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Covet: Drip Vases by Brian Giniewski

Dipped Earthenware Vases At Gretel Home


Photo by Claudia Uribe Touri   for   Gretel Home

These earthenware Drip vases are hand-made in Syracuse, New York by Brian Giniewski.  Glossy glaze, formulated in such a way that allows the artist to suspend it’s drip,  is juxtaposed against a grainy, matte finish of the vase’s body. Alluring pastel colors and earthy textures in sophisticated but not too serious silhouettes. 

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Just In: Lulu DK Jewelry Tattoos

Last week I was on the phone with Lulu deKwiatkowski, an effortlessly cool artist/designer whose label, Lulu DK, spans a broad range of furnishings, from Schumacher wallpaper to Matouk bedding to Elson & Co. carpets, and more. Not long ago she launched a lifestyle retail site on which she sells one-of-a-kind finds, her own original artwork and prints, well as accessories and furnishings in her textile prints, including lampshades and tote bags.

I was interviewing Lulu about the Italian Riviera—she spends her summer there with her Italian-born husband and three little kids—for her new Riviera bedding collection for Matouk. At the end of the enlightening conversation (I’ve never been to the Italian coast; sounds heavenly), she tossed out her newest venture—jewelry tattoos.

Lulu DK jewelry tattoos are temporary tattoos, like the kinds you put on your kids, but in metallic gold and silver, in swirly silhouettes, that range from rope to geometrics to henna-like designs, and look like jewelry. She got the idea from her sister, and they’ve taken off like mad. Love them?

lulu-dk-gold-tattoos lulu-dk-gold-back-tattoo lulu-dk-silver-tattoos-2 lulu-dk-silver-tattoos

M E T A L L I C   J E W E L R Y   T A T T O O S   B Y   L U L U  DK

lulu-dk-jewelry-tattoos-la-femmr lulu-dk-jewelry-tattoos-love-story   Each order includes 2 sheets, one gold & one silver. Made in the USA.  Passes safety standards for cosmetic products and meets all domestic and international regulatory requirements. Non-toxic.


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Just In: The Chicken Lamp

This just popped up in my inbox and I thought it was hysterical. It’s called the Chicken Lamp, and yes it is really a chicken.

Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz created this working lamp using actual taxidermy.

Previously he designed a Duck Lamp out of a taxidermy duck with a broken neck (poor duckie) that he found in the trash of a taxidermy museum. (Museums just toss specimens in the trash? Really?) Apparently he was nervous about presenting the piece since taxidermy was not yet trendy.

Taxidermy is certainly trendy now (with deer heads thankfully disappearing from the design scene), though not sure I’ve seen much in the way of stuffed chickens.

White Feather Chicken Lamp WIth Bulb Head



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Saturday Say It: Start of Summer Means Breton Striped Shirts


Or just a “striped shirt” graphic tee. Ha ha. Happy holiday weekend.
Edith A. Miller Striped Shirt, $128 at Need Supply Co.

•            •           •

S H O P  the  L O O K 

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Just In: ClockONE

ClockONE is an ultrathin, oversize clock inspired by the capabilities of E Ink electronic paper displays; you know, like your Kindle. It’s pure design meets technology, developed by Andy Mitchelides, founder of Twelve24, a tech company based in Boston, in collaboration with Chris Lenart of San Francisco-based Lenart Studios.

ClockONE is one meter long, 4mm thin, weighs less than four pounds, and will run for one year on a single coin cell battery. The controls are super simple, and it can be attached to the wall with a magnetic mounting system that uses one screw and requires no level. Plus, it comes in a handful of colors.

It’s very Dwell. I can totally see it ending up on that hysterical parody Tumblr, Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table. (What? You don’t know this? You must check it out.) I would love to set ClockONE on the built-in sideboard of our house on the Cape. Since we’ve resisted filling the big white walls with art, this would be a great graphic alternative. On the other hand, not sure we have that B I G of a need to keep track of time out there. 

ClockONE will be available in September for $499. You can preorder it here





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