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Montage: 32 Rooms with Hearts

I am totally not a believer in Valentine’s Day. Too artificial. BUT, I happen to have a bunch of photos of rooms with hearts saved on my hard drive, so I’ll share. Sorry it’s so late (again). Spent the day on an airplane. In rainy Florida now. Happy Valentine’s Day. xoxo

architect-Mercedes-Perez-de Castro-heart

Mercedes Perez de Castro – Elle Decor Espana
Photographer Pablo Zuloaga


Ashe + Leandro


Bibi Monahan Interior Design


Brooke Shields’ NYC townhouse
David Flint – Architectural Digest


Emily Henderson


Jennifer Brouwer Interior Design

Style: "Color tone - cool"

Kelly Hoppen Interiors


Elizabeth Bauer DesignLonny Magazine

Lonny -heart

Lonny Magazine


Liz Caan Interiors


The Novogratz


Living Etc.


Light Locations


Lonny Magazine


Love Made Me Do It


Photographer Marjon Hoogervost


House in Australia – Apartment Therapy
Heart poster by Jason Munn


Dutch houseboat of Natascha Klootsema from Flavourites
Bloesem Living


Photographer Bruce Hemming


Photographer Hans Zeegers


Rue Magazine


Photographer Warren Heath


Photographer Mike Baker


Stylist Nicola Mark


Australian home of clothing designer Lucy Young
Photographer Lucy Feagins – The Design Files
Painting by Miranda Skoczek



Marie Claire Maison



Showler & Showler print – Chez Larsson




Whiting Architects


Rue Magazine


Victoria Hagan Interiors


Skona Hem


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Montage: 45 Rooms with Sculptures (Plus My Own)

My husband and I have quite a bit of art—oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, pastels, photography—but not much in the way of sculpture. In fact, he said last week we should consider adding some to our collection. (OK!) We have a few pieces, which I’ve included photos of here, and at the end of the post. The above image (next to the Cynthia Packard) shows a little sculpture that my son made. (Most of you know I never gush about my kids, so indulge me this time.)

Boston sculptor/potter Steve Murphy has a daughter my sons’ age, so they’ve been treated to a special pottery-making sessions. Mercifully, Steve has the kids finish with a green glaze, so the clay  emerges from the kiln resembling patina-ed bronzes. My favorite is an abstract from the preschool years. (Subsequent years’ attempts at representational pieces were not quite so successful.) It’s been on our mantle for years, not out of misplaced maternal pride, but because I rather like it. (Aesthetics prevail around here.)

Here’s a shot of my bedroom bookshelf. (Excuse the low brow reading material.) The pieces aren’t exactly artfully arranged, but a few are quite special. Starting from the left:  black & white flower ‘Fusion Foto Bloc’ by Debbie Krim purchased at her SoWa studio; one of my most cherished works, a Romolo Del Deo bronze nude from Berta Walker Gallery in Provincetown, a holiday gift from my mother-in-law because I’ve always admired hers. Another gift from my mother-in-law, a miniature wooden Degas ballerina from the Met Museum gift shop. Her mother-in-law (my husband’s grandmother) gave it to her. She passed it down to me this past December. The two chairs prints I made a couple of summers ago after taking a class at Castle Hill. The small rock is a chunk of pyrite and the large rock on the right we found on a Truro beach. Finally, the outstretched ballerina on the right is a piece I’ve had for much of my life, passed down from my grandmother, who was an antiques dealer. It is bronze on a green marble base but don’t know anything else about it.

Now that you know plenty about my own collection, here are 45 more refined rooms with many spectacular sculptures, starting with a Dubuffet.

Designer Frederic Mechiche’s loft via Door 16

Katie Lydon Interiors

Trip Haenisch & Assoc. – Photographer Simon UptonElle Decor

Kelly Behun   |   Kelly Wearstler, Metropolitan Home

Photographer Pernille Kaalund

Ashe + Leandro Architecture + Interior Design  |   unidentified

via Desire to Inspire

David Scott Interiors

Designer Frederic Mechiche’s loft via Door 16

Elle Decor

The Selby

Mercedes Perez de Castro

Delphine Krakoff, Pamplemousse Design

Photographer Warren Heath   |   Photographer Simon Watson

James Harb Architects – Photographer William WaldronElle Decor


Delphine Krakoff, Pamplemousse Design

Geoffrey De Sousa Interior Design

Photographer Stellan Herner   |   unidentified

Photographer Pierre Jean Verger

via The Brickhouse    |   Weitzman Halpern Design

Jennifer Post Design – Architectural Digest

Eric Ceputis Design – Photographer Nathan KirkmanElle Magazine

via The Brickhouse   |   Robert Passal Interior & Architectural DesignTraditional Home

Hotel Particulier

Kriste Michelini Interiors   |   Jennifer Post Design

Luis Bustamante Arquitectura de Interiores

Charles de Lisle Workshop    |   Marc Jacobs’ Paris apartment by Paul Fortune Design


New York Spaces

Wendy Blount, Blount Design

Jennifer Post Design

Weitzman Halpern Design   |   David Scott Interiors

Kelly Behun

Duane Modern Gallery   |    Adam Bram Straus Interior DesignLonny

A few other shots of sculptures in my own home:

Left: Chaim Gross sculpture, a gift from my in-laws, It is bronze on a wood base, and very heavy.
Right top: A wooden sculpture of a mother and two children that I bought at a gallery in Wellfleet on Cape Cod when my children were about those ages, and always wanted to be held. It’s dark-stained wood. I can look up the artist if anyone’s interested.
Right bottom: A close-up shot of my son’s abstract clay sculpture, circa 2005.


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