Saturday Say It: Make An Appointment. Like, Now.

Quote About The Worth Of A Good Haircut

You’re only as good as your last haircut. 

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Foodie Friday: 15 Fruity Breakfast Smoothies

I’ve finally started an exercise routine. Every fall when I return to Boston, I vow I will not be deterred by the overabundance of work. I make plans with friends to walk on the Esplanade around the Charles River, lift my pretty chartreuse weights every afternoon, and stretch out diligently at night. I even joined a gym before I left for the summer—David Barton—but it’s not opening until January. Spurred by the need to eat better too, I’ve pulled together over a dozen recipes of gorgeous fruity breakfast smoothies for today’s Foodie Friday post.

A few weeks ago on Facebook, I spotted a childhood friend of my husband’s, Sarah John, touting her exercise program for long, feminine muscles. Commenting that yes, I definitely wanted those, she encouraged me to sign up for her workout sessions via Skype, SarahJohnFitness. I took her up on it. We set a time, I downloaded the newest version of Skype, added SarahJohnFitness to the address book, bought a yoga mat, cleared a spot in the living room, and yes, I worked out. (You can find Sarah, of the long, lean muscles, on FB at Sarah John Fitness/virutalates —you won’t believe she just had her 3rd baby!)

I have my fourth session this morning. It’s getting easier. While I generally detest exercise, I like the core-centric, floor barre exercises, which are reminiscent of my dance class days in college, but way harder. I did Core Fusion at Exhale regularly, about five years ago, but didn’t keep it up. This is similar and takes a lot less time, seeing how I don’t have to leave my house. Plus, the sessions are only 30 minutes and private. Sarah says I’ll be able to join the longer group sessions soon; we shall see. My tummy is feeling a bit tighter.

I need to stop my morning chocolate habit. And afternoon chocolate habit. I’ve been attempting a more disciplined approach to eating, though that leads me to eat more somehow. Since I love smoothies, and like yogurt in the morning, I thought I’d consider concocting smoothies. Seems like a lot of effort, but they look delicious. Here are recipes for 15 fruity breakfast smoothies.


Cranberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie  •  Something the Wiser


Peach Recovery Smoothie  •  Healthy Seasonal Recipes


Strawberry Banana Smoothie  •  Dashing Dish


Peach Mango Smoothie  •  Andrea’s Recipes


Orange Creamsicle Smoothie  •  Averie Cooks


Pomegranate Yogurt Smoothie  •  Diethood


Raspberry Banana Smoothie  •  Vega


Apple Pie Smoothie  •  Ginger Snaps


Vegan Raspberry Coconut Smoothie  •  Creme de la Crumb


Dragon Fruit Smoothie  •  Jennifer Chong


Blueberry Muffin Smoothie  •  Teaspoon Of Spice


Blueberry Muffin Smoothie  •  Yeah…Immaeatthat


Vegan Peach Oat Smoothie  •  Minimalist Baker


Tropical Fruit Breakfast Smoothie  •  Half Baked Harvest


Tropical Sunshine Smoothie  •  Lovely Little Kitchen

•            •            •

Concoct your own fruity breakfast smoothies >

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Very Vignette: Skateboard Art Over A Cot

Bench WIth Kilim Pillows And Statement Photo Of Skateboarder

Domino, Spring 2014

This is a corner of an art-filled house owned by Leanne Citrone, hair stylist and co-owner of Andy Lecompte Salon in L.A. Citrone and her husband, who began their art collection with a beach scene by Massimo Vitali, hired interior designer Lauren Soloff to help integrate their artwork with their decor.

A cot, with what I suspect is a spray painted base, is topped with a ticking covered cushion and stripey kilim pillows in pinks and oranges. Hanging above is a print of a skateboarder by photographer Hugh Holland, just one of three the couple owns. (The others hangs in their son’s room.)

Hugh Holland, who is represented by M+B Photo, documented the skateboarder scene in Los Angeles starting in 1975.

S H O P   the   L O O K

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Style Right Now: 20 Street Style Looks from New York Fashion Week Spring 2015

The last time I went to New York Fashion Week, as I may have mentioned, it was the mid ’90s, all Marc Jacobs grunge and the advent of the Internet. It’s of course a whole different circus now, with street style ranking nearly as high in importance (if not more for certain bloggers and hanger-oners), than the designers’ carefully orchestrated fashion shows themselves.

