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Style Muse: Blake Lively in Casual Sequins

Sequi Blazer Blake Lively Street Style

Blake Lively wears a boxy sequined jacket and scoop neck top. Perfection.

•          •          •

G E T the L O O K


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Style Muse: L’Wren Scott

L'Wren Scott At Vanity Fair Party 2011

 L’Wren Scott
beautiful and vibrant fashion designer


Longtime love of Mick Jagger

lwren-scott-celebrity-dresses-1 lwren-scott-celebrity-dresses-2 lwren-scott-celebrity-dresses-3 lwren-scott-celebrity-dresses-4 lwren-scott-celebrity-dresses-5 lwren-scott-celebrity-dresses-6

 Darling of the red carpet


Your Paris apartment will always be a favorite.




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Style Muse: Jenna Lyons’ Signature Coat Over the Shoulders Look

For a few years now, bloggers have been writing about how fashion editors don’t exactly wear their coats; rather, these slaves to fashion eschew sleeves, draping said coat over their shoulders. Jenna Lyons, style muse, creative director of J.Crew, she of the most blogged brownstone, has certainly embraced the look of late. Wearing her coat over her shoulders is almost as much a signature style as her nerdy black glasses. Let’s see how Lyons does it, 15 times.
















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Style Muse: Victoria Beckham Wears Denim, Carries Very Big Bag



Victoria Beckham is carrying a rather large, but excellent  colorblock bag.
Love the dark denim, black ribbed sweater, and tall black boots,
plus the octagonal sunglasses. Her hair is pretty great too.

*         *          *

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Style Muse: Alexa Chung Revists the ’90s in NYC

I’ve been thinking about the whole ’90s style lately. One, because we just went to an ’80s party last month (here’s me as “Material Girl/Like a Virgin”), so it’s time to start planning for next summer’s ’90s fete. I already bought an awesome Kurt Cobain T-shirt at Forever 21 when I was sourcing ’80s stuff.

Alexa Chung Plaid Shirt Grunge Chanel Bag

Alexa Chung mixing grunge, plaid flannel with classic Chanel bag.


Reminds me of:

Christy Turlington Linda Evangelista Chanel Ad 1990s

Christy Turlington & Linda Evangelista 
in this Chanel print ad from the ’90s.

As for Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, and grunge,
I’ll save that for another day.

*     *     *     *

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Style Muse: Gisele at 18

Gisele Bundchen Age 18 Perry Gordon


Gisele Bundchen at age 18, photographed by Perry Gordon

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Style Muse: Rhianna Rocks Chambray


Love the way Rhianna is rocking the chambray bustier and shirt,
with the cobalt pump, and that raspberry, red lip.
Just feels like a Thursday night, going out, kind of picture.

* * * *
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Style Muse: Sofia Coppola, Moody Blues

Sofia Coppoloa In Blue Velvet Pants White Blouse

 This moody blue portrait of Sofia Coppola, has the same hazy effect as the foggy day here on the Outer Cape. I am hoping to see The Bling Ring soon. Mostly though, I just love her style. (Not sure who took the photo or where it appeared. When I Google, all that come up are celeb foot fetish sites. I’m not kidding.)

*      *     *     *     *

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Style Muse: Kate Moss Better Than Ever

Kate Moss Patrick Demarchelier Vogue UK

 Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue UK June 2013

For more photos of Kate Moss, plus other iconic stunners,
check out my “Style Muse” Pinterest board.

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Style Muse: Jessica Chastain, So Real Yet Glam

Jessica Chastain Black Gown

love jessica chastain


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