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ARTmonday: 20 Autumnal Artworks

I feel like fall just started, but really we’re fast heading into winter, with a few frigid days already behind us. The leaves too, are almost gone. The spectacular array of golds, reds, and oranges continue to amaze, despite having spent every single one of my autumns in a four-season zone. Even driving the kids to and from school is made better by the autumnal artwork outside my windshield.

I remember, though when I took the fall foliage for granted. (Gasp.) Obviously I didn’t think much about the pretty color leaves growing up in Connecticut. Sure, I pressed brilliant red leaves between sheets of waxed paper, and probably made leaf turkeys, too, but beyond that, didn’t give fall foliage a thought. Until college.

At Connecticut College, one of my closest friends, Jessica Biales (I’ve previously blogged about her children’s artwork and stunning gold jewelry), went cuckoo over the changing leaves. She would exclaim and effuse about their beauty, leaving me as baffled as my kids probably are when I point out the amazing leaf colors along the Charles River. She wasn’t from a tropical clime.

Rather, Jessica is a New York City girl through and through, with a deep appreciation for the autumn foliage that wasn’t quite as vibrant out her bedroom window along the East River, or in Central Park. I get it now. I guess good things do come with age.

Today’s roundup features 20 autumnal artworks, from an acrylic of golden birches to a desert landscape photo to Central Park in fall, seen from Columbus Circle. There’s also a  homey kitchen, plus fall harvest still lifes, and an abstract or two in perfect fall hues. I also pulled together a similar collection for the blog on Matouk, which I’ll link to when it goes up. Enjoy not just these autumnal artworks, but the real art of autumn outside your windows.

Landscape Painting Of Golden Birch Tree Forest

Jerry Schwabe, “Birch Trees #3”
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $3,500 at Serena & Lily

Signed Print Of Three Feathers Framed

Marisa Redondo, “Lhasa Feathers”
original giclee print, signed by the artist, framed, $175 at Serena & Lily

Brazilian Abstract Painting From Novica

“Plenitude,” Brazilian Abstract Painting
Limited edition print, $119.99 at Novica

Princess By Talia Rainyk Photograph Of Two Girls

Talia Rainyk, “Princess,” 2014
Photography on paper, $150 at UGallery

Sunshine Owl Art Print By Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon, Owl No. 1,  print starting at $60, 20×200


Bunhugger Design, “Leaves”
Framed print starting at $32 at Society6


Christian Borger, “Acadia – Foliage”
Photo print starting at $20 at Society6


Joseph O. Holmes,”Columbus Circle,” photograph
Starting at $24 at 20×200

Still LIfe Painting Dead Roses In Vase

Greg Gandy, Still Life with Dead Roses, 2014, oil
$1,050 (sold) at Gallery 1261, Artsy

Photo of Turkey And Limb

 Matthew Lusk, “More Broken Glass Than There Was Window”
Installation, Ziehersmith Gallery

Interior Photo Of Kitchen With Floral Wallpaper

Todd Squires, “Open House,” 2014   •  $1,000 at Baang and Burne, Artsy
C-print mounted to aluminum with matte laminate, edition of 3

Red Block Print Of Arches At Minted

Katherine Watson, “Block Printed Arches”
Limited edition print starting at $22 at Minted

Golden Deconstructed Landscape By Lesley Smith

Lesley Smith, “Into Hills”
Limited edition print starting at $20 at Minted

Black & White Buffalo Photography By Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll, “Staredown”
Limited edition print starting at $20 at Minted

Print Of Boy Diving Into Leaf Pile

Katrina Majkut, Autumn Fall, Screenprint Collage, 2013
Screen print, $120 at Artsy

Golden Apples On Straw Photo

 Gaetan Caron, “Emerald Beauty (Plums),” 2013
Framed archival print, $495 at Serena & Lily

Landscape Photo Of Hazy Autumn Woods

Olivia Joy St. Claire, “Dream State 2,” print
Starting at $19 at Society 6


Jenny Prinn, “Sunset Haze 2”
acrylic on canvas, $500 at Serena & Lily


Oh So Suite, “Tapestry 5”
Framed print starting at $42 at Minted

Thanksgiving Turkey Lego Sculpture Photo At Society6

Powerpig, “Thanksgiving,” print starting at $18 at Society 6


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ARTmonday: Figures in the Landscape

I think we’ve already established that I’m enamored of images picturing women lying in a field, wading into water, curled up in a corner, or moodily attending to some undefined task. Today’s images are first and foremost, landscapes, then dotted with a single woman, man, or child, group, or crowd. The vistas range from grassy lawn to corn field and from rocky cliff to rubble. They all capture a mood; many peaceful or relaxed, at least one determined, another possible agitated, and others simply unbothered. I think the common thread here, is individuals carrying on with their lives, in outdoor settings. No more than that, than perhaps a certain aura they have, to me.