I’ve garnered a handful of decent show invites for New York Fashion Week over the last couple of years, and am thinking that maybe (maybe) next fall I might make the fashion pilgrimage. In the meantime, I rely on the plethora of fashion week street style imagery online, from which I’ve pulled 20 looks. These are not over-the-top extravaganzas, but tasteful, on-trend ensembles.

I’ve included lots of identification notes and some commentary on these New York Fashion Week street style shots, along with a lot of great links, from Instagram accounts to shopping resources, so definitely click through when the look or the personality appeals. Happy fall, or Spring 2015, I should say.


Former ELLE Accessories Director Kate Davidson Hudson, who founded The Editorialist last year, reveals her flat tummy with a peekaboo mock turtleneck crop top. Are flares back in? Navy blazer with gold buttons draped over the shoulders brings a touch of classic prep to Fashion Week.
Tim Regas / Instagram user wheresmydriver  •  via FabSugar


Alexa Chung in Marc Jacobs pink vinyl pencil skirt , Tabitha Simmons perforated lace-up ankle boots,  Mark Cross Grace box bag, and a polka dot blouse.  But what’s with the belt around her neck?


Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele pairs a Sacai  blue plaid skirt with a white perforated sweater, and finishes with white Dr. Martens T-Bar shoes.
Photo by YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO  •  The Cut/New York Magazine


Megan Hayes (don’t actually know who she is) goes for the elastic waist pants trend. A ladylike top and platform sandals keep her from channeling the frumpy Midwesterner.
Photo by Diego Zuko  •  Harper’s Bazaar


Lucky Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen in a loose-fitting (she’s pregnant) printed, off-the-shoulder (a style she favored all week—ick) dress by Rebecca Minkoff.
Photo by Phil Oh  •  Vogue


Blogger Camille Charriere of Camille Over the Rainbow wearing a boxy sweater, midi skirt, pointy flats, and fringe-y clultch.
Photo by YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO  •  The Cut/New York Magazine


Jane Keltner de Valle, Fashion News Director at Glamour, goes for a full-on sweatshirt over longish skirt with oversize polka dots.
Photo: Getty / Melodie Jeng  •  PopSugar


J.J. Martin, Editor-at-Large of Wallpaper Magazinein flatform sandals and geometric print Prada dress that she apparently wore from morning through evening, a noteworthy feat not often practiced during Fashion Week.
Photo by YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO  •  The Cut/New York Magazine

nyfw-spring-2015- linda-tol-check

Lina Toll (not sure who she is) sporting the checked trend in a Dondup dress, paired with Prada combat boots and a splatter print (or is that a floral?) clutch.
Photo by YoungJunKoo/I’M KOO  •  The Cut/New York Magazine


Blogger Camille Charrière of Camille Over the Rainbow in Adidas tee and Stella McCartney flatforms. Love the sporty, edgy leather gym shorts and again, that fringe-trimmed clutch. I wonder if it’s the Valentino Zodiac fringe clutch?
Photo by YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO  •  The Cut/New York Magazine


J.Crew creative visionary Jenna Lyons in distressed white khakis (a fashion week trend), white tee, her signature jacket over the shoulders, and pastel iridescent Nike sneakers. Want? You can find a (pricey) pair on eBay here.
Photo by YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO  •  The Cut/New York Magazine


The plaid schoolgirl midi skirt, this time with a tucked in, fitted top instead of a baggy sweater.


Zanna Roberts Rassi, senior fashion editor of Marie Claire, is wearing this season’s butterfly Valentino dress.
Photo by YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO  •  The Cut/New York Magazine


It’s normcore all right. Basic blah, but still stylish. Could those medium wash jeans be any more nondescript? Back in February, The Cut described the look like this: “Clad in stonewash jeans, fleece, and comfortable sneakers, [art kids and middle-aged, middle-American tourists]  looked like they might’ve just stepped off an R-train after shopping in Times Square.” Of course, this is a ridiculous trend unless you’re an edgy European and/or a model. YOU will look like the frumpy tourist.
Photo by YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO  •  The Cut/New York Magazine


Fashion editor/stylist Giovanna Battaglia wears a splatter print mini with gilded accents, including metallic gold stripe tee, metallic gold sneakers, and metallic gold fringe clutch. (Fringe = trend.)
Photo: IMAXtree •  The Fashion Spot


Boston native and former Vogue editor Meredith Melling Burke shows a glimpse of tummy in her crop top. Are wide leg trousers really back in? Some looked like they were wearing gauchos. Oucho.
Photo:  Getty / Daniel Zuchnik  •  FabSugar


