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ARTmonday: 20 Photos of Girls At Play

If you follow ARTmonday you know I love atmospheric portraits of women. While I’ve blogged about a couple of wonderful photographers who concentrate on photographing children, namely their own, such as Winky Lewis and Kathleen Schwartz, I haven’t yet done a full post of images featuring kids. In honor of summer, here are photographs of 20 girls at play, including one I just spotted a few minutes ago on Facebook. So nice to have artistic friends! (Sorry Stephen Sheffield that I couldn’t include your guys. I love those FB pics; boys up next!) I love that in this post I was able to mix friends and colleagues with iconic superstars, along with a piece I bought from the SMFA sale last year.


Kathleen Schwartz


Andrea Tese


Vladimir Arkhipov


Nan Goldin


Sally Mann


Michael J. Lee


Julie Blackmon


Joanna Tam


Hellen Van Meene


Winky Lewis


Richard Brocken


Robert Knight


Joanna Goddard


Louis Stettner


Austris Jaudzems

Cynthia Henebry-girls-in-black-bathing-suits

Cynthia Henebry


Harper Smith




Angelina Belle Bergenwall


Sndeeon Studios

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ARTmonday: Winky Lewis

I have fallen hard for Portland, Maine-based photographer Winky Lewis. The portraits of her children are reminiscent of the photographs of my very first photo crush, Sally Mann. They’re also somewhat similar to photos taken by my friend Kathleen Schwartz of her fairy tale children. They also remind me of a photograph that hangs in my bedroom; the first portrait I ever purchased (you can see it at the end of this post). I love evocative black and white portraits of children and their fairy tale lives. Winky Lewis’ photographs are stunning and insightful.  She also happened to photograph my friend Sharon Kitchens‘ homestead for a Boston Globe story I wrote, but I’ll save that for another time.

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis



Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 1.07.21 PM

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 1.08.41 PM

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis





Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photograph By Winky Lewis



Photograph By Winky Lewis

Photographs By Winky Lewis

Self Portrait By Winky Lewis

 Winky Lewis (with her son) (and her camera) 

* * *

I think this is the first portrait I ever purchased. I bought it in the early ’90s at an auction at Little Red Schoolhouse / Elizabeth Irwin, a progressive school in NYC, whose alumni includes artists and artists’ kids. I remember seeing works by Francisco Clemente there. Those were certainly not in my budget. This photo was taken by one of the women who worked in the office of the school; it pictures her nieces. I still love it. It hangs above my bedside table.



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ARTmonday: Kathleen Schwartz

I knew my friend Kathleen Schwartz (Katie to her friends) took gorgeous pictures of her kids. Their pale cheeks, long mermaid hair, and the idyllic beach and forest settings all added to the images she captured so beautifully. But it’s the quirkier shots that I love, with the girls in their fairy costumes just going about their day, and the interiors from their big old house in Maine, with its high ceilings, tall windows, crystal chandeliers, and sailboat seat. The photo of the yellow living room caught my eye this morning, reminding me of Tina Barney photographs. I started browsing through Katie’s collection and was immediately drawn in.


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