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ARTmonday: Ode to Obama in Art

Artwork Featuring President Obama

President Barack Obama, 2004
Martin Schoeller, Camera Work, Berlin (Artsy)

This is the last Monday of Obama’s presidency.

Yesterday the Artsy newsletter promoted its recent blog post on how artists have captured President Obama’s legacy. Artists have a long history depicting political figures and their work impact public perception.

The Obama artwork Artsy features is quite well known, including photographer Lisa Jack’s black and white portraits of Obama as a college coed; Mariana Cook’s much seen photo of young Barack and Michelle Obama sitting on a sofa in their Chicago living room; and of course, Shepard Fairey.

Pulling images from sites with high end artwork as well as sites on which any artist can offer artwork, I’ve curated portraits of our beloved President Barack Obama. Here are 17 Obama artworks. President Obama, we will miss you.

Drawing of President Barack Obama

Obama, 2009, From the series Portraits
Audrey Anastasi, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn (Artsy)

Santlov Depiction Of Barack Obama As A Rapper

Obama Swag, 2013
Santlov, Avant Gallery, Miami (Artsy)

Photo Of The Obamas Dancing At The Inauguration

President Obama and the First Lady
Celebrity Photography (Art.com)

Mid-Century Modernist Art Print By Joel Shapiro

Go (for Obama), 2012, Joel Shapiro (1st Dibs)

Dot Portrait Of President Barack Obama

Obama Polka Dots, Societystar (Society6)

Pop Art Portrait Of President Barack Obama

Crying Obama, Pure Evil  (Saatchi Art)

Portrait Of President Barack Obama By Amit Shimoni

Obama, Amit Shimoni for East Urban Home (Wayfair)

Abstract Artwork Depicting Barack Obama

Certificate of Authenticity for Freecached: Obama Conspiracies (ELF)
Brad Troemel, Tomorrow, NY (Artsy)

Photo Of Barack Obama As a Rapper

Fabulous Obama, Andy Detskas (Society6)

Bronze Sculpture Of Obama With Big Ears

Obama: An Easter Island Figure, 10/10, 2009
Pat Oliphant, Gerald Peters Gallery Santa Fe (Artsy)

Collage Portrait of Obama With Flag

Barack Obama, Oliver Muth (Artflakes)

Collage Of Obama And A Crowd In The City

November 4th 2008 – Obama, 2015
Stéphane Pencréac’h, Mazel Galerie, Brussels (1st Dibs)

Watercolor Portrait of Barack Obama

Black Lives Matter (Obama), 2016
Kathy Pieper, Fountain House Gallery,  New York (Artsy)

Obama Change Painting In The Style Of Shepard Fairy

Barack Obama, Peter Jenkins (Saatchi Art)

Silkscreen Collage Of President Barack Obama With Newsprint

Obama 3, B. Hill  (Chairish)

Obama Needlepoint Art By Emily Gallardo

Obama cross stitch, Emily Gallardo

Scribbled Drawing Of Obama From Rise Art

Obama, Lizzie Watson (Rise Art)

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Montage: 23 Wall Installations

I’ve been really interested in the idea of wall installations lately; a natural progression after last year’s obsession with wall sculptures. While you can use pretty much anything to create pattern and texture to blank walls, the ones I’m most attracted to are the art works. ( I have an ‘everyday objects as wall art’ post in the works as well). A few months ago I blogged about Tracy Melton’s tree ring encaustic paintings I purchased on Etsy. We finally hung them yesterday and they look fantastic – the picture is below. (My lack of photography,lighting and styling skills don’t do the installation justice.) I had planned on lining them up in a grid, but my ever artistic husband (he has a knack, surprisingly), insisted they’d look better scattered. Like ’em?

Our house on the Cape

From top: Amy Lau  –  Amy Lau  –  Brad Ford

From top: unidentified  –  Lindsay Bentis  –  Amy Lau

unidentified                                                  Emily Gallardo Studio

From top: Living Etc.  –  CB2

The Swell Life blog

Artist Eva Moosbrugger

Artist Keita Egami

Clockwise: Dwell  –  Coburn Architects  – unidentified  – Apartment Therapy

Sabbe Spot blog                                                          Cookie magazine blog

Madewell, Boston

Artist Jennifer Prichard

Kara Mann


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