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Montage: 16 Bathroom Tile Backsplashes

While I’ve been focusing on the Florida condo for the last year or two in terms of my decorating energies, especially when it comes to bathroom tile (I posted on Bathrooms with Contrasting Tile Floors, Bathroom Floor Tile Swatches, and Tiled Bathroom Vanities), I’ve been putting off a tiny bathroom project in Boston—a teeny tiny bathroom tile backsplash above the pedestal sink in our powder room.

We wallpapered the powder room as part of our renovation a few years ago and the wallpaper quickly became dirty right above the sink. Now would be the perfect time to pick out tile for a bathroom tile backsplash and have it done, since Merlin, our wizard of a handyman, is coming next week to paint our bedrooms and bathrooms. (Did I mention HGTV is coming in two weeks to photograph the apartment for the magazine? Nothing like a photo shoot to make you scramble.)

The backsplash tile wouldn’t go all the way across the wall. Rather, it’d be just above the pedestal sink, just enough to add some protection against all the water. We’re talking sixteen-by-eight-inches. I’ve found 16 bathrooms that feature smaller swathes of tile or marble, or just a tiny square of tiles, above the sink.

The backsplash would be installed over my Tres Tintas Barcelona wallpaper. The next question is, what kind of tile to use for this teeny tiny bathroom tile backsplash? Fireclay Tile sent me a press release today with some interesting new tiles. But that’s a whole other post.


House to Home


Styling by Rosemarjin van Zandvoort and Barbara Natzjil
Photo by Margriet Hoekstra  •  VT Wonen


Aaron Hojman  •  Casa Zinc


Elle Decoration Sweden


Home of Fiona Doublas of Bluebell Grey  •  Design Sponge


Chamberlain Javens Architects




Marie Laure Helmkampf


Florence Jaffrain  • Marie Claire Maison


Mally Skok Design


Sara Gilbane Interiors


Steven Volpe Design  •  Elle Decor


House to Home


House to Home


Styled by Marsha Golemac  •  Photo by Brooke Holm 



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Montage: 18 Vacation Rentals (Instead of Hotels)

We rarely travel as a family. On one hand, we miss out exploring new places and exposing the kids to different countries and cultures. (They can be heard whining that they’re the only ones in their classes that haven’t been out of the country.) On the other hand, we are lucky to have a beautiful place on Cape Cod where we can spend a good portion of summer and a little place in Florida where we can escape in wintertime. And I’ve been on some pretty amazing press trips in the last few years, with trips to Venice, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Kennebunkport.

At one point we were talking about taking the kids to London. It would be easy for our first big excursion. Wherever we go, whenever we go (at this point plans are non-existent), I think it would make so much more sense to rent an apartment than stay in a hotel. Hotels are luxuriously wonderful for romantic getaways, but when travelling as a family, it would be so much easier, not to mention more economical, to stay in an apartment (or, you know, a villa) with a kitchen and roomier living space.

There are so many sites that showcase vacation rentals, be they short-term apartment rentals in urban centers or fabulous villas in the countryside, all with galleries of photographs of customer reviews. I browsed through a number of them, and came up with these 18 vacation rentals, in cities all over the world, from Santa Fe to Santorini to Sydney and Copenhagen to Costa Rica to Capetown.

These vacation rentals not necessarily the absolute best, most decadent or distinctive, as that would have taken a ludicrous amount of time, but they are all really appealing, from the photographer’s loft in Miami to the casita in Santa Fe to the mid-century modern apartment in Reykjavik. I’d be happy to take up residence in any of these apartments for a week, family in tow.


Industrial loft
Santorini  •  Luxury Retreats


Villa St. Saturnin
Provence  •  Haven in Paris


Villa St. Saturnin
Provence  •  Haven in Paris

miami-loft-airbnb Photographer’s loft
Miami  •  Airbnb


Urban apartment
Berlin  •  Nomads Apt.


