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ARTmonday: Geometric Abstract Paintings By Boston Artist John Guthrie at Room68

MassArt graduate John Guthrie, who previously studied aerospace engineering, has a fantastic show mounted at Room68 in Provincetown, a contemporary design shop cum gallery on Commercial Street. I stopped in last week and was wowed. I never made it to owner Brent Refsland’s original space in Jamaica Plain, though I feature pieces from the shop in my roundups for the Boston Globe all the time.

Refsland has a great eye and appreciation for contemporary design that doesn’t sacrifice useability. His shop could just as easily be at the ICA or MoMA (without the incessant branding), with furniture, accessories, and jewelry by designers who include Tina Fey, Black+Blum, and De La Espada, as well as  local stars Debra Folz and Nervous System. He plans to stay put in Ptown for a while, after having transformed a tired women’s clothing retail store into an airy gallery space with white walls, track lighting, and pale wood floors last year.

An exhibition of Boston-based painter John Guthrie’s geometric abstract paintings is currently hanging. (According to Guthrie’s resume, in 2009 I wrote something in the Globe that included an image of his work—I’m guessing it was a decor story about a home with one of his paintings—but I can’t find it in my archives.) Guthrie’s work is crisp and delicious. The precise geometric forms in clear colors and perfectly shaded partner tones pop off the earthy tree trunk backgrounds, a sublime blend of mathematics and the natural world.

The geometric abstract paintings on tree trunk slices are available for sale at Room68; the canvases are also available online; prints on Etsy.




john-guthrie-room-68  john-guthrie-room-68










Photography by Marni Elyse Katz for StyleCarrot
Portrait of Guthrie in the gallery by Brent Refsland for Room68.

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Sunday Bouquet: Rose In Green Glass

Rose In Green Glass Truro by  StyleCarrot

Photo by Marni Elyse Katz for StyleCarrot

Heavenly scented pink rose from my Truro garden.

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Saturday Say It: Out at Sea

Out At Sea Ocean Art At Artfully Walls

Becky Hui Chan    Out at Sea
Prints starting at $35  •   Artfully Walls

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Foodie Friday: 10 Fruit Margaritas

I’m not the hugest drinker (I’m plenty uninhibited without alcohol), but I do love a Sunday afternoon at the Border Cafe in Harvard Square with cheesy Mexican food, guac, and a killer margarita on the rocks, with salt. Sunday afternoon because I like to come home and recuperate from too much food and tequila with a nice nap.

Summertime is best done with fruity drinks, including fruit margaritas. In past summer’s we’ve blended frozen margaritas on the Cape, with extra coarse salty rims. This summer my husband’s been having fun raiding the fridge to concoct pitchers of sangria, and enjoying Painkillers from South Hollow Spirits at the Truro Vineyard.  My current summer cocktail is a strawberry basil martini muddled and mixed by Curtis at Black Fish in Truro. (It’s dark in the bar so I haven’t been able to snap a good photo.)

Really, we should try making one of these fruit margaritas. Click through for the bloggers’ recipes. I’d like a peach one if you’re mixing.


Chipotle Grapefruit Margaritas  •  The Law Student’s Wife


Fresh Honeydew Margaritas  •  Cookie  & Kate


Prickly Pear Margaritas  •  Pink Patissierie


Cranberry Margaritas  •  Gimme Some Oven


Fresh Peach Margaritas  •  Gimme Some Oven


Jalapeno Watermelon Margaritas  •  Gimme Some Oven


Mango Strawberry Margaritas  •  Wine & Glue


Coco Pina Margarita  •  Host the Toast


Fresh Strawberry Coconut Margaritas  •  How Sweet It Is


Skinny Blackberry Margaritas  •  Dinners, Dishes & Desserts

•            •           • 

F OR   M O R E  A M A Z I N G   D R I N K S
C H E C K  O U T    S  T Y L E  C A R R O T
C O C K T A I L S  O  N   P I N T E R E S T 

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Get the Look: My Back to School Supplies

Post sponsored by Wayfair. They came up with the back-to-school concept, but the content is all me.

I always considered back-to-school the best time of year, even when I was a kid, and later a teenager. Even in high school  I’d itch for homework, buying standardized test books to keep me busy. I realize that sounds incredibly nerdy, but I had a job, and a boyfriend, and friends, I swear. I still get excited when continuing ed catalogs come in the mail, but alas, my school days are over.

I don’t really need to buy school supplies for the kids, since their schools provide pretty much everything they need, but that doesn’t stop me. When retailers break out the crayon and glue stick displays in August  I get giddy. I’ve always had a well-stocked desk and still do. (And a back up supply closet.) I keep a designated bin of stuff for the boys, but that doesn’t stop them from raiding my shelves. My husband thinks I’m a little whacky with my inexplicable possessiveness over scissors;  it’s one of my quirks.

Although I have a firm no paper rule (everything gets photographed and filed electronically, I still keep a paper calendar. I use the monthly At-A-Glance calendars which I fill in and color-code by activity. (Green for work deadlines, red for birthdays, turquoise for my appointments, purple for the kids, yellow for days off, etc.);I have a silly attachment to see through fluorescent highlighters and can’t pass up a good set of markers. I even use White-Out.

Last fall I started a consistent exercise program, Skyping with my frriend Sarah (search Sarah John Fitness on FB) for personal core training twice per week, and her friend Kristy another two times weekly for yoga. I’m currently on hiatus (we’re all moms, hip hopping around for the summer), but am eager to get back into a routine. It’s time to upgrade to an  extra thick yoga mat (I have knobby knees). I love the tall glass water bottles with wooden lids too, even though my husband finds them annoyingly tippy in the fridge.

Finally, extra iPhone chargers. Although I try to keep mine put at my desk, it sometimes disappears after smaller people in the house “borrow” it, having bent their own into oblivion. You can suffer through back-to-school season at big box stores or you can order everything online from Wayfair. Here are my 15 must-have for me back-to-school supplies.

Modern Desk Accessories And School Supplies


Acrylic Tape Dispenser

2 Pentel Fine Point Color Pens

3 Fiskars Recycled Titanium Softgrip Scissors

4 Liquid Highlighters

5 At-A-Glance Monthly Planner

Hand Stop Bookend

7 Plank Table Lamp

8 Retro Stripes Laptop Sleeve

9 Charger for iPhone 5

10 Areaware Alarm Docking Station for iPhone 5

11 GoFit Printed Yoga Mat

12 Polka Dot Glass Water Bottle with Wood Lid

13 Super Strong Cube Magnets

14 David Weeks Ursa the Bear Figurine

15 Cork Yoga Blocks

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