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Montage: 13 Bathrooms With Tiled Vanity Countertops

So I still haven’t figured out what to do about the pink Formica countertop on the vanity in Florida. Buying a piece of stone is out—definitely no budget for that. And really, it’s a basic, white tiled bathroom, so it doesn’t call for a slab of luxurious stone anyway. There’s no way I am paying for an updated lamintate countertop. Blech.

I think tiling the countertop is the way to go. I’ve come across a number of how-to articles for installing tile over laminate; it’s seems to be a rather popular DIY project. We also still need to swap out the lighting fixture above the mirror that are more appropriate for a C-lister’s dressing room. Maybe we can tuck some LED strip lights behind molding and add a more contemporary light fixture.

I’m thinking my husband could get to work on some simple changes over winter break when we’re there. After all, he has all sorts of tools—step ladder, pliers, wrenches, and plenty of stuff I can’t even name. It’s nice that he’s handy : )

It’s hard to find examples of cute tiled countertops on bathroom vanities, I’m guessing because it’s a low budget solution and gorgeous, photographed homes use more upscale materials. I did find 13 bathrooms with tiled vanity countertops that are quite nice. I should go for it, right?


 Photo by Jonas Ingerstedt


Home of architect Lisa Breeze  •  Design Sponge


Home of designer Ana Spiro  •  Apartment Therapy


Maison Hand Design

tile-bath- ixxi-enigheid-nl

Bathroom of blogger Iris Vank of Enigheid for Ixxi


Marie Claire Maison


Tracy A. Stone Architect


Maison Hand Design



Photo by Julie Ansiau


Fired Earth via Sunset Magazine


Home of vintage furniture dealer Annabel Gueret  •  Elle Decoration South Africa





Montage: 23 Beach House Bunk Rooms

I’ve done a couple of bunk bed montages, and just recently built-in alcove beds, but today’s entire post is dedicated specifically to bunk rooms. Most often, kids bedrooms with multiple built-in bunk beds. They tend to be done in summer houses in nautical styles, though not all of them. The very simple Scandinavian ones are lovely. I like the idea, and the design of these quad bunks, but I’m not really into having four or more kids sleep over; two boys are enough!




 real estate in Australia


 Scott Christopher Homes

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Charles Myer Architects  –  Andra Birkerts Design – Photo by Eric Roth


 Elle Decor

Cottage Living

Cottage Living



Quad Bunk Room Justine Hugh Jones

 Justine Hugh-Jones


Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House

bunk-room-Goli & Bosi Design Hostel Croatia

Goli & Bosi


Sally Markham
Photo by Thomas Loof for House Beautiful


Superkül  |   Tom Arban for House & Home

bunk-room-photographer Jason Busch for vogue

Photo by Jason Busch for Vogue


Design Nehez




Traditional Home 


House Beautiful 


Kelly Abramson Architecture




Melanie Turner


Marie Claire Maison 

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Montage: 34 Lofts and Houses with Mezzanines

I feel like I’m at the point in my life where I’m not collecting ideas for my “dream” house. Will I live here the rest of my life? No, but we’re set for now. And, I’m lucky enough to have a great apartment in Boston and a place or two to escape to in winter and summer. But having had the opportunity to build a house from the ground up a number of years ago, I definitely wonder what I would do differently if I were to undertake such a project today. I remember, at one of our first meetings, the architects suggesting a cathedral ceiling and open second floor mezzanine. I shot them down immediately. I’m still glad we didn’t do that (images of the boys hanging over the railings, yelling, shooting foam darts from their Nerf guns, and flying remote controlled helicopters from above still haunt me), but I can appreciate the appealing in certain situations. I love a mezzanine library, for instance. Or an open master bedroom, complete with enormous soaking tub, on a mezzanine in a romantic aerie for two. And certainly, the visual appeal of soaring ceilings and oversize plate glass windows is alluring, but I still maintain it’s just too noisy and impractical for a family, at least one like mine. Here are 34 residences with mezzanines, with many different vibes.

architects Ilse Lang and Trajan Straggiotti Silva.