David Drebin, Field of Dreams, 2012


Grit Schwerdtfeger, Distanz: Badende, 2004


Harry Benson, Andrew Wyeth, Benner Island, Maine, 1996


Julie Blackmon, Lost Mitten, 2010


Gulnara Kasmalieva & Muratbek Djumaliev, Untitled 1 (Spring), 2009


 Anastasia Cazabon


Carolyn Monastra, The Corn Field, 2003


Cig Harvey, Flood Tide, Self-portrait, Mangrove Bay, Bermuda, 2005


Meghan Boody,  2008
I requested my young lady to forego her ramble because I was certain of showers


Dennis Marsico, 2012
Summer Stock: Mature couple in search of single bi-fem


Stephen Hughes, Beachy Head, England, 1996


Tierney Gearon, published October 23, 2005, 2005
Actress Diane Keaton, from “Another Woman” 


Kevin Muente, New Years Day


Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, 2003


Rhi Ellis


Rachel Hulin, Cape Flight, 2012


Pieter Hugo, Green Point Common, Cape Town, 2013


Stuart Hawkins, Convenient Location, 2010


Massimo Vitali, Greenwich Park, 2012


 Evgenia Arubgaeva,Tanya and the Balloon, 2010-2011


Tom Chambers, Late For Dinner, 2013


Marcelo Tinoco, Sunset at Calton Hill (from the series Fotorama), 2009


Doug Dubois, My Mother in the Backyard, Oldwick, NJ, 2000

*              *               *

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ARTmonday: Petter Johansson Atelier Food

Petter Johansson is an artist and art director who heads his own small, experimental studio PJADAD in Sweden. The firm launched IKEAs design collection IKEA PS 2012 with a global multi-channel campaign last year. He recently emailed me about a new project, a still life for the Swedish food lab Atelier Food.

Atelier Food is a project that seeks solutions and innovation through food with cooking, food labs, and discussions. Topics encompass sustainability, energy, culture, urban development, and transportation. The project also link chefs with artists, designers, scientists, and business developers. Atelier Food runs workshops and a restaurant in the heart of Stockholm.

The Atelier Food still life created by PJADD is built on a grid. The still life represents the work of Atelier Food and the connection between food and society. It links the playfulness of the project with its ambitious goals and long-term challenges. In the spirit of the whole Atelier Food project, it is a creative co-operation between a chef, art director and photographer.

Petter Johansson Atelier Food



Photos by Henrik Petersson



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ARTmonday: 12 Pieces at the Affordable Art Fair


Sorry for the super late posting today. Ok, tonight. I spent the weekend spring cleaning. Kinda achy now; was a workout. More importantly, the Affordable Art Fair is in New York City this week, from Wednesday, April 3 to Sunday, April 7 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street.

The Affordable Art Fair launched in London back in 1999, a few years after founder Will Ramsay opened and found success with his gallery Will’s Art Warehouse which offered work from unknown and emerging artists priced at $100to $5,000. The gallery is still around, and the Fair now takes place in 12 cities around the world.  He also founded the contemporary art hub PULSE, held annually in New York and Miami; co-founded Art Hong Kong and is a co-shareholder of Art India. I think he has my dream job.

I was hoping to go the NYC this weekend, though that’s seeming unlikely. Here’s a preview of what’s for sale. If anyone attends, I’d love to see pics, especially of purchases!

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Tony Moriello “Diamonds”
Arterior  •  Bromont, Canada


Duncan Johnson “Riveredge”
Edgewater Gallery  •  Middlebury, VT

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Richard Silver “Hawaiian Beach”
Artstar  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Robert Clarke “Coffee”
Rebecca  Hossack Gallery  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Janet Sherman “Color Block”
Contemporary Art Source  •  Olympia, Washington

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

 Constance Old “Shades of Clear”
Julio Valdez Studio  •   NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Miran Kim “Time Travel”
Art Company Misoolsidae  •  Seoul

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Laurie de Camillis
Canadian Art Collective  •  Toronto

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Petr Weigl “New Beginning”
Blue Tomato Gallery  •  London

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Gian Paul Lozza “Wolf”
Luster  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Nataly Goubet “Pause Cigarette”
Galerie Olivia Ganancia  •  Paris

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Xavi Carbonell “Unititled”
Art Angler  •  NYC

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