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ARTmonday: 25 Mountains + Icebergs

I’ve been sorting though my  art b0ard on Pinterest because it is overflowing with over 1300 pins. I already have separate boards for abstracts, sculptures & installations, nudes (though I need to pull this down because I keep getting warnings), female figures, and photography, but now I need to subcategorize even more, so I’ve created landscapes, and will probably move on to still lives and portraits. I’ve noticed I have an abundance of contemporary artwork, especially illustration, picturing mountains and icebergs. This is hardly a surprise, given the current craze for all things “geo” (triangles, facets, polyhedrosn,etc.). They’re appealing, and season appropriate, so here you go.

Dadu Shin

Dadu Shin

Danny Jones

via Geo A Day


Shannon Rankin

John Dilg

John Dilg, Luise Ross Gallery

Marion Barruad

Marion Barraud

Nikki Painter

Nikki Painter


Medile Siaulytyte, Saatchi Online

Dekanimal polar bear iceberg geo

 dekanimal, Etsy

Brandi Stickland

Brandi Strickland

Megan Whitmarsh

 Megan Whitmarsh, 20×200

Jen Tong

Jen Tong

mountain woodcut



Alexandra Valenti

Brian Rea

Brian Rea

Misato Suzuki


Misato Suzuki


Miranda Skoczek

Miranda Scokzek

Jon Klassen

Jon Klassen

Andy Curlowe

Andy Curlowe

Marina Molares

Marina Molares

Catherine Ryan

Catherine Ryan

Treasure Frey

Treasure Frey

Miju Lee

Miju Lee

Mountain-grape-Jelly-Marina-society 6

{grape Jelly} Marina, Society6

Wesley Bird

Wesley Bird, Society6


Get the Look: 41 Geo / Polyhedron Furnishings


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ARTmonday: 20 Illustrated Arrays, From Modern Chairs to Lady Gaga

I saw the first image here, So Many Trees, So Little Time by Eloise Renouf, on Pinterest today via my favorite art pinner, drawdrawdraw*, and was struck by it for a few reasons. First, the caption said, “ways to draw trees,” and I thought it would be helpful for my 10-year-old who struggles with all the illustrations he’s required to do for school. Second, once I focused in on it, I saw the obvious resemblance to Marimekko patterns; particularly Siirtolapuutarha (I bought that pillow cover in Finland in May). Finally, as I was trying to decide what to feature today, and came to the conclusion it should be child-centric, but not obviously so, I thought images in this vein would work. Simple drawings of items arrayed, some almost chart-like, all easily digestible, some child-like, others just decoratively geometric, and some sassy illustrations. I hope you like the mix.

So Many Trees, So Little Time, Eloise Renouf

Painted Pebbles 1, Garima Dhawan

Tents, Adam Simpson

Beach Hut, Julia Pott

28 Camera Drawings, Christine Berrie

Lady Gaga, Adrian Valencia

I Bought All of These, Kate Bingaman-Burt


Modern Chairs, Ali Douglass
(I purchased this last night and am excited to hang it in the Delray condo.)

Là-haut, Marion Barraud

Donuts-No.3, Monster Gallery

Trees of the USA, Katie Holten

8 Bit Star Wars, Fitz Fitzpatrick

Christmas Calendar 2011, Hanna Konola

Terrariums, Alice Ferrow

Shape Study #2, Erin Wilson

Mini Arch Abstract, Melanie Mikecz

Ovals, Beth Hoeckel

Ashley Percival

Compositie, Bart van der Leck

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