Architects Isle Lang and Trajan Straggiotti Silva

Architect-Alejandro-Rosuti Kottii-Buenos-Aires

Architect Alejandro Rosuti Kotti

060 Woodland Drive in Beverly Hills REal Estate

real estate in Beverly Hills


Studio Gang Architects

100 Interiors Around the Worl-Taschen Books Elia Mangia

Elia Mangia Industrial & Interior Design
100 Interiors Around the World


Elding Oscarson Architecture


B&B in De Aap, The Netherlands

chicago home and garden

Chicago Home + Garden


A loft in Paris

designed-by-Paola Navone-for-hotelier-Andrea-Falkner-Campi.

 Paola Navone Interiors


Photographed by Adam Friedberg for Dwell

Elding Oscarson

 Elding Oscarson Architecture




Klavs Rosenfalck  –  Elle Decor



mezzanine- 50-60-70-Iconic-Australian-Houses-by-Karen McCartney

50/60/70 Iconic Australian Houses


Arhitektonski Studio Fabijanic


 Bassam Fellows


Design Sponge


Marie Claire Maison




Photographed by Fred Vant Slot


Poteet Architects


Proto Homes model home


Andre Piva Arquitetura


 Roche Bobois Spring/Summer 2009 collection


 Skona Hem


 Taylor Smyth Architects


Marie Claire Maison


Artist loft in Paris on Airbnb


 Alvhem Malkeri & Interior




Skona Hem

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Montage: 32 Rooms with Hearts

I am totally not a believer in Valentine’s Day. Too artificial. BUT, I happen to have a bunch of photos of rooms with hearts saved on my hard drive, so I’ll share. Sorry it’s so late (again). Spent the day on an airplane. In rainy Florida now. Happy Valentine’s Day. xoxo

architect-Mercedes-Perez-de Castro-heart

Mercedes Perez de Castro – Elle Decor Espana
Photographer Pablo Zuloaga


Ashe + Leandro


Bibi Monahan Interior Design


Brooke Shields’ NYC townhouse
David Flint – Architectural Digest


Emily Henderson


Jennifer Brouwer Interior Design

Style: "Color tone - cool"

Kelly Hoppen Interiors


Elizabeth Bauer DesignLonny Magazine

Lonny -heart

Lonny Magazine


Liz Caan Interiors


The Novogratz


Living Etc.


Light Locations


Lonny Magazine


Love Made Me Do It


Photographer Marjon Hoogervost


House in Australia – Apartment Therapy
Heart poster by Jason Munn


Dutch houseboat of Natascha Klootsema from Flavourites
Bloesem Living


Photographer Bruce Hemming


Photographer Hans Zeegers


Rue Magazine


Photographer Warren Heath


Photographer Mike Baker


Stylist Nicola Mark


Australian home of clothing designer Lucy Young
Photographer Lucy Feagins – The Design Files
Painting by Miranda Skoczek



Marie Claire Maison



Showler & Showler print – Chez Larsson




Whiting Architects


Rue Magazine


Victoria Hagan Interiors


Skona Hem


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Montage: 52 DIY Headboards

As a less expensive follow up to last month’s Montage: 47 Upholstered Headboards, I want to share this collection of headboards that are re-purposed, up-cycled, and the like. There are headboards fashioned from doors, decals, mirrors, mantles, tapestries, chalkboards, room dividers, architectural elements, iron gates, pegboard, plywood, and more. DIY and v intage aren’t really my thing, but there are some good ideas here.I know this topic has been done, done, and done, but I hope a number of these images are new to you.


Photographer Paul Whicheloe

Photographer Maree Homer for Real Living

Alexandra Angle

House and Home

a  home on Cape Cod

Tom Scheerer – House Beautiful

Antonio Martins

Home of illustrator Courtney Wotherspoon – Design Sponge

Alvhem Makleri

Montana Burnett Design

Stylist Christine Puech’s bedroom – Marie Claire Maison


Photographer Debi Treloar


Dreamy Whites 

French by Design


Rue Magazine


Pot and Kettle Studios

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Apartment Therapy – Caitlin, Beacon Hill

Interior Design Magazine

Cookie Magazine

Elle Decor

Côté Sud

Apartment Therapy


Katrin ArensMarie Claire Maison

Design Sponge

Photographer Maree Homer for Real Living

Olivieri Mobili


The Brick House


Photographer Douglas Friedman

Lonny Magazine

House to Home


Solis Betancourt – Southern Accents 

T. Keller Donovan


Serena & Lily

Traditional Home

House to Home


House Roelens

Dave Coote


Ace Hotel, NYC

Mademoiselle Tiss


For elegant bedroom schemes, Revival Beds (www.revivalbeds.co.uk) offers an array of traditional wooden beds. 

