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Fine Print: The 15 Best Design Books of 2015

Although I hesitate to bring most forms of paper into my home—brochures, receipts, bills, press releases, invitations, business cards— I still love books. Especially glossy design books. I don’t leaf through them nearly enough, but I appreciate being surrounded by them. Our living room in Boston, like many traditional Back Bay condos,  has double built-in bookshelves flanking the fireplace, trimmed in traditional molding and calling out for impressive tomes.

 I used to save decor magazines, which filled the top shelves nicely, but with the advent of Pinterest et al, tear sheets are just clutter.  Besides, I now have enough coffee table books and small artworks to fill in all 16 shelves stylishly. Thanks to Rizzoli, who sends me all the best books, and the other publishers who send along design titles as well. I looked at all of them, and these are my favorite 15 design books of 2015.

Best Design Books 2015 Eddie Ross Mix

Eddie Ross Modern Mix

Best Design Books 2015 Carrier & Company

The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney

Best Design Books 2015 Greg Natale The Tailored Interior

 The Tailored Interior Greg Natale


The Kinfolk Home

Best Design Books 2015 Retreat The Modern House In Nature

Retreat: The Modern House In Nature by Ron Broadhurst

Best Design Books 2015 Gardens At First Light By Stacy Bass

Gardens At First Light by Stacy Bass

Best Design Books 2015 India Hicks Island Style

India Hicks Island Style

Best Design Books 2015 Abigail Ahearn Color

Abigail Ahern Color: Transform Your Home

Best Design Books 2015 Carrier & Company

Carrier and Company Positively Chic Interiors

Best Design Books 2015 Carrier & Company

Emily Henderson Styled

Best Design Books 2015 Casa Bohemia

Casa Bohemia: The Spanish Style House
by Linda Leigh Paul and Ricardo Vidargas

Best Design Books 2015 Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber American Master

Best Design Books 2015 Palm Springs Modern Living

Palm Springs Modern Living by James Schnept

Best Design Books 2015 Beekman 1802 Style

Beekman 1802 Style: The Attraction of Opposites

Best Design Books 2015 Tricia Foley

Tricia Foley Life | Style: Elegant Simplicity at Home

Here’s what one bookshelf looks like at the moment. Note the back issues of Architectural Digest on the upper left shelf.

Styling Your Bookshelf With Design Books And Art

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Montage: Bedroom Sconces

We spend summers at my husband’s family’s home in Cape Cod, and recently got a little condo in South Florida for sunshine doses during Boston winters. That pretty much (most definitely) means the travel budget is depleted. We don’t, have never, taken a grand family vacation. By contrast, our kids’ friends have travelled to some amazing destinations during school breaks (Israel, Tanzania, Norway, El Salvador, Paris, etc.). My kids have pointed out that they’ve never been out of the country, and have asked for “a trip to Canada, at least” just to say they have.

Spending thousands of dollars for the privilege (?) of spending 24/7 with family is not at the top of my list. On the other hand, I too wouldn’t mind a trip overseas, and who knows, maybe we’d even all get along and have fun. We thought, if we were to do this, we’d start off easy, with London. (After all, until just a few years ago,  a family trip to Target was a challenge.)

Part of what makes travel hard, for me, is that I like a nice hotel. But that’s a huge budget-eater, especially for four. I was thinking about looking into rentals at short stay apartments in London. Does anyone have suggestions? What does this have to do with bedside sconces? Not much. While I was perusing one of those sites, I came across a photo with interesting placement of reading sconces.

When we built the house on the Cape, I installed slightly odd sconces in a guest room—ones that stick straight out above the bed. Not the best idea, as they get very hot and guests hit their heads when they sit up. That said, I applaud the efforts for trying sconces that go beyond the boring. Here are 20 bedside sconce ideas.


London Shortlet


Satyagraha House


Instagram: Kenziepoo


Casa Brazil


CCS Architecture


Brian Atwood’s bedroom by Nate Berkus
Photo by Simon Upton for Elle Decor


Emily Henderson


HK Living

laura fulmine pink bedroom copy

Laura Fulmine


Amy Lau


Cindy Sherman’s Hamptons house  by Billy Cotton
 Jason Schmidt for Architectural Digest




Elin Kicken

tailored imagine-living copy

Imagine Living/Houzz


Arquiteto Piero Lissoni


Home of Trinny Woodall  •  Femina


Flavor Paper


Photographer Sean Fennessy  for  The Design Files



tailored-br-photographer Jonn Coolidge-designEdward H. Fickett  copy

John Coolidge Photography

*           *          *

Modern bedding & bedroom accessories at Dwell Studio >

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