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Montage: 32 White Rooms with Pops of Color

So we’re about to close on the condo in Delray Beach, and we’re scheduled to fly down for Columbus Day weekend. But other than that scouting trip to IKEA, I haven’t made much progress on the decor. Although the lines of the buildings are very clean, there’s a cathedral ceiling and a bit of white wood paneling. I don’t want to go too stark, if only because our Cape house is quite minimal and I’d like it to be somewhat different. So I’ve pulled a ton of photos of white spaces with bright pops of color. I want to be careful not to get too Scandinavian either. Perhaps I can strike a balance to achieve a Nordic meets Miami aesthetic.

The Apartment

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Home of Danish jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen

Photographer Rachel KaraThe Design Files

Home of Danish painter Gitte Brandt

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Photographer Linda Bergroth

Photographer Fred Heiberg

Cookie Magazine

Photographer Stellan Herner

Photographer Bruno Suet

via By.Bak

 Jeg er Jonathan

 Hourglass vineyards in the Napa Valley via Remodelista


Anthology Magazine – Photographer Anna Beth Chao & Jen Siska

Home of Louise Briener of BALlab

Bolig Magasinet

Photographer Stellan Herner

The Apartment

Photographer Stellan Herner

Photographer Fred Heiberg

Bolig Magasinet

via Daily Love Dose

Home of Danish designer Anne Black

via Design Attractor


via By.Bak

 via Style Files via Sotheby’s

Photographer Andreas Mikkel Hansen – Bolig Magasinet

Apartment in Sweden via Fair Interior

Stockholm apartment via Design Attractor


Finn Juhl’s Art Collection
IKEA PS Collection 2012
44 Rooms with Candlesticks
32 White Rooms with Pops of Color 


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Montage: 34 Rooms with Love

The web has been littered with hearts and such since the beginning of the month. I was going to hold this post until next week, but I figured I’d join the party early. These rooms all spell love, literally. Well, there’s one amour.

Twine  |  photographer Armelle Habib

achitects Elding Oscarson Liz Caan

via Mak & JillCath Kitson in Lonny

photographer Marjon Hoogervorst  |  photographer Lisa Cohen

Norske Interiorblogger

via The Aestate  |  Norske Interiorblogger

Diane Bergeron   |  unidentified

via The Aestate  |  stylist Selina Lake

unidentified  |  Flickr – Dottie Angel

photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes
stylist Heather Nette King photographed by Armelle Habib

via Apartment Therapy

Flickr – royaltygirl

via Flickr – Laura Smera

Flickr – Iro {ivy style33}

via Funky Bear Decor

via Pinterest

architect William T. Georgis

via Inspace Locations

Robyn Karp

photographer Douglas Friedman

Found Associates

Anna Beth Chao

via Design Public

via Where the Sidewalk Begins

stylist Heather Nette King


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