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ARTmonday: 12 Artworks from Uncommon Goods

I discovered Brooklyn-based site Uncommon Goods, which launched back in 1999, when I worked for Store Adore. I perused it all the time, especially for environmentally-conscious and handcrafted gift options. For some reason it had fallen off my radar for a while. They emailed me recently. I learned that the company’s lowest paid worker makes 50 percent above minimum wage—as good a reason as any to start shopping the site again—and that they donate to a number of worthy non-profits, including organizations for women, hunger, and the environment. I was also reminded of its selection of selection of cute gifts, including a whole bunch of whole bunch of personalized gifts, like jewelry, pillows, and books. There’s also affordable artwork. I posted a dozen of my favorite artworks from Uncommon Goods below.


 Rainbow, Sarah Nicole Phillips, $85-$150


 Big Orange Chair, Kate Lewis $75-$130


Slice of Genealogy (custom artwork), Jen O’Neill, $295


Personalized Family Art, Mary and Shelly Klein, $150


Challenging Conditions, Audrey Heller, $140-$200


City Skyline Wooden Routing (NYC), $34


You Simply Glow, Jessica Swift, $65-$120


The Animal Alphabet Zoo, Kim Smith, $140


The Happy Elephant, Zlatka Paneva, $68-$150


Woven Seacape, Elise Wehle, $75-$135


Dogs (Dalmatian), Denise Fiedler, $125


Hiking With George, Renee Leone, $145-$ 230

*        *        *

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ARTmonday: 22 Original Artworks Under $500 from Saatchi Online

Not long ago I discovered the art site Saatchi Online. It’s amazing. I don’t know what took me so long to find it—it was launched in 2006 by the Saatchi Gallery in London. The site has many, many pieces of contemporary art across mediums and price ranges. Artists sell original artwork, as well as prints, so even if you love a pricey work, you can still acquire it in that form. The site is easily searchable and guest curators often put forth interesting collections. Here are my picks—22 original pieces under $500.


Georg Cevales “Elefant” $400


Adalberto Ortiz “Page corner #6” $375


Amelia Coward “Forty two vintage map dots” $265


Emily Fried “Audrey” $250


Bea Mahan “Untitled” $115


Christina Kerns “Nostri” $400


Anne Harper “Whispers are Shadows” $350


Juan De La Rica “Untitled” (Inertias series) $250


Nicole Carman “Brighton Beach Huts and Fido the Dog” $450


Jim Harris “Way Out West” $400


Liat Elbing “Holes #4″ $450


Jelena Kostic “Monika R S/S 2012” $220


Luis D’Akmin “Translucent Artless Things” (Series 01)  $350


Tess Gumblin “Reclining Nude” $400


Øyvind Suul “Mind map #17” $375


Lies Heilmann “koa titl 8” $250


Sally Schaedler “Rand 9” $380


 Nina Beslic “Shadwell II, London” $150


Craig Anczelowitz “Untitled Buddha Forest (Mini Statue #2)” $140


Siri Tenden “Blue boat with pink sail on deck” $250


Paco Vila Guillen “Untitled 9” $100


Patricia Schnall Gutierrez “Domestic Duality” $450


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ARTmonday: The Armory Show 2013 (Part I)

Last week I got an email from The Armory Show announcing its partnership with Artsy. Oddly, I haven’t really explored the site before. I haven’t quite yet either (will revisit with a post on Artsy very soon), because I was preoccupied with browsing the 2400+ works that will be exhibited at The Armory Show 2013 in New York City, March 7 – 10.

The works are predominantly by established and iconic artists, though I also discovered a number I wasn’t personally familiar with, and a few that were even affordable. (Not all list prices, but there’s an “inquire” button if you’re so inclined.) I found 40 pieces on Artsy from The Armory Show that I really liked, keeping in mind a mix of medium and era. (My absolute favorite, love, love, love, is Gary Hume’s “The Beach.” It’s probably tens of thousands… afraid to check.)  Here’s the first batch. More later. I’ll also go back add in the medium of each. Off to an appointment now. . .


Anish Kapoor, Blue Shadow, 2013
4 color etchings; edition of 39
$32,000, Senior & Shopmaker Gallery


Alexander Calder, Macarons Multicolores, 1969
Gouache on paper
Hirschl & Adler Modern


Charles Freger, Caretos Lazarim, Portugal, 2010-2011
Inkjet print; edition 5 + 2AP
Yossi Milo Gallery


Carla Chaim, Three folds, 2012
Oil bar on folded Japanese paper
Galeria Raquel Arnaud


Alex Prager, 3:14pm, Pacific Ocean & Eye #9, 2012
Edition 5/9
Yancey Richardson


Peter Halley, Untitled, 2012
Acrylic and Roll-a-Tex on canvas
$36,000, Galeria Senda


