Sunday Bouquet: Cactus Flower (In Glass)

Cactus In The Glass Flowers Exhibit At The Harvard Museum Of Natural History

Photo by Hillel Burger

Echinocereus Englemanii from the Glass Flowers exhibition
Harvard Museum of Natural History 

This cactus flower was handmade in 1895 by Rudolf Blaschk from glass using a process called flame working (also known as lampworking). Each tiny spike of the cactus is pulled out from melted glass and then glued to the blown cactus. 

The Ware Collection of Glass Models of Flowering Plants was commissioned by Harvard in the 19th century to teach botany to Harvard students in the days before color photographs. 

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Covet: Metallic Vegan Leather Patch Moto Leggings

Pull-On Moto Legging Pant With Metallic Leather Patch By A.Ruby

I’ve been wearing my black A.Ruby leggings for about a year, and have since bought another black pair and a pair in grey. The company, based north of Boston, has recently introduced this slightly blingier style that I’ve definitely fallen for—pebble colored pull-on pants with a metallic vegan leather patch at the knee. Still comfy slightly dressed up.

Pull-on Moto Leggings, $120

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Montage: 15 Modern Wall Fountains

When I drove past the newest shopping center on the corner of a busy intersection in Delray Beach last week I wondered, “Why does every halfway decent collection of stores (that is to say, glorified strip malls) have a fountain?” Indoor malls have long traditions of water features. I suppose the rushing water is relaxing. That doesn’t address the existence of the requisite stone fountain on the outer edge of a shopping complex of a busy suburban intersection. Only cars can see it and nobody can hear it. (Pause while I Google.)

“Why do malls have fountains” is a popular search (the first few hits are about some woman who fell into a mall fountain while texting though). According to National Real Estate Investor, mall fountains are good gathering places and apparently shoppers associate them with cleanliness. Some surveys show that fountains make for better ambience and better ambience increases sales. So there you have it.

I have plenty of memories throwing pennies into mall fountains as a kid. It’s still a thing. In 2008, patrons tossed $30,000 into the fountain at the Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey, which the company used for charitable donations. Perhaps a backyard fountain could replace the GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaign you’ve been contemplating.

On the heels of these scintillating tidbits of knowledge, I am following up with some actual high end, contemporary water features. Last year I did 20 Reflecting Pools + Fountains; this post concentrates solely on modern wall fountains. If you don’t have the dollars to hire a landscape architect, here are some roundups of readymade models: 20 Modern Outdoor Water Fountains and Top Outdoor Wall Fountains for 2016

Contemporary Water Feature Wood Slat Garden Wall With Stainless Steel Fountain

David Harber

Contemporary Water Feature Wall Fountain

Alchemie Landscape Architecture

Contemporary Water Feature Stone Wall Fountain

Randy Thueme

Contemporary Water Feature Red Wall Fountain


Contemporary Water Feature Wall Fountain Pool Lighting

Anthony Exter

Contemporary Water Feature Modern Wall Fountain

Rolling Stone Landscape

Contemporary Water Feature Wood Wall Fountain

Utopia Landscape Design

Contemporary Water Feature Orange Wall Fountain

Moose Country Gardens

Contemporary Water Feature Contemporary Wall Fountain

Lutsko Associates

Contemporary Water Feature Mirrored Wall Fountain

David Harber

Contemporary Water Feature Contemporary Vertical Wood Wall Fountain


Contemporary Water Feature Contemporary CorTen Steel Wall Fountain

Urban Exotic Landscape Architects

Contemporary Water Feature Contemporary Wall Fountain

Debora Carl

Contemporary Water Feature Contemporary Wall Fountain

Luciano Giubbilei

Contemporary Water Feature Wall Fountain Made With Gutters And Buckets

Elle Maison

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ARTmoday: Trees by Patricia Busso

I’m feeling kind of zen today and these Patricia Busso birch tree paintings are reflecting my mood. Patricia Busso is a Boston-based artist with a studio in the South End. (Her bio also says she’s a math teacher.)

