ARTmonday: Natsumi Hayashi Levitation Photos

When I have time, I like to get lost inside art websites. During one such journey, I started collecting images of women floating. Last night, I was poking around for more photos to add to the collection of floating female figures, when I came across an entire such series on Artsy, by Japanese-based photographer, Natsumi Hayashi.

Natsumi Hayashi, who lives in Tokyo with two cats (that’s pretty much all she listed in her bio), documents levitating self-portraits on her website  Yowayowa Camera (“yowayowa” means “weak” or “feeble” in Japanese). She also gives a bit of explanation of how she achieves this feat, though it was too technical for me to really get it. (I’m so not mechanically inclined, which puts a damper on my own photography skills.)

These levitating self-portraits are a lot of fun. I love her cute outfits and varied settings, from urban transportation centers to verdant fields. She seemed to do them practically daily back in 2011, not sure what she’s up to now. . .


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 04-14-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 04-29-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 05-19-2011

 Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 05-21-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 06-23-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 06-22-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 01-11-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 04-27-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 05-03-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 06-15-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 06-20-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 05-31-2011

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  1. Woah, these are awesome!

    x Lily

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