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Montage: 57 Rooms with Plywood Walls, Ceilings, Floors

I think this may be the most comprehensive look at plywood interiors on the web. I tend to get carried away with my Montage posts; obviously this is no exception. And I left out at least a dozen. (I’ll eventually use them on Design Milk.) I began collecting plywood images about a year ago when I started noticing them, and lately, there’s been an explosion of them, as well as plenty of blogger round-ups.

But that’s not the only reason for the post. We’re actually planning on installing a plywood floor in our new Delray Beach condo. We had the contractor quote a price for tile, which turned out to be quite high, although we sourced an inexpensive tile ($1.99/sq.ft). We MUST change the floor; there’s ivory carpet, that upon close inspection reveals pastel pink and blue flecks. Not only is it ugly (though it IS clean), it breaks up the space awkwardly. When I asked about a plywood floor, the contractor was intrigued. He’s never done one, so he’s started researching and is excited. Even better, it should cost only half as much. I PREFER wood. Very psyched.

He wants to do 4’x4′ squares rather than 4’x8′ boards in order to avoid a Vermont feel. I had initially thought we’d do planks, painted white (remember all the white rooms with color pops for inspiration?), but I’m coming around to the idea. Anybody have thoughts? Also, if we do squares, do we just seal it, without painting it, for the full-on unfinished, natural effect? I’d love your opinions on this!

As you think, scroll through these plywood rooms. All au naturel.

Photographer Lisa Cohen

Balance Associates Architects

Hindsvik at Home

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur AB

NHR via gutgut.sk

via Emma’s Design Blog

Photographer Martin Cederblad

Chartier-Corbasson ArchitectsLoftLife magazine

A west L.A. home – Apartment Therapy

Nick Noyes Architecture

Rolling Huts – Olson Kundig Architects

Home of an Apartment Therapy reader

Home of NancyBird designer
The Design Files – Photographer Tony Owczarek
Architect Olivia van Dijk


Olson Kundig Architects – Photographer Benjamin Benschneider


Arquitectura-G – Photographer José Hevia


RUM magazine

Hotel Holos in Sevilla, Spain

Specht Harpman Architects

Lamino chair by Swedese in an Alpine cabin

Coastal Living magazine

Architect Jan De Vylder – Photographer  Filip Dujardin


Marie Claire Maison magazine

Nick Noyes Architecture

A west L.A. home – Apartment Therapy

A west L.A. home – Apartment Therapy

Mjolk owners’ cottage – Canadian House and Home magazine

Arquitectura-G – Photographer José Hevia

Mjolk owners’ cottage – Cottage Life magazine

Elle Interior Norway

Mjolk owners’ cottage – Canadian House and Home magazine

mA Style Architects

Davor Popadich’s home of Pattersons Architects – Dwell magazine
Photographer Simon Devitt

Kerf Design

Photographer Lisa Cohen

A Toronto kitchen – Apartment Therapy

RUM magazine

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur AB


Marie Claire Maison magazine

unidentified via SF Girl by Bay

Davor Popadich’s home of Pattersons Architects – Dwell magazine
Photographer Simon Devitt

mA Style Architects

Photographer  Filip Dujardin

mA Style Architects

Dwell magazine

PS Arkitektur

Alfredo Antuña Architect

Home of architect Rodney Eggleston of March Studio

Mjolk owners’ cottage – Remodelista

Atelier St Architecture

via Emma’s Design Blog

PS Arkitektur

Dwell magazine

 Stylist Lotta Agaton – Photographer Petra Bindel

Uni Architecture

*     *      *     *

Find contemporary furniture at Zinc Door >

Zinc Door Counter Stools Bar Stools


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Montage: 32 Kitchen Island Pendants

It seems like everyone I know is doing a renovation. Since I’m helping a friend decorate her new apartment in New York anyway, at least one other friend is benefitting from my newfound knowledge. Melissa, who actually lives in the house my husband and I gutted in Chevy Chase (she and her husband bought it when we moved to Boston), has recently purchased a new (larger!) abode. This week is her family’s yearly Cape visit. We spent yesterday morning perusing images of kitchens, trying to decide what kind of kitchen island pendants she should hang, what size they should be, and how far apart they should be spaced.

