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Merry Christmas


Photograph by Anna Kern


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Montage: 22 Spaces with Sheepskin Throws

It makes sense that so many taste makers strew sheepskin throws on the furniture. Whether it’s to reinforce the cozy in an already dressed down space, soften a room that’s bit too sleek, or add texture to a monochromatic palette, the shaggy skins are undeniably a nice touch.

I was immediately drawn to the gray sheepskins that are thrown over the chairs in the third photo down. I could do that, I thought. I had seen the curly gray versions at IKEA. They’d make the perfect touch on my new gray sofa in the family room. At once inviting and edgy. So tempting. Until I thought about it. How many times a day do I replace the pillows and blankets that litter the floor? Did I want to add to the chore? Not so much. Oh well.

Maybe it’d work on my all white bed. Who am I kidding? I don’t make my bed . . .

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Montage: Mosquito Netting

It’s getting rather chilly in Boston. Some days are perfect crisp autumnal wonders. Others just plain cold. While I will surely be dreaming of Caribbean getaways come February, I had this post put together already, so I thought I’d share it now. I am crazy crazy with work. Will catch up here with many thoughtful posts later next week. For now, make yourself a rum drink and dream of the Islands.






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