Style Right Now: 22 Camo Street Style Looks

As with leopard print, I’ve never been a big camo print kinda gal. In fact, this post is pretty hypocritical, as I don’t actually let my boys wear camo. It always seemed “not the sort of look we want to project,” if you know what I mean. That said, I think (maybe?) there’s something different stylistically when it comes to stylish ladies sporting a camo piece here and there. (Am I crazy?) There’s nothing middle American about the way these ladies are incorporating camo prints. They are totally rocking the look, with skinny jeans, moto jackets, and fall coats, daring to mix it with plaid, leather, graphic tee, and animal prints. I’m not so sure I’ll be running out to buy a piece, but I love the camo print styles happening on the street.


Model Cara Delvigne rocks plaid AND denim, plus moto boots and a knit cap.


A leopard print clutch punches up this look.
How are you feeling about white lug sole boots?


Camo pants with elastic at the ankles get sey with sky high pumps.


Slouchy, oversize bag, long blonde hair, and a camo jacket.


Love camo with all the layers.


Is this Victoria Bekham? She looks perfect in a shrunken camo pullover.


Casual weekend wear—camo tee, cargo pants, and denim jacket.


Another weekend look—throw a camo jacket over a sweatshirt & jeans.


Ah, the graphic tee. It pairs up well with camo skinnies.


Lanvin tee and densely patterned camo coat with light buckled booties.


A camo jacket over a black shift makes this classic look edgy.


Mixng stripes and camo.


The shredded patterning of the sweater works nicely with camo print.


Strips and camo go preppy glam with an orange saddle bag, metallic flats, and statement necklace.


Love the rich textures of denim and animal skin with the camo tee, plus layered jewelry.


Another layered look with animal print clutch.


Nice calf muscles. Are those leather shorts?


Graphic tee once more, under a moto jacket with camo leggings.


A quintessential fashion week street style look. Enough said.


Love her chic messy pony.


A Chanel brooch, oversize watch, and luxury leather mixed with camo.


Rhianna drapes a camo coat over her red bodycon dress.

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3 Responses to Style Right Now: 22 Camo Street Style Looks

  1. boston

    I tried to pull off a camo jacket and it was NOT well received. Everyone said my style is usually so much more stylish and they couldn’t handle how frumpy it seemed. Question mark!

  2. Yeah no. I’m still not sold. I live in a hunting town so I see camo frequently, in its proper use, so ‘camo’ and ‘fashion’ don’t go too hand-in-hand, in my opinion. That and the fact that back when I was a pre-teen camo was huge and I tried to sport it myself. Looking back at old pics, I did not sport well.

  3. Anonymous

    7th picture down! Where can I get that camo shirt???

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