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ARTmonday: 22 Trees

It’s true. The flowers are coming up, and blooming. But it’s the trees I’ve been appreciating. I love the pungent green buds this time of year, the small start of each leaf. Many of these tree artworks, I suppose. are somewhat wintry. Even so, let’s celebrate tree art today, for spring, renewal, and all that hopeful stuff.


David Hockney

Francisco-Rubio -trees

Francisco Rubio


Gerhard Richter


Jody Xiong, DDB China Group


Joe Klevitt


Junya Ishigami


Baptiste Vandaele


Myoung Ho Lee


Hiroshi Sugito


Casey Roberts


March Avery


Margo Hoff

tree stick figures

Guy Field


Wolf Kahn


Daniel Lachenmeier


Morimoto Shouhei


National Geographic, February, 1976

trees, Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon


Virginia Echeverria Whipple


Eloise Renouf


Tree a Day

Woldgate-with-red trees-David-Hockney

David Hockney

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ARTmonday: 20 Illustrated Arrays, From Modern Chairs to Lady Gaga

I saw the first image here, So Many Trees, So Little Time by Eloise Renouf, on Pinterest today via my favorite art pinner, drawdrawdraw*, and was struck by it for a few reasons. First, the caption said, “ways to draw trees,” and I thought it would be helpful for my 10-year-old who struggles with all the illustrations he’s required to do for school. Second, once I focused in on it, I saw the obvious resemblance to Marimekko patterns; particularly Siirtolapuutarha (I bought that pillow cover in Finland in May). Finally, as I was trying to decide what to feature today, and came to the conclusion it should be child-centric, but not obviously so, I thought images in this vein would work. Simple drawings of items arrayed, some almost chart-like, all easily digestible, some child-like, others just decoratively geometric, and some sassy illustrations. I hope you like the mix.

So Many Trees, So Little Time, Eloise Renouf

Painted Pebbles 1, Garima Dhawan

Tents, Adam Simpson

Beach Hut, Julia Pott

28 Camera Drawings, Christine Berrie

Lady Gaga, Adrian Valencia

I Bought All of These, Kate Bingaman-Burt


Modern Chairs, Ali Douglass
(I purchased this last night and am excited to hang it in the Delray condo.)

Là-haut, Marion Barraud

Donuts-No.3, Monster Gallery

Trees of the USA, Katie Holten

8 Bit Star Wars, Fitz Fitzpatrick

Christmas Calendar 2011, Hanna Konola

Terrariums, Alice Ferrow

Shape Study #2, Erin Wilson

Mini Arch Abstract, Melanie Mikecz

Ovals, Beth Hoeckel

Ashley Percival

Compositie, Bart van der Leck

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