Three is a good number for kitchen island pendants (odds are always better than evens). The first and last should hang 18-inches from either end of the island. Split the difference in the middle for the third. As for diameter, we laid out different size plates at each interval on my own island to get a sense of what felt right. Of course, it will also depend on the shape and material of the light. As for how hight off the island they should hang, we didn’t get there yet.

Jessica Helgerson

Powell Street Pendants by Tech Lighting

Photographer Lincoln Barbour

FC Studio

Architect Alwill Design

Photographer Jordi Canosa

Steven Gambrel

Steven Gambrel

Natural Home & Garden via Apartment Therapy

Amy Lau Design

Skona Hem

Jessica Helgerson

Light Locations

Light Locations

Sunset Magazine

Light Locations

Marie Claire Maison

Studio Ina Matt

Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

Living Etc.

Maison Couturier Hotel 

Living Etc.

Coastal Living

Living Etc.

Dry Design Architecture

 Coastal Living

Mae Brunken Designs

Photographer Mark Williams

Sarah Delaney Design

Steven Gambrel

Photographer Patric Johansson


carrot-currency-graphicBright Lightz (www.brightlightz.co.uk) sells LED bulbs for just about every lighting need in your home. 


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Montage: 50 Tubs with a View

As winter eases and summer slowly (too slowly) comes forth, one of the things I look forward to is taking baths again. Our condo in Boston has an oversize (too big) shower, but the only tub is a standard one (too small) in the boys’ bathroom. My favorite room at our place on the Cape may be our wonderful, sky blue glass mosaic tile walled bathroom with its deep bathtub (just right). While there isn’t an over-the-top view (we saved the distant ocean vista for the bedroom), it is bordered by two large windows looking out to the woods, including a couple of birch trees, which I love.

The tubs in this post are unreal. A lot of them are part of resorts, but not all. They look out over woods, oceans, mountains, fields, and city skylines. Some are even outdoors. They’re all heavenly.

Beyond Bath by Claudia Danelon

L.A. real estate via Zillow

Singita Sweni Lodge, Kurger National Park, South Africa

M. Design Interiors   |   Photographer Greg Cox

Amangiri Canyon Point, Grand Canyon

Australian real estate via Desire to Inspire

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Istanbul

Moris Moreno Photography

Japanese rooftop via Apartment Therapy

Stephen Sills and James Huniford, Architectural Digest

Tongabezi Lodge, Zambia

Teak bath, The Water Monopoly   |   XTEN Architecture

Elsa’s Kopje Safari Camp, Meru National Park, Kenya

Takiyu Collection by Kaesch

Southern Ocean Lodge Kangaroo Island, Australia

Marie Claire Maison

Donna Karan’s house – Photographer Richard Powers

The Standard Hotel, New York City

Lundberg Design

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo

Shelton, Mindel & Assoc.Elle Decor

Nicki Bongiorno, Spaces Kennebunkport

Real estate in the Hamptons

Interiormagasinet Norway   |    James R. Salomon Photography

The Bowery Hotel, New York City

Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

Walker Warner Architects
James Cavagnari + Erin Quiros,  Architectural Digest

New York Times T Magazine

Jade Mountain St. Lucia Hotel

Peter Silling & Assoc.Schloss Velden Hotel, Austria – Architectural Digest

Yuma Art Tub 180, Blu Bleu

Mandarin Oriental New York

Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel

Antoine Predock Architect


Jade Jagger

Jeff Andrews Design

Kahn DesignArchitectural Digest   |   Saffire Freycinet Resort, Australia

Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos via Homes Away


Andara Resort Phuket

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives  |   Song Saa Private Island Resort, Cambodia

Egg Tub, Rexa Design

GASS Architecture Design Studio

from the StyleCarrot archives:   18 Pure White Tubs

+  +  +

Baths  |  Electric Showers  | Shower Doors


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Montage: 45 Colorful Doors, Inside and Out

Photos of doors painted in cheery colors have been accumulating on my hard drive for a while, though lately they’ve seemed to increase in popularity. In addition to a mad rush of them on Pinterest, especially of the neon variety, several of the projects I’ve written about have included painted doors. There’s the Boston loft by Duncan Hughes, with the cerulean blue sliding barn door, the San Francisco home I wrote about in TRADhome, designed by Palmer Weiss (though that particular photo was not included), and designer Lisa Kreiling’s own townhouse I wrote about for Boston Home, soon to be published. Lisa told me that black doors were pretty much the starting point in her design.

