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Montage: 16 Bathroom Tile Backsplashes

While I’ve been focusing on the Florida condo for the last year or two in terms of my decorating energies, especially when it comes to bathroom tile (I posted on Bathrooms with Contrasting Tile Floors, Bathroom Floor Tile Swatches, and Tiled Bathroom Vanities), I’ve been putting off a tiny bathroom project in Boston—a teeny tiny bathroom tile backsplash above the pedestal sink in our powder room.

We wallpapered the powder room as part of our renovation a few years ago and the wallpaper quickly became dirty right above the sink. Now would be the perfect time to pick out tile for a bathroom tile backsplash and have it done, since Merlin, our wizard of a handyman, is coming next week to paint our bedrooms and bathrooms. (Did I mention HGTV is coming in two weeks to photograph the apartment for the magazine? Nothing like a photo shoot to make you scramble.)

The backsplash tile wouldn’t go all the way across the wall. Rather, it’d be just above the pedestal sink, just enough to add some protection against all the water. We’re talking sixteen-by-eight-inches. I’ve found 16 bathrooms that feature smaller swathes of tile or marble, or just a tiny square of tiles, above the sink.

The backsplash would be installed over my Tres Tintas Barcelona wallpaper. The next question is, what kind of tile to use for this teeny tiny bathroom tile backsplash? Fireclay Tile sent me a press release today with some interesting new tiles. But that’s a whole other post.


House to Home


Styling by Rosemarjin van Zandvoort and Barbara Natzjil
Photo by Margriet Hoekstra  •  VT Wonen


Aaron Hojman  •  Casa Zinc


Elle Decoration Sweden


Home of Fiona Doublas of Bluebell Grey  •  Design Sponge


Chamberlain Javens Architects




Marie Laure Helmkampf


Florence Jaffrain  • Marie Claire Maison


Mally Skok Design


Sara Gilbane Interiors


Steven Volpe Design  •  Elle Decor


House to Home


House to Home


Styled by Marsha Golemac  •  Photo by Brooke Holm 



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ARTmonday: Colorful Modern Map Art

I came across colorful cartography prints by Jennifer Carland while browsing Etsy last week in search of local artists for a roundup in next Monday’s Boston Globe. I was quickly drawn into her Etsy shop Carland Cartography, where I discovered lots of boldly colored maps of Boston neighborhoods and nearby towns.

I suppose I am a particular connoisseur of  map art. Probably few of you know that my first job out of college was as the Maps Editor for a travel magazine. It was a pretty fantastic job (and I got to skip the whole assistant thing). I would read the manuscripts for features to determine what kind of map would best suit the story, look at the photography, then assign an illustrator to carry out the vision. It was right up my alley. I’d spread maps out on my work table, trace, and fill in all the relevant information, which the illustrator would turn into a visual masterpiece. Sometimes the maps would be concrete and informational, and sometimes they’d be fun and impressionistic. I should pull out my tears, scan, and post some; they were lots of fun.

Carland turns Boston neighborhoods — some kind of dreary — into fun and colorful graphic treats. Carland also has a Society 6 shop here you can order her map prints on iPhone cases, hoodies, mugs, stretched canvas, etc.


Back Bay


Beacon Hill






Davis Square




Medford Square


South End


North End



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Covet: Melissa Joy Manning Pyrite Earrings

Pyrite & Gold Earrings By Melissa Joy Manning At Net A Porter

Melissa Joy Manning Pyrite Earrings
$125 at Net-a-Porter

California-based jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning is one of my favorite jewelry designers. Not only do I love her jewelry, I love that they are affordable enough for me to buy. I often find her pieces at Good in Beacon Hill, though tonight I stumbled across these gold and pyrite earrings online. These Melissa Joy Manning earrings are handmade from recycled 14-karat gold and  10.00-carats of raw faceted pyrite. I have a thing for pyrite too.

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ARTmonday: Ky Anderson’s Contemporary Artwork

Ky Anderson is a Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based abstract artist represented by one of my favorite galleries, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts. The gallery has outposts in New York City and Bridgehampton, and while I’ve never actually been to either, I often peruse the website and am a huge fan of many of the artists it represents, including Sydney Licht, whose pale pastel abstract still lifes are endlessly appealing.

Anderson, who was born in Kansas City and graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1995, creates abstract paintings in acrylic and ink on paper (both found paper and new), and more recently, in oil on canvas. The colors are soft and the shapes simple and bold, often scaffolded with inky lines.

Anderson founded DUSK, through which she works with artists from all over to develop handmade editions and curate original series. She has a small printmaking shop in Greenpoint and welcomes nearby artists to use the press. She’s curating a DUSK show for this summer.

In addition, Anderson features her own art collection in a tumblr on her site. According to an interview she did with Got a Girl Crush, she started her art collection blog in order to “document and appreciate the artwork I live with and to encourage art collecting.” (I think I should document my personal art collection in a separate tab here on StyleCarrot. Yes?)

Anderson adds, “Not all art is expensive and I like to tell stories about how the work came into my hands to show that you don’t have to have a lot of money to grow a collection.” Absolutely. In fact, Jen Bekman offers five prints f Ky Anderson’s abstract paintings on 20×200, starting at $24.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite abstract paintings by Ky Anderson. Those colors… Girl crush indeed.


ky-anderson-giant-paper ky-anderson-canvas-2

ky-anderson-oil-on-canvas ky-anderson-canvas-1

















Ky Anderson’s studio in the Pencil Factory Building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Ky Anderson


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Sunday Bouquet: Simple Pink Flowers in Clear Glass


•            •           •

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