Pott’s Point apartment
Sydney  •  Contemporary Hotels


Penhouse apartment with view of Hyde Park
London  •  Urban Retreat


Adobe home
Santa Fe  •  Two Casitas


Amsterdam  •  Houseboat Rental


City center apartment
Copenhagen  •  Airbnb


Penthouse apartment
Reykjavik  •  Boutique Homes


Studio in Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro  •  Airbnb


Villa with panoramic jungle and ocean views
Costa Rica  •  Luxury Retreats


Loft apartment in historical building
Barcelona  •  Home Away


Vineyard estate
Napa Valley  •  Home Away


Medieval watchtower amidst olive groves
Tuscany  •  Luxury Retreats

sydney-palm-beach-villa a1

Contemporary beach house
Sydney  •  Contemporary Hotels


City apartment
Sydney  •  Contemporary Hotels
Mountain estate
Capetown  •  VRBO

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Montage: 18 Rooms with Lacey Round Jute Rugs

Earlier this year I met Boston-based prop stylist Kara Butterfield for hot chocolate at Burdick’s off Newbury Street. (Best hot chocolate ever. Like sludge.) It had been a while since Kara and I connected at any events. I always enjoy Kara’s company, but this meeting was extra excellent because we took a little excursion right across Clarendon street to H&M.

I hadn’t realized that as part of the H&M store remodel last summer that they added home goods. I’ve been admiring H&M Home items online for a while now, so I was really excited. Sure enough, I went crazy, snapping up several hundred dollars worth of pink and grey and copper accessories for the model apartment I’m decorating at Troy Boston this spring.

Kara, who has impeccable taste, admired lacey round jute floor mats, musing that one could easily sew them together to create a larger area rug. Indeed. I wasn’t far along in the design process so left them behind, and of course now they are gone.

On the Cape we  have two celadon green jute bouclé rugs from West Elm, which are great for the subtle wash of color, added texture, and durability. Normally I’m not one to lust after natural fiber rugs, although I know many designers consider sisal rugs a must-have for beach house decor.

Since our jaunt to H&M, I’ve been noticing round jute rugs in interiors all over the place online, and have come to appreciate them more, especially the flower-like ones. After tracking down the first few, I’ve noticed that many lacey, round hemp rugs by Armadillo & Co., which makes the most divine flower-inspired styles. You’ll see many examples of them below.

Browse these 18 rooms with lacey round jute rugs, and tomorrow check back for a round jute rug buying guide.


Armadillo & Co. Marigold jute rug in the Melbourne, Australia home
of stylist Simone Haag, decorated with help from Hecker Guthrie
Photo by Sean Fennessy  •  The Design Files


Rylo Interiors


Round hemp rug with border from home furnishings company HK Living.


Melbourne-based lifestyle brand Hunting for George.


Entry hall with round jute Dandelion rug by Armadillo & Co.
in the home of  Melbourne-based Canvas Home designer Sarah Quin.
Photo by Brooke Holm  •  The Design Files


Woody Wood Rug by FEST Amsterdam designed by Yvette Laduk.


Armadillo & Co. Marigold Flower jute rug in Brisbane, Australia home of
prop stylist and interiors photographer Kara Rosenlund.
Inside Out Magazine


Armadillo & Co. Daisy Flower Rug


Round hemp rug with pink border from HK Living.


Round grey jute rug at San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos.


Jute rug with  FEST Amsterdam Avenue sofa and Myato side table.


Lacey natural jute rug as a wall hanging above the bed.
Robert Plum Project

Armadillo & Co Junior Collection Photo; James Knowler Styling- Deni Jones

Daisy Flower natural jute rug from Armadillo & Co. Junior Collection.

Armadillo&Co | Junior Collection Flower Weave 'Daisy'

Daisy Flower jute rug with pastels from Armadillo & Co. Junior Collection.


DIY Sisal Rope Wall Hanging Project  •  Design Sponge


Armadillo & Co. Geranium jute rug in home on Formentera, Spain
belonging to stylist Daniela Cavestany + photographer Jordi Canosa.


Armadillo & Co. Geranium jute rug in home on Formentera, Spain
belonging to stylist Daniela Cavestany + photographer Jordi Canosa.