Bjørn Båsen, Taffel (Undead) II, 2012
oil on canvas
$11,000, Galleri Brandstrup


Augusta Wood, Susan Front-Hall (1979,2012,2012), 2013
Chromogenic print
$2,500 – $5,000, Angles Gallery


Fred Wilson, Promise, 2012
Acrylic on canvas, blown glass
Rena Bransten Gallery


Gary Hume, The Beach, 2008/12
Charcoal on paper, UV perspex & gloss paint
Galleria Lorcan O’Neill


Georg Baselitz, Junge Susanne, 2010
Pen, watercolor and indian ink
Galleri Bo Bjerggaard


Gil Heitor Cortesão, Piscina Interior, 2011
Pedro Cera


Henri Matisse, Formes, 1947
Pochoir printed in colors
Sims Reed Gallery


Joel Meyerowitz, Truro, 1976
Chromogenic print; printed 2007; edition of 10
Howard Greenberg Gallery


Dennis Marsico, Summer Stock: Mature couple in search of single bi-fem, 2012
Archival pigment print
$2,500 – $5,000; Spaces Corners


John O’Connor, Portrait of a Psychopath, 2012
Graphite, colored pencil on paper


Julie Cockburn, Quietude, 2013
Yossi Milo Gallery

Jun Kaneko-Untitled-dagno-(09-04-11)-2009

Jun Kaneko, Untitled dagno (09-04-11), 2009
Ceramic, glass
Rena Bransten Gallery


Justin Almquist, Studio, 2011
Collage and acrylic on canvas
Galerie Crone


Max Ernst, Les-jeunes et les jeux twisstent, 1964
Oil on canvas
Die Galeri

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ARTmonday: TurningArt

Sorry for the late night post. Spent the snowy weekend organizing cabinets and hanging with friends, including interior designer Alison Sheffield and photographer Stephen Sheffield, when I guess I should have been blogging. Then today, had a whole bunch of style stories due to the Boston Globe. I was kinda thinking of skipping out early tonight to bed, but I just got an email from a Boston area company called TurningArt, so here we go.

The Boston-based start-up, founded by 35-year-old seasoned webpreneur Jason Gracilieri, is a sort of Netflix for art. For $10/month, the site will send you a framed print of an original artwork of your choosing, which you can swap as often as you like. Shipping is free and and membership dollars get banked as ArtCredit, which can be used to buy prints or original pieces from the site.

After a quick survey about your taste (literal vs. abstract), your way of life (city vs. suburbs), and how you approach it (conversation starter vs. laugh inducer), TurningArt assigns you a “Personal Curator.” Mine’s name is Mari. “She” curated  ten pieces for me to kickstart my collection. The pieces were a bit more representational and traditional than my actual leanings. Here’s  a sampling of artwork I found by browsing that I could live with:

the first encounter. By Casey David

The First Encounter, Casey David

Close VHS (Entry Hall Wallpaper) By Hollis Brown Thornton

Close VHS (Entry Hall Wallpaper), Hollis Brown Thornton

Flamingo By Josh Goehring

Flamingo, Josh Goehring

Rally Day By Brantner DeAtley

Rally Da, Brantner DeAtley

Times Square I By Marietta Leung

Times Square I, Marietta Leung

Close Land Study no 77 By Peter Roux

Close Land Study no 77, Peter Roux

flat broke By Theresa Anderson

Flat Broke, Theresa Anderson

Close Dress Display By Abby Murphy

Close Dress Display, Abby Murphy

Short break By Simon Kogan

Short Break, Simon Kogan

Tyler Robbins Photograph

Kingsford, Tyler Robbins


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ARTmonday: Miju Lee

I saw one of Miju Lee’s colored pencil drawings on Pinterest last week and thought it was charming, so I clicked through to investigate. Here is a sampling of her work, in various mediums, including colored pencil, painting, and collage.









mutt, barcelona







dudua barcelona

 miju lee

*  *  * 

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ARTmonday: Flower Constructions by Anne Ten Donkelaar

Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar‘s “flower Constructions” are magical, fantastical. These three-dimensional garden collages almost makes you believe in fairies, or at least imagine the place where fairies would dwell. Donkelaar creates these wonders using dried, pressed stems and blooms and cutouts of flower pictures raised from the background with tiny slivers of pins. She has a similar series, “Broken Butterflies,” that is as slightly more scientific. Each of these flower habitats though are truly a wonderland.

Flower construction #17

Flower construction #17 (detail)

Flower construction #17 (detail)

Flower construction #17 (detail)

Flower construction #2 (detail)

Flower construction #14 (detail)

Flower construction #16 (detail)

Flower construction #3

Flower construction #3 (detail)

Flower construction #7 (detail)

Flower construction #8 (detail)

Flower construction #13

Flower construction #12

Flower construction #12 (detail)

ELLE Inside Design 2011
Bench by Onno Donkers


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ARTmonday: Amanda Barr

On Thursday I saw the below artwork, “Transforming Masses,” on Madewell’s blog and immediately loved it. It’s promoting new works by the artist, Amanda Barr, on view at the Williamsburg outpost of Brooklyn clothing boutique, Bird. The work is  based on her recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, where she worked in a printshop on mono prints. There are also landscapes and portraits inspired by a science fiction concept involving fields of gases and minerals and alien bodies that are metamorphosing and diffusing. I love her use of color and the dreamy compositions. To me, “A Foreign Sea” is reminiscent of Chagall. I’ve also included a sampling of some older, more whimsical multimedia pieces at the end.