Elle Interior Sweden – Photographer Pia Ulli
+ + +

Marie Claire Maison   |  Elle Interior Norway
+ + +

Southern Living
+ + +

Blue Print in Dallas via Knight Moves   |  Jenny Komenda Interiors
+ + +

Ana Williamson Architect
+ + +

Feldman Architecture
+ + +

Designer Elke Dante
+ + +

Coburn Architecture
+ + +

via Weekend Retreats by Susanna Salk
+ + +

Bronwyn McCarthy Huffar  – Photographer Jamie Salomon   |   Martha Stewart
+ + +

Designer Miles Redd
+ + +

Anna Williamson Architect   |   via Houzz

Designer Courtnay Daniels Haden in Elle Decor   |   Joe Serrins Architecture Studio
+ + +

Designer J.D. Bell
+ + +

Tamara Kaye-Honey in House Beautiful
+ + +

Architect Pedro Gadanho
+ + +

Design Sponge   |   Nathan Gibson Judd Architecture

Hus & Hem Fiona Winzar Architecture

Quarto Sala Architecture & Interiors
+ + +

Photographer Adriano Bacchella   |   Envelope Architecture + Design
+ + +

Photographer Melanie Acevedo   |   Marie Claire Maison
+ + +

Door by TENKO
+ + +

via Kyle Bunting Rugs
+ + +

Photographer Lucas Allen   |   Lauren Liess, Pure Style

The 10 Cent Designer
+ + +

Photographer Angus Fergusson
+ + +

Photographer Adriano Bacchella
+ + +

Marie Claire Maison
+ + +

Moises Esquenazi
+ + +

Flickr-back_garage   |   Milk Magazine
+ + +

Ruthie Sommers - Domino
+ + +

Patrice Beavan Cowans Interiors   |   Photographer Patrick Johnson
+ + +

Elke Dante
+ + +


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Montage: 47 Bunny Rabbit Rooms

Bunnies were out and about riding the (cotton) tails of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in 2010, but the trend didn’t end there. While I wouldn’t say the rabbit is the “it” creature of the moment (post on those in coming weeks), they’ve certainly been hopular. (Sorry.) Last week we posted a trend roundup “Hip Hop” on The Inside Source, and in honor of Easter I’m following up here, with quite a few great bunny rabbit rooms; not all of them for kids.

Bodie et Fou—photographer Francois Kong—stylist Karine Kong

via mokkasin

Orange Street Design

via Garance Doré—Piper Perabo’s home

via le dans la

stylist Heather Nette King

via Norske Interiorblogger

Photographer Julie Ansiau via Miluccia Miluccia

painted walls by Bartsch studio via plentyofcolour

photographer Celina Fallböm

Anthropologie, Boston  |  artist Clare Goddard

Bob O’Connor Photography |  Bunny Williams : )

Douglas Friedman Photography   |   Sandra Aslaksen Photography

Cinq Mai Photography |   Coral and Tusk

Traditional Home

Avotakka   |  Onszelf

Left: Margarita Lorenzo, Chocolate Creative
Right: Home of Chanel accessories designer Laetitia Crahay via Marie Claire

Left: Home of Chanel accessories designer Laetitia Crahay via Marie Claire
Right: Window of a NoLIta boutique

Sea of Shoes  |   via French by Design

Graffiti on Bowery, NYC   |   via Love Made Me Do It

Lulu Frost, Onward Lulu

unidentified   |  ‘Handmade’ wallpaper by Paperboy

CDC Stores

Interior Magasinet    |   stylist Leesa O’Reilly

Shadow puppet wall decals by Areaware.

Muffin & Mani Wallcoverings  |   via Miluccia Miluccia

Catalina Estrada   |   101 Woonideen

kasin blogspot   |   Pope’s Mule

Shareen Joel Design  |   via Design Skool

via bride and wolfe

via le dans la

Marie Claire Maison

via Imagine Childhood

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