Around In Style fashion blogger Martha Graeff plays with proportions in a long sleeve crop top and ball skirt. I’m not a fan of the crop top, but these ladies are (mostly) pulling it off. You probably shouldn’t try it though. I love a ball skirt; try that instead.
Photo: Getty / Timur Emek  •  PopSugar


The Blonde Salad blogger and fashion designer Chiara Ferragini in vermillion trousers, crop top, black velvet slip-on sneakers, and YSL Monogram Tassel handbag.
Photo: IMAXTREE / vincenzo grillo  •  PopSugar


Told you distressed white khakis were a trend. She somehow manages to look elegantly Audrey though, despite the holes.
Phot by Tim Regas / Instagram user wheresmydriver  •  PopSugar


Another voluminous off-the-shoulder concoction, this one worn by the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine. Black and white stripedoff-the-shoulder blouse by Rosie Assoulin, casual shorts, white trainers. (I’m English now.)
Photo: Getty / Daniel Zuchnik  •  PopSugar

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ARTmonday: 36 Obscured Portraits of Women

If you follow the ARTmonday posts,  you’ll know that as much as I love abstract art, I am especially drawn to artwork featuring female figures. Among my many posts highlighting specific female painters or more frequently, photographers, who create quirky or elusive images of women (Cig Harvey, Viviane Sassen, Natsumi Hayashi), I’ve also curated a number of roundups, including Women Thinking, Women In the Kitchen, Figures in the Landscape, Women In Water, and Girls At Play. (For more, you can also peruse my Pinterest boards Female Figures in Art, PortraitsNudes.)

I have so many images of women turning their backs on the camera, that I thought for sure I did a post of those, but I can’t find it, so maybe not. Today’s post features 36 portraits of women whose faces are obscured in some way. The overall image might be blurry, her head could be wrapped in twigs (or a shower curtain!), perhaps her hair is in her face, or she’s wearing a blindfold. Or, the image might show what could have been a perfectly straightforward rendering, but then he or she dripped paint over the visage, or whited out all traces of personality.

Some of these obscured portraits of women are cloaked in mystery, others are silly, and still others, a tad subversive. I find them all appealing. (I left out the more disturbing of the finds this time around.)


Smooth #1  •  Agnieszk Maria Zieba


Petra Stridfeldt


Andy Denzler


Barbara Baldi


Parker Fitzgerald


Melodie Mousset


“Hunger”  •  Jovana Lakovic




Julia Skopnik


Annija Muižule


Human Sculptures  •  Joakim Heltne


Jose Romussi


Wilkosz & Way


“Portrait with the Cat”  •  Chiara Elisa Ragghianti


Wool and the Gang


Yann Faucon


“Portrait with a Spectrum 3″  •  Chad Wys




“Paper Butterflies”  •  Ping Homeric


Maia Harms


“Sky of Tears”  •  Tabitha Vevers


“Essäché”  •  Flora Borsi

obscured-portrait-grace-coddington-by-tim -walker

Grace Coddington  •  Tim  Walker


Rafael Sliks


Melissa Gamwell


Mate Moro


Javier Martin


Face-Kinis  •  Peng Chen


“Ubearable”  •  Alessandro Passerini


“A Bundled Mass of Confusion”   •  Robert Flynn


Sarah Bodri


Urs Fischer


Lalla Essaydi


“Portrait of Petra Collins”  •  Neal Turner

Marianne Faithfull by David Redfern

Marianne Faithfull  by  David Redfern

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Sunday Bouquet: Thinking About Fall Florals

Fall Floral Arrangement With Succulents

Fall floral bouquet with succulents from an Alabama wedding.

Photo by Morgan Trinker  •  Flowers by Michelle Johnson

•             •            •

Buy pretty art prints >

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Saturday Say It: Seeking Solace

Shirt WIth Leave Me Alone Patch

“Leave Me Alone” Please.

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Montage: 13 Bathrooms With Tiled Vanity Countertops

So I still haven’t figured out what to do about the pink Formica countertop on the vanity in Florida. Buying a piece of stone is out—definitely no budget for that. And really, it’s a basic, white tiled bathroom, so it doesn’t call for a slab of luxurious stone anyway. There’s no way I am paying for an updated lamintate countertop. Blech.