Transforming Masses

Some Organisms

Mysterious  View


A Foreign Sea

Clayton Volcano

Bringing Good News

Mr. Squash

Older works from Branch Gallery

Golden Owl

Jesus Jeans

Earth Boulder, Fire Boulder, Sky Boulder

Hippo with Flowerflage

Beached Whale of Nightime


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ARTmonday: Jaime C. Knight and Lena Wolff

I’ve been hanging on to these mixed media works by artists Jaime C. Knight and Lena Wolff since last year (I probably discovered them on The Jealous Curator). This bright and clear summer day seemed like the perfect time to post them. Knight is a grad student at the University of Iowa studying printmaking, and Wolff earned a degree in printmaking at San Francisco State University back is 2003. They showed together at Lake Gallery at San Francisco. First Came Love, which also blogged about the pieces, included a statement from Wolff about the exhibit:

“In the Beginning” features a body of new work and collaborations made by Jaime Knight and I in 2010. Leading up to the show, Jaime and I shared a studio space and worked in response to each other both on individual and jointly made pieces that communicate back and forth in a symbolic narrative. The exhibit includes paper collages, graphite drawings and a light sculpture which draw upon existing and imagined creation myths. Working with elements of light, reflection and patterns of layered collage using a palette of whites, graphite gray and an array of metallic and iridescent surfaces, the work depicts biomorphic mountains, the force of a comet, a haunting tree of life and clusters of expansive constellations.” 

What Was, Is and Always Will Be

(My) Morning Star

Gold Feather

Paper Mountain
paper collage with iridescent oil stick, varnish, mica, and hole punch

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ARTmonday: Catalina Viejo’s Letter Collages

I pinned one of Catalina Viejo’ letter collages to my Abstracts board on Pinterest the other day, not knowing anything about her. Turns out, that although born in Marbella, Spain, raised in the Canary Islands, and educated in Ireland, Viejo is now basically in my backyard. When I went to her site and saw she was exhibiting on Newbury Street, I thought it must be another Newbury Street, maybe in England. Well, turns out that Viejo attended Montserrat College of Art on the North Shore, and stuck around.

In her artist’s statement she says this about her collages:

I can recall where I have found every piece of paper and I hide information within them. I prefer to use worn papers, which have been stepped on or damaged in any other way, it shows that they already had a history by the time I found them.

The letter collages turn literal words into shapes of color, and specific palettes and structures arrive in each letter. . .  Just like any letter, I think about what I want to say and who I am saying it to. I create a psychological portrait . . .

The collages remind me a bit of Lauren DiCioccio’s Color Codification Dot Drawings, but I guess I haven’t blogged about her yet. (Jen Bekman sent me “Vogue 2010″ from 20×200 after I featured her in a column on Design MIlk and The Inside Source.)

Letter to the Flowers , 2009

Letter to God, 2008

Letter to my Body, 2009

Letter to Spain, 2010

Letter to Those Who Think Outside the Box, 2009

Letter to Hans Hoffman, 2008

Letter to my Sisters, 2011

Letter to the ones we’ve Lost, 2010

Letter to a Poet, 2008

Letter to Summer, 2008

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ARTmonday: Sabine Finkenauer

Sabine Finkenauer is a German-born, Barcelona-based artist who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in the 1980s. I don’t know much about her, but I really like her simple, geometric forms and earthy yet cheerful color palette. The figurative drawings seem, to me, very influenced by Marimekko designs.

Family, 2003
pencil on paper
+ + +

Interior, 2008
collage on paper
+ + +

Interior, 2008
collage on paper
+ + +

Garden, 2001
pencil on paper
+ + +

Hand, 2000
felt-tip pencil on paper
+ + +

Carpet, 2009
pencil on paper
+ + +

Architecture, 2005
acrylic on paper
+ + +

Accumulation, 2008
oil on canvas
+ + +

Skirt, 2001
pencil on paper
+ + +

Room, 2005
acrylic on paper
+ + +

Puzzle, 2008
paint on wood
+ + +

Room, 2005
acrylic on paper
+ + +

Head, 2001
+ + +

Stairs, 2006
oil on canvas
+ + +

Three Girls, 2005
acrylic on paper
+ + +

Kitchen, 2005
acrylic on paper
+ + +

House, 2006
oil on canvas
+ + +

Drawings in the studio, 2001

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