I came across her one of her encaustic pieces at the SoWa First Friday event in December, hanging in a juried group show of small works that I thoroughly enjoyed. When I looked her up to see more I found these birch tree artworks.

Some of these birch trees remind me a bit of illustrator Patricia Busso in blue. I’ve also long been a fan of Congdon’s hot pink birch trees—Birch Forest No. 7.

Busso started out as a photographer, but when her camera broke on the first day of an art retreat in the woods of British Columbia, she purchased paints and got to work. I’m not sure if any of these are the result of those efforts, but it seems to me they could very well be.

Here are 10 birch tree artworks by Patricia Busso.











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Interiors: 12 Bedrooms with Abstract Art

Lately we’ve been working on clearing out and tidying up our bedroom. We’ve been talking about doing a renovation down there for years; the bedroom itself is too large and the bathroom is too small (and too blah). And, I really, really, really would love a bathtub.

Renovation aside, our biggest problem in the bedroom at the moment is our bed. We have the world’s worst mattress. The so-called memory gel, plush top mattress has a topography that rivals the most mountainous regions of the land. My husband jokes that he’s sleeping in a canoe. There’s a berm between us.

We tried a mattress from Casper, one of those new mattress companies that deliver memory foam mattresses in a box. It arrived incredibly quickly and seemed to be quite well made, but it was just too firm. I awoke each day with aching hips. (Insert old person joke here.) So we sent it back with hopes to try another.

They offered to send us a plush mattress topper to ease its cement-like quality, though I declined. (They arranged for pick up, no fuss no muss, so if you like firm mattresses I highly recommend them.) I think we may try a mattress from Helix Sleep next. Not only do they sell mattresses in different firmnesses, they custom make mattresses with different qualities, split down the middle. You and your partner take a little quiz and they create just the mattress type you like/need. Kind of fun.

My kids are obsessed with memory foam sleep products. Pillows, beds, mattress toppers. Just yesterday my son was asking for a memory foam sleep topper. I suppose I should do some research on sites like the Sleep Judge to find something that makes sense, maybe for our bed too. (Once we ditch our current wavy mattress.) Apparently there are different prescriptions depending on whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, etc. Same goes for mattresses. Consumer Reports here I come.

In the meantime, now that the crap is cleared out of our bedroom we’ve been focusing on what art to hang. Lucky for us we have enough of a surplus that we have choices. I’ve long thought about doing a wall of nude paintings and drawings in the bedroom. Something dreamy and romantic. We also have a lush abstracted green landscape that looks great in there.

I kind of wish I could be the person who is restrained enough to hang a single minimalist statement piece of art. I’ve notice that the most sophisticated contemporary bedrooms have clean lines and very simple, graphic abstract artwork. The kind of artwork I love to admire, but when push comes to shove, I often have trouble purchasing. And then where would I put all the other art. Perhaps a dinner party art sale is in order? Here are a dozen examples of perfectly appointed bedrooms with abstract art.

Neutral Bedroom With Abstract Artwork

Photo by Gaelle LeBoulicaunt  •  Lonny

Masculine Bedroom With Abstract Artwork

Designed by David Netto

Black Bedroom With Abstract Art

Farrow & Ball

Neutral Bedroom With Abstract Artwork


Neutral Bedroom With Abstract Art & Glam Chandelier

Architectural Digest

Bedroom With Abstract Artwork


Ashley Hicks Own Bedroom Masculine Tailored Bedrooms

Photo by Richard Powers  •  Vogue

Masculine Bedroom With Abstract Artwork


Contemporary Neutral Bedroom With Abstract Art

Architectural Digest Espana

Purple Boho Bedroom With Pattern Mix And Art

Design by Kelly Wearstler  •  Photo by Melani Acevedo

Masculine Bedroom With Statement Art

Design by Champeau & Wilde  •  Elle Decor

Blue And White Bedroom With Abstract Artwork


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