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ARTmonday: 10 Watercolors of Venetian Interiors by Lee Essex Doyle

If you’ve been following my art posts for a while, you’ll have seen work by my very talented, very dear friend Lee Essex Doyle. Two years ago Boston’s Childs Gallery showcased “Dreams of Dawnridge,” watercolor paintings based on the glam Los Angeles home of artist and designer Tony Duquette. In 2009 I featured her “Postcards from India” series depicting impressions of Indian temples and palaces in Rajasthan, which she showed at Peter Marcelle Contemporary in New York. (I am lucky enough to own two from that series.)

Lee Essex Doyle’s newest show, “Illuminated Moments” opens at Childs Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston this Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 (previewed on Artsy). The works are inspired by Doyle’s recent travels to Venice and Havana. This latest series of watercolors reflect the vibrant light of the two cities. The palette is more pared down than in years past, but the compositions just as masterful and the lines and patterns as intriguing and pleasing as ever. The stairways, with its curlicue railings are invitations to explore and the lanterns and chandeliers are enchanting.

I can’t wait to see Lee and her beautiful paintings in person on Thursday, but until then we can gaze at these . . .


Study for Palazzo Cini, Venice, 2014


Prada II Yellow, Venice, 2014


Prada II Giustina, Venice, 2014


Cini Panes Grey, Venice, 2014


Study for Palacio de la Condesa de Revilla De Camargo, Havana, 2014


Door to Palazzo Polignac, Venice, 2014


Study for Palazzo Priuli, Venice, 2014


Study for Scoula Grande Stair, Venice, 2014


Courtyard, Palazzo Grimani, Venice, 2014


Study for View across Fondamenta Osmarin, Venice, 2014

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ARTmonday: Sneak Peek into the SMFA Art Sale 2014

The SMFA Art Sale 2014 starts this Thursday. It’s also known as the Museum School Art Sale—the art sale that takes place every year at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA), the renown art school adjacent to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston that has been influential part of the Boston art scene since it’s founding in 1876.

There are thousands of pieces of art for sale, hung throughout the galleries on the first floor, and shrink wrapped in bins in the central space. (It’s always fun to flip through and discover amazing finds, whether it’s and inexpensive piece by a student (I once scored tiny abstracts for $12; I often find photos I love for around $100) or additional work by artists whose work is hung in the galleries. Once a piece is sold, it comes off the wall and is immediately replaced by another piece, so the display is in constant rotation.

The Museum School Art Sale offers art in every price range and medium, including oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, photography, textile art, sculpture, video art (I would love to buy a piece; I still think about one we passed up), ceramics, and jewelry. Pieces are done by SMFA students, alumni, faculty, and affiliated artists. Famous SFMA alums include Cy Twombly, William Barnett, Jim Dine, Ellsworth Kelly, Nan Goldin, and Doug and Mike Starn, many of which have pieces at the sale (and most of which are way out of my price range, obviously).

Each piece at the Museum School Art Sale is priced by the artists, with a fifty/fifty split between the artists and the School. Artwork sold to benefits student scholarships at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The SMFA Art Sale 2014 takes place this Thursday to Sunday, November 20, 2014 to November 23, 2014. The hours are 10am-8pm the first three days and Sunday until five.

Here’s a sneak peek of  20 pieces for sale at this year’s Museum School Art Sale. At the end I included links to the posts I did about past years’ Museum School Art Sales. Also, if you’re interested, these are pieces that I’ve purchased at the SMFA Art Sales over the last few years.


Matthew Gamber


Adrienne Shishko


June August


John Guy Petruzzi


Chad Joiner


Dawn Southworth


Asia Kepka


Doug Starn + Mike Starn


Garrett Munski

Textile Weaving Carole Daynard SMFA Sale

Carol Daynard


Brian Burkhardt


Tess Atkinson


Beth Welsh


Warren Mather


Lee Essex Doyle


Marsha Perreault


Warren Mather


John Guy Petruzzi


Dawn Southworth


SMFA Art Sale 2014

Here are my posts from past year’s sales:
Artwork from SMFA Art Sale 2013
Artwork from SMFA Art Sale 2012
Artwork from SMFA Art Sale 2011
Artwork from SMFA Art Sale 2009

•           •          •


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ARTmonday: 18 Artworks From a Friend’s Collection

A friend of mine told me the other day that they sold their place around the corner and are moving to the suburbs. They feel like they’re ready to take on a house (she’s an interior designer after all) and that their two boys will really appreciate being able to run outside and play. Besides, their school is out there too.

So no more impromptu walks around the river or pizza in her front yard on Halloween (a big Back Bay event). No more calling over to see if my kids can shoot baskets in her courtyard. I hope the new owners keep up her gardens. The little front yards and window boxes are always well-planted.