I think tiling the countertop is the way to go. I’ve come across a number of how-to articles for installing tile over laminate; it’s seems to be a rather popular DIY project. We also still need to swap out the lighting fixture above the mirror that are more appropriate for a C-lister’s dressing room. Maybe we can tuck some LED strip lights behind molding and add a more contemporary light fixture.

I’m thinking my husband could get to work on some simple changes over winter break when we’re there. After all, he has all sorts of tools—step ladder, pliers, wrenches, and plenty of stuff I can’t even name. It’s nice that he’s handy : )

It’s hard to find examples of cute tiled countertops on bathroom vanities, I’m guessing because it’s a low budget solution and gorgeous, photographed homes use more upscale materials. I did find 13 bathrooms with tiled vanity countertops that are quite nice. I should go for it, right?


 Photo by Jonas Ingerstedt


Home of architect Lisa Breeze  •  Design Sponge


Home of designer Ana Spiro  •  Apartment Therapy


Maison Hand Design

tile-bath- ixxi-enigheid-nl

Bathroom of blogger Iris Vank of Enigheid for Ixxi


Marie Claire Maison


Tracy A. Stone Architect


Maison Hand Design



Photo by Julie Ansiau


Fired Earth via Sunset Magazine


Home of vintage furniture dealer Annabel Gueret  •  Elle Decoration South Africa





ARTmonday: 20 Original Affordable Artworks Under $500

I have a tendency to buy smaller works of art, because they are more affordable artwork and they’re easier to take in, and now, because we are running out of wall space. I’d love to get an oversize piece of statement art, particularly a photograph, or maybe an abstract, but it’s hard to devote thousands of dollars on a single luxury purchase (for me, anyway).

That said, money is no reason to live with bare walls or posters left over from college. There is so much affordable original artwork available online. You can buy small pieces whenever you find a bit of extra cash, or happen upon one you like, and over time, build up an impressive and eclectic gallery wall of art.

Here are 20 original affordable artworks available to buy at Saatchi Art, Etsy, UGallery, and Serena & Lily. They’re paintings, watercolors, and mixed media works; none are prints. It’s nice to be able to live with art on which you can see the artist’s hands; the texture, color varieties, and depth. Not that there is anything wrong with prints, mix those in too (there’s a shopping strip at the bottom of the post for prints under $150).


“Perspective Drawing,” Clement Tsang  •  $300 at Saatchi Art


“Relaxed Nude From Behind,” Rip Matteson  •  $395 at Serena & Lily


“The Blue Parasol,” Steve Mitchell  •  $251.30 at Etsy


“Breath In,” Alina Cristina Martin  •  $180 at Saatchi Art


“White on White 3,” Justin Simcik  •  $300 at UGallery


“When your face doesn’t fit,” Fabienne Jenny Jacquet  •  $500 at Saatchi Art

bedroom-painting-astrid Oudheusden

“DD 4.4.2013,” Astrid Oudheusden  • $225 at Saatchi Art

Painting of Quartz On Birch Plywood Artwork

“Quartz,” Ferm Living  •  $148 at Burke Decor


“Untitled,”  Jim Harris  •  $350 at Saatchi Art

Woman Painting Pops Of Color Affordable Artwork

“The Sun Is Shining,” Robin Hiers  •  $250 at Saatchi Art

Interiors In Art Bench And Light Affordable Artwork

“My Personal Space 3,” Lucie Jirku  •  $270 at Saatchi Art


Little 007,” Jenny Prinn  •  $100


“Deep Green -The identity and relation of 12 complexion,” Tomomi Maruyama
$300 at Saatchi Art

3475 by Hang Nguyen

“3475,” Hang Nguyen  •  $300 at UGallery


Thevysherbarium  •  $60 at Etsy


“Untitled 0022,” Katia Borges  •  $200 at Saatchi Art

Mixed Media Affordable Artwork  Uprise Art

“Urine Hell,” Chad Kouri   •  $500 (framed) at Uprise Art


“At Sea,” Julia Rymer  •  $225 at Serena & Lily

Abstract Affordable Artwork Oil Painting Serena & Lily

“Stained Glass Window #11,” Marc Ellen Hamel  •  $250 at Serena & Lily

Mixed Media Abstract Affordable Artwork Serena & Lily

“Mid Century Ink & Tape Hard Edge Study,” Dellar Cassity
$385 at Serena & Lily

Shop art prints under $125 >


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Sunday Bouquet: Sophisticated In the City

Bare Branches Arranged In Clear Cylinder Vase

via A Good Chick to Know

Bare branches in a clear glass cylinder vase.

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