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ARTmonday: Justyna Przybylowska

Justyna Przybylowska is a Vancouver-based photographer with provocative, hard-edged work in both black and white and color, with many selections available on Society6.

Her art prints start at $64. Like most of the offerings at Society6, Przybylowska’s color and black & white photography prints are available in varying sizes, framed, printed on canvas or metal,  on iPhone cases, pillows, totes, greeting cards , hoodies, and other items.

You can see Justyna Przybylowska’s most recent work on her website PRZY, which she calls an online photographic exhibit of the world through her eyes. And then there’s her Instagram feed.

Here’s a sampling of her work from Society6, plus a selfie.


Justyna Przybylowska, Trump


Justyna Przybylowska, Untitled


Justyna Przybylowska, Designer Drugs


Justyna Przybylowska, Bull


Justyna Przybylowska, Cake


Justyna Przybylowska, Mangiare


Justyna Przybylowska, Leg Through Void


Justyna Przybylowska, Advice


Justyna Przybylowska, Slasher


Justyna Przybylowska, Legs

Justyna Przybylowska Self Portrait On Stairs

Justyna Przybylowska

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ARTmonday: Amy Stevens Cake Photos

I just finished putting together a sidebar of affordable art picks for the May issue of HGTV Magazine. It will accompany the feature on our Boston condo, which will focus on our art, which is everywhere. They chose 8 affordable artworks out of 25 choices I provided, so there were a lot of leftovers. I’ll eventually post all 25 picks, but in the meantime here is an expanded look at artist Amy Stevens’ cake photographs.

Stevens cake photo series, called Confections, started in 2005 as a response to her 30th birthday. She says, “It was a celebration of birthdays, color, pattern, and obsessive absurdity.”

Her original idea was to bake 30 birthday cakes for herself and photograph them. She ordered a cake decorating kit online, watched an instructional video, and quickly discovered her cakes were going to be imperfect. She decided to leave them in what she describes as “their exuberantly imperfect states.”

In the course of eight years, the series evolved into more of a humorous, feminist, conversation on life and the struggle for perfection. Amy Stevens is based in Berks County, Pennsylvania, earned a BFA from Arizona State, and an MFA from Temple University.

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections #65, 2008

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections #57, 2007

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections #54, 2007

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections #42, 2006

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections (Adorned) #22, 2011

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections (abroad) #7, 2010

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections (adorned) #20, 2010

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections (adorned) #15, 2010

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections (adorned) #25, 2012

Food Photography Cake Photos Amy Stevens

Confections (adorned) #14, 2010

A few of Amy Stevens cake photos are available at:
Eye Buy Art

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ARTmonday: 20 Fun Food Artworks

With all the food art I perused to put together last week’s 20 Autumnal Artworks in honor of Thanksgiving along with the post I did for Matouk, Appreciating Autumn Through Art, I noticed there were quite a few examples of humorous, fun food artworks. You may not want to eat anything after this weekend, but there’s no harm in looking. Some of it may even inspire you to try snapping fun food artworks yourself, at least on Instagram.


John Chervinsky, Apples, Painting on Door, 2011
Archival inkjet print, $2,400, Pictura Gallery, Artsy


Rachel Kumba, Pig Head/Tete de Cochon
Digital photo on paper, $1,000 at Saatchi Art


Katie Baum, Gumball Machine  •  Prints starting at $24, 20×200


Erin Niehenke, Stacked Peaches
Limited edition framed print starting at $29 at Minted


Lynne Abrahamson, Too Good to Eat, Fabric on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric)
$1,500 at Saatchi Art


Natasha Gornik, Cherry, photographic inkjet print, edition of 7
$1,500 Saatchi Art


Ricardo Martinez, no title , #1 of 6, C-type photo on paper
$500 at Saatchi Art


Sebastian Juergens, Fruit Face@Schlaumeier
digital and color photography on aluminium
$300 at Saatchi Art


Josh McCartney, Tonguesicle
Canvas prints starting at $125 at Saatchi Art


 SO FAR SO GOOD/Rob Kalmbach, Food
Prints starting at $35 at Society6


Amy Stevens, Confections (adorned) #14
Prints starting at $60 at 20×200


Alexey & Julia, Egg    Prints starting at $18 at Society6


Monika Forsberg, Perrier    •    Print, $50 at Furbish Studio


Lulie Wallace, Apricot Appetite
Limited edition print, $50 at Furbish Studio


John Bucklin, Raspberry Softy, oil on panel
$700 at Serena & Lily


Ting-Ting Cheng, Still Life with Banana   •   $920 at Rise Art


Joni Tyrrell, Pining for Pineapple
Limited edition framed print starting at $29 at Minted


Monica Loos, The Humble Egg
Limited edition framed print starting at $29 at Minted


Heidi Bassett Blair, Roxy   •   $265 at Artsy

•            •          •

Time to order your holiday photo cards >

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ARTmonday: Still Life Photographs by Anna Williams

This morning when I was looking for art to share with you, I came across a photo I had put assigned labeled Anna Williams “Seeking.” When I Googled Anna Williams, this Brooklyn-based photographer’s work came up. Not the Anna Williams from UGallery I had been searching for, but another photographer named Anna Williams.

This Anna Williams shoots lush still lifes, often of sensuous food, as well as quiet, rich interiors. She’s assisted Stephen Lewis, Bill Abranowicz and Gentl + Hyers, and has shot campaigns for Michael Kors and Williams Sonoma, as well as editorial for Martha Stewart, Real Living, and Food & Wine.

Her work is beautiful, so, proving detours can be very good, I thought I’d share. Here are 10 works by photographer Anna Williams.





Photographer Anna Williams Kitchen Interior

Photographer Anna Williams Still LIfe Fish Bones

Photographer Anna Williams Still LIfe Blood Oranges And Muslin

Photographer Anna Williams Still Life Measuring Cups & Pitchers

Photographer Anna Williams Still Life On Mantle

Photographer Anna Williams Still Life Nectarines & Plums

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Foodie Friday: 17 Exquisite Desserts

I was perusing my cookbooks and Pinterest this morning for an apple crisp recipe. Oddly, it was elusive. I had meant to bake an apple pie, but the premade crust I bought (you didn’t actually think I was planning on spending the time to do a paté brisée did you?) was frozen, and had needed to defrost overnight. So, apple crisp it is. I don’t actually eat the crust anyway; I’m all about the filling.

Generally I tend to be distracted by anything chocolate, but since it’s Thanksgiving, and since I made a devil’s food birthday cake with marshmallowy frosting from Dorie Greenspan‘s Baking just a few days ago, I was able to stick to the fruity course.

Here are some desserts that caught my eye from my Desserts Pinterest board today. Most of the links click through to the recipes, if you’re so inclined. Maybe you just want to look; fewer calories. Happy Thanksgiving!


No Bake Oreo Cookies 


Caramel Creme Cinnamon Puffles


Apple Pecan Cronuts


Blueberry Crostata

Back Camera

Carrot Cake 


Dark Chocolate Rose Truffles 


Dreidel Cake Pop


Chocolate Layer Cake


Homemade Milano Cookies


Wintry Powdered Donuts


Raspberry Tiramisu


Strawberry Brioche


Vanilla Cheesecake with Salted Caramel


Popcorn Pudding


Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies


Homemade Caramels


Chocolate Raspberry Forest Cake

*           *            *

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