsy a year ago when I was curating the ARTmonday post Figures in the Landscape. These fantastical portraits of young women with animals in fairy tale-like landscapes have a moody quality, mixed with the irresistible subject matter of alternately adorable, ferocious, and exotic animals and girls swathed in taffeta and tulle.

Tom Chambers was born and raised on a farm in the Amish country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He graduated in 1985 from Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, after which he worked as a graphic designer. He has concentrated on this evocative, photographic storytelling since 1998.

Here are 18 examples of Tom Chambers’ photography.




Winged Migration


Horse Talk


Icy Road


Cow Girl


Late For Dinner


Prom Gown 1


Saccharine Perch


Seabird Mimicry


With One Eye Open


It’s Only Normal


With the Pack


Presumptuous Guests


Grimalkin’s Opus


Glass Flower


Pretty As Me

S H O P the P O S T
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