The stylish home of Kate Sparks with a lovely kids room featuring our Cloud pillows, Fine Little Day blanket and Pear poster. via Adore

 Lacey flower jute rug in Sydney, Australia home belonging to
Little Dwellings interior designer Kate Sparks.
Photo by Hannah Blackmore  •  Adore Home

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Montage: 21 Interiors With Statement Seascapes

I normally don’t go for seascapes. Especially a seascape with a sailboat, or worse, a lighthouse. That’s not to say I’m not ever attracted to seascapes. I even own a few, though they’re older purchases. One of our statement seascapes in particular holds major real estate in my living room—an Anne Packard oil painting. Packard is a prominent Provincetown artist, and while the work is hardly avant garde, it’s sedate, skilled, and looks great over the fireplace. Very grown up.

Lately I’ve been drawn to interiors that showcase statement seascapes that are photographs. Huge ocean vistas hung over a sofa, bed, or dining table that serve as the centerpiece of the room. Perhaps because the weather has been especially dismal in Boston this winter. I certainly like to keep my swimming pool photos in plain sight of my desk. But also, I’ve noticed that I’ve been appreciating the ocean more and more as I get older.

Or maybe it’s just that waves and beach art are a tad bit trendy. While a seascape (even a statement seascape at times) seems somewhat mundane in terms of subject matter, huge splashes of brilliant cerulean blue and tone-on-tone turquoise is rather appealing. It certainly meshes with my decor. I wonder if I could photograph the ocean in such a way that it could qualify as art. I think I’ll walk across the street and try it.

Until I post my own, here are 21 interiors with statement seascapes.


Home of Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things  •  via Houzz


Tori Golub  •  NYC&G  •  Photo by Rick Lew




Thom Filicia


Ace Hotel London Shoreditch


William Hefner


Halyards Restaurant, St. Simons Island, GA
Photo by Sarah Winchester Studios


Timothy Whealan Interiors


Interior designer Steven Gambrel‘s Sag Harbor home
Seascape by Marine Hugonnier
Photo by Simon Upton  •  Elle Decor


The Fat Radish  •  Nicole Franzen

ocean art sfgirly by bay

Clements Design


Smitten Studio


Beach Art by Judith Gigliotti in the home of interior designer Jana Bek
Photo by Erik Melvin  •  Glitter Guide


Mega Bulb pendant by Sofie Refer for &tradition


Home of jewelry designer Meg Shackleton  •  Apartment Therapy


Steven Gambrel  •  Seascape by Marine Hugonnier


Zanotta Lama Chair by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba

ocean-art-over-bench-photo-Kara Rosenlund

Photo by Kara Rosenlund


Photo by Manolo Yllera



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Montage: 20 Modern Barn Homes

Although in one sense, a barn is the quintessential, traditional all American dwelling, conjuring images of Old MacDonald and all that. On the other, it’s thoroughly modern, with its wide open interior space, large expanses of façade and clean overall silhouette, primed for loft-like living.

Whether re-inventing original farm out buildings or building from scratch in the early American barn vernacular, modern barn architecture is very appealing. Modern barn homes work in crisp white, natural grays, traditional red, or with the more current black exterior.

Modern barn architecture works in a variety of environments too. Left in unruly meadows or set amidst groomed suburban landscaping, or even as in an example below, in the desert, it’s a shape that’s simultaneous fresh and comforting. Here are 20 examples of residential modern barn architecture in varying degrees of shiny-ness.


Turnbull Griffin Haesloop


Paul Shurtleff Architecture  •  landscape architect Douglas Reed
Photo by Scott Frances  •  Architectural Digest




Major Architekci


Major Architekci


Northworks Architects


Pascal Francois Architects


Rick Joy Architects


Kwint Architecten


Roger Ferris + Partners


Architect Sergey Makhno


Donald Lococo Architects


D’Apostrophe Design  • Photo by William Waldron  •  Architectural Digest


Faro Architecten


Mell Lawrence Architects


Jackson Clements Burrows




McGarry-Moon Architects


dRMM Architects  •  Wallpaper


Carl Turner Architects  •  Dwell

•            •            •

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