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Montage: 52 DIY Headboards

As a less expensive follow up to last month’s Montage: 47 Upholstered Headboards, I want to share this collection of headboards that are re-purposed, up-cycled, and the like. There are headboards fashioned from doors, decals, mirrors, mantles, tapestries, chalkboards, room dividers, architectural elements, iron gates, pegboard, plywood, and more. DIY and v intage aren’t really my thing, but there are some good ideas here.I know this topic has been done, done, and done, but I hope a number of these images are new to you.


Photographer Paul Whicheloe

Photographer Maree Homer for Real Living

Alexandra Angle

House and Home

a  home on Cape Cod

Tom Scheerer – House Beautiful

Antonio Martins

Home of illustrator Courtney Wotherspoon – Design Sponge

Alvhem Makleri

Montana Burnett Design

Stylist Christine Puech’s bedroom – Marie Claire Maison


Photographer Debi Treloar


Dreamy Whites

French by Design


Rue Magazine


Pot and Kettle Studios

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Apartment Therapy – Caitlin, Beacon Hill

Interior Design Magazine

Cookie Magazine

Elle Decor

Côté Sud

Apartment Therapy


Katrin Arens – Marie Claire Maison

Design Sponge

Photographer Maree Homer for Real Living

Olivieri Mobili




Photographer Douglas Friedman

Lonny Magazine

House to Home


Solis Betancourt – Southern Accents 

T. Keller Donovan


Serena & Lily

Traditional Home

House to Home


House Roelens

Dave Coote


Ace Hotel, NYC

Mademoiselle Tiss

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Carrot Currency: Pillow Spotting with Fabricadabra

Pillow maker Fabricadabra is a Style Carrot sponsor once again. I’m very excited to have them back, not just because it’s a local company, but because I really love the pillows. I have three Fabricadabra pillows on a white sofa in my own bedroom—two gray ikats and a green chevron. To welcome Fabricadabra to StyleCarrot (I hope you’ll stay a while this time!) I thought it would be fun to match Fabricadabra designs with specific rooms.

Nina Freudenberger • Haus Interior • Hampton Designer Showhouse 2011
Fabricadabra silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan, $50

Bibi Monnahan
Fabricadabra silk/cotton ikat fabric handwoven  in Uzbekistan, $24/yard

Christina Murphy
Fabricadabra silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan, $45

Cookie Magazine
Fabricadabra heavy jacquard throw interpreting Mexican weaving, $125

Sig Bergamin in Elle Decor
Fabricadabra silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan, $40

Burnham Design
Fabricadabra silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan, $45

via Apartment Therapy
Fabricadabra cotton jacquard indigo cloth pillow cover, $38

Furbish Studio
Fabricadabra silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan, $45

Nuevo Estilo
Fabricadabra vintage hand embroidered suzani pillow cover, $55


Get these pillows and more at Fabricadabra

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Montage: 32 White Rooms with Pops of Color

So we’re about to close on the condo in Delray Beach, and we’re scheduled to fly down for Columbus Day weekend. But other than that scouting trip to IKEA, I haven’t made much progress on the decor. Although the lines of the buildings are very clean, there’s a cathedral ceiling and a bit of white wood paneling. I don’t want to go too stark, if only because our Cape house is quite minimal and I’d like it to be somewhat different. So I’ve pulled a ton of photos of white spaces with bright pops of color. I want to be careful not to get too Scandinavian either. Perhaps I can strike a balance to achieve a Nordic meets Miami aesthetic.

The Apartment

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Home of Danish jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen

Photographer Rachel Kara – The Design Files

Home of Danish painter Gitte Brandt

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Photographer Linda Bergroth

Photographer Fred Heiberg

Cookie Magazine

Photographer Stellan Herner

Photographer Bruno Suet

via By.Bak

 Jeg er Jonathan

 Hourglass vineyards in the Napa Valley via Remodelista


Anthology Magazine – Photographer Anna Beth Chao & Jen Siska

Home of Louise Briener of BALlab

Bolig Magasinet

Photographer Stellan Herner

The Apartment

Photographer Stellan Herner

Photographer Fred Heiberg

Bolig Magasinet

via Daily Love Dose

Home of Danish designer Anne Black

via Design Attractor


via By.Bak

 via Style Files via Sotheby’s

Photographer Andreas Mikkel Hansen – Bolig Magasinet

Apartment in Sweden via Fair Interior

Stockholm apartment via Design Attractor


Finn Juhl’s Art Collection
IKEA PS Collection 2012
44 Rooms with Candlesticks
32 White Rooms with Pops of Color 


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Montage: Orange Aid


ven though it will probably rain, we are going to the Cape this weekend. Despite the dreary weather, when you step into (or even just glimpse) my younger son’s bedroom, you can’t help but feel invigorated. In celebration of his favorite color, today’s post is all about orange.

The color’s made quite a comeback since the ’70s. (We had an orange and white shiny vinyl booth in our kitchen when I was in elementary school, to match the orange and gold oversize plaid wallpaper. Wish I had photos!) In the ’80s, orange was seen only in Burger Kings. (The color supposedly incites hunger.) These days, orange is considered hip, and is especially popular for kid’s rooms.

I wasn’t being purposefully trendy. My son declared orange his fave shade when he was about three and grabbed an orange mug in a housewares shop, and wouldn’t let go. I don’t know how long it will last (he’s seven now), but in the meantime, it’s definitely his signature shade.

Here are a handful of other spaces outfitted in orange:










Photos: Sara Story Design; Jeffrey King; Cookie; Skona Hem; Coddington Design; Flickr-Spring Globe; Wendy Blount; InSpace; Desire to Inpsire; Living at Home; Cookie; M. Design; Mark Roshams; Flickr-Spring Globe; unidentified source; Frillie Designs; Flickr-iancr; Kumler residence; Flickr-Moakidi; Flickr-The One and Only Jet Guer; Shoot Factory; Domino; unidentified source; stylist Selina Lake; Jamie Bush; Cookie; Remodelista; Viceroy Hotel Palm Springs; Cookie; Tia Zoldan; Sara Bengur Interiors; Flickr-magicmikas; Donna Griffith; Marie Claire Maison; Flickr-unidentified.


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