Of course the interior is gorgeous. Comfortable, but very elegant and sophisticated, just what you’d expect of a Back Bay home of a designer with kids. My favorite part though, is her art collection. A mix of figurative and abstract, contemporary and more traditional, pieces by friends, local artists, and beyond. She has a great eye.


Tess Atkinson


Erin Bisceglia


Sally Benedict King


Jose Goncalves


(not sure of artist)


Lee Essex Doyle


(unsure of artist)


(unsure of artist)




Cynthia Packard


Suzanne Hodes


Jose Goncalves


Alexandre Istrati


Simone Lucas


Gregg Renfrow


Chuck Close


Roberta Nigro Hall


Bobbie Burgers

•            •             •

Start your own art collection.

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ARTmonday: Lee Essex Doyle “Dreams of Dawnridge”

Boston-based artist (and one of my dearest friends) Lee Essex Doyle is showing her newest series of paintings, “Dreams of Dawnridge” at Child’s Gallery in Boston. It’s on view until this Saturday, January 21, so if you’re on Newbury Street, try to pop in for a look. They’re absolutely beautiful. The pieces are based on L.A. artist and designer Tony Duquette’s ornate home, called Dawnridge.

“Double Sunburst”

“Library Altar”

“Thai Cockatoo”

“Malachite and Bird Cages”

“Red Interior”

“Ducommon Console and Mirror”

“Green and Yellow Interior”

“Garden Antelope”

See images from Lee Essex Doyle’s “Postcards from India” series.


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ARTmonday: Sale at the School of Museum of Fine Arts

True, it’s not Monday, but by then it will be over. The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Art Sale, featuring works from students, alumni, and faculty to benefit the scholarship program is in progress through Sunday, December 11, 2011. It takes place at the school, which is right next to the museum. I went Tuesday night (purchased six pieces). Here are some of the works for sale:

Judy Kramer (Alum)
Left: The Lace Dress, 2006 (hand colored silk screen)
Right: Miss Meow, 2011 (hand colored silk screen)
Courtesy of Soprafina Gallery, Boston
–   –  -

–   –  -

–   –  -

Left: Laurel Sparks (alum)
Lantern, 2010 (mixed media collage archival print on paper)
Courtesy of Howard Yezerski Gallery

Right: unidentified
–   –   -

Left: David Lloyd Brown (Staff)
REF 2010_09, 2009 (oil on canvas)
Courtesy of NK Gallery

Right: unidentified
–   –  -

Ellen Rich (alum)
Trio, 2011 (pastel, acrylic on paper)
–   –   -

–   –  -

Judith Scott Larsen (alum)
Tulas, 2011
(archival pigment print on Hotpress bright paper)
Courtesy of Eli Klein Fine Art, New York
–   –  -

Lee Essex Doyle
Courtesy of Child’s Gallery, Boston
–   –   -

Left: unidentified

Right: Hiroko Lee (alum)
Kimono #10, 2005 (woodcut)
–   –   -

–   –  -

Left: unidentified

Right: Julian Lethbridge (Affiliated artist)
Frieze, 2010 (Intaglio)
Courtesy of ULAE
-   –   -

Magda Campos-Pons (Faculty)
A Prayer for Obama, 2008-11 (Polaroid diptych)
Courtesy of Bernice Steinbaum, Miami and Gasp Gallery, Boston
–   –   -

Mike and Doug Starn
and you wanna repent, 2005-10
(unique color carbon print (watercolor pigments and gelatin) on Zerkall paper with 16K gold and palladium leaf water)
–   –   -

–   –  -

–   –  -

Left: Nancy Simmonds

Right: Allison Matherly (student)
Blonde, 2011
–   –   -

–   –   -

Branther Deatley (alum)
Silent Spring, 2011
(acrylic/collage/resin on panel)
–   –   -

Mary Ellen Strom (video)
-   –   -

unidentified (video)
–   –   -

Jim Dine (Affiliated artist)
Snips, Pliers, and Hammers, 2011 (woodcut + etching)
Courtesy of Pace Prints
–   –   -

Cyrille Conan (Staff)
Fish Heads. . . , 2010 (mixed media)
–   –   -

Sue Yang (Faculty)
Tea/Coffee Series: Demarcating Line, 2011 (recycled tea leaves and coffee grounds)
Courtesy of Chi Lin Gallery
–   –   -

Left: unidentified

Right: Richard Serra (affiliated artist)
Top: Junction #10, 2010
Bottom: Junction #12, 2010
(1-color etchings)
Courtesy of Gemini G.E.L.
–   –   -

Caitlin Fitzgerald (alum)
Check Pigeon, 2011 (goauche)
–   –  -

Left: Jessica Hutfless (alum)
Untitled, 2011 (photographic print on archival paper)

Right: unidentified
–   –  -

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