Montage: 57 Rooms with Plywood Walls, Ceilings, Floors

I think this may be the most comprehensive look at plywood interiors on the web. I tend to get carried away with my Montage posts; obviously this is no exception. And I left out at least a dozen. (I’ll eventually use them on Design Milk.) I began collecting plywood images about a year ago when I started noticing them, and lately, there’s been an explosion of them, as well as plenty of blogger round-ups.

But that’s not the only reason for the post. We’re actually planning on installing a plywood floor in our new Delray Beach condo. We had the contractor quote a price for tile, which turned out to be quite high, although we sourced an inexpensive tile ($1.99/sq.ft). We MUST change the floor; there’s ivory carpet, that upon close inspection reveals pastel pink and blue flecks. Not only is it ugly (though it IS clean), it breaks up the space awkwardly.

When I asked about a plywood floor, the contractor was intrigued. He’s never done one, so he’s started researching and is excited. Even better, it should cost only half as much. I PREFER plywood. Very psyched. [Update: We installed a cork floor instead.]

He wants to do 4’x4′ squares rather than 4’x8′ boards in order to avoid a Vermont feel. I had initially thought we’d do planks, painted white (remember all the white rooms with color pops for inspiration?), but I’m coming around to the idea. Anybody have thoughts? Also, if we do squares, do we just seal it, without painting it, for the full-on unfinished, natural effect? I’d love your opinions on this!

As you think, scroll through these plywood rooms. All au naturel.

Photographer Lisa Cohen

Balance Associates Architects

Hindsvik at Home

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur AB

NHR via

via Emma’s Design Blog

Photographer Martin Cederblad

Chartier-Corbasson Architects  •  Loft Life

Apartment Therapy

Nick Noyes Architecture

Olson Kundig Architects

Apartment Therapy

Home of NancyBird designer
The Design Files  •  Photographer Tony Owczarek
Architect Olivia van Dijk

Olson Kundig Architects  •  Photographer Benjamin Benschneider


Arquitectura-G   •  Photographer José Hevia



Hotel Holos  •  Sevilla, Spain

Specht Harpman Architects

Lamino chair by Swedese

Coastal Living

Architect Jan De Vylder  •  Photographer Filip Dujardin


Marie Claire Maison

Nick Noyes Architecture

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Mjolk owners’ cottage  •  Canadian House and Home

Arquitectura-G  •  Photographer José Hevia

Mjolk owners’ cottage  •  Cottage Life

Elle Interior Norway

Mjolk owners’ cottage  •  Canadian House and Home

mA Style Architects

Pattersons Architects  •  Dwell
Photographer Simon Devitt

Kerf Design

Photographer Lisa Cohen

Apartment Therapy Toronto


Johannes Norlander Arkitektur AB


Marie Claire Maison


Pattersons Architects  •  Dwell
Photographer Simon Devitt

mA Style Architects

Photographer Filip Dujardin

mA Style Architects


PS Arkitektur

Alfredo Antuña Architect

Home of architect Rodney Eggleston of March Studio

Mjolk owners’ cottage •  Remodelista

Atelier St Architecture

via Emma’s Design Blog

PS Arkitektur


 Stylist Lotta Agaton  •  Photographer Petra Bindel

Uni Architecture

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16 Responses to Montage: 57 Rooms with Plywood Walls, Ceilings, Floors

  1. Great post! I’m obsessing over plywood myself… I have been thinking about doing our floors. I like the large plank idea, 2’x4′ or 1’x4′.
    4×4′ seems boring.
    Good luck!

    • Hi Alison, Would love to know if you decide to go ahead. I’m undecided on the squares… worried about a checkerboard feel. I had been thinking planks…

    • I did russian plywood in an apartment we are renting. so easy. I used full sized sheets to mimic tatami- we live in Tokyo. Then I covered them in Nisu- water based varnish. I glued them down with a product that is kinda like sealer and construction cement. I put a few flooring screws in but didn’t really need to. The glue stuff made the boards slide a bit , that is why I used the screws. they are very warm looking and were so easy. to cut I overlapped pieces and cut through the 2 with a circular saw, that way no matter how bad my cut they fit together like a puzzle. I cut pretty straight though.

  2. Anonymous

    Just discovered your blog and am loving it…I’m a former CT/DC/Boston gal now living in Delray Beach. I love the unfinished naked plywood look – just sand and seal. Maybe a stenciled or painted “rug” someplace?

    • Ok, that’s weird. Really? I’m a former CT/NYC/DC now Boston gal. You live in Delray full time? We are so psyched to escape from Boston winters. My husband informed me via FB post : ) that he’s not into the unfinished look. Maybe a white tinted stain. Love the current trend of painted or wasabit tape rugs, esp in a bright color, for fun.

      • Sarah L

        Yes, I am indeed in Delray Beach full time. And woefully, I am missing an NYC stint in my past. I’ve been very slowly decorating my first home–well, town home– and have been quite inspired by your writing and many many pics. Thank you for sharing your tasteful imagination. Please be sure to measure well for your potential linear suspension entryway light, I am now experienced with that oversight!

  3. My favorite is the Lofted Bed

  4. Andrea Ventling

    Hi there! Great collection of plywood photos! Regarding your question should you paint the ply before sealing it – you could wash or stain it. If you want to keep it from yellowing over time a whitewash is always a good idea and then using a waterborne sealer. Polyurethanes normally go yellow and can render the wood colour into quite unsightly yellows.
    If you live in the US you can order a waterborne wood wash and sealer from Porter’s Paints in California (I would assume that they will deliver all around the country)–stockists/international/usa
    I have used Porter’s products for a long time and can recommend them in good faith. Good luck with your project!

  5. tom edmonds

    Natural finish with a urethane sealant sounds best to me. Wish I’d had the courge to do that. It looks great in your montage.

  6. Anonymous

    Love your blog – I am going to do my whole house with plywood floors – I am partial to the planks , but square tiles might be nice – I am a little nervous as to how thick the flooring may be as I have to put in a plywood subfloor also – may have to cut down some bedroom doors – etc. but I am determined – The pics are beautifull

  7. Pam

    We’re considering a plywood ceiling in a mid-century modern we are renovating. We removed sparkly popcorn asbestos but the plaster is covered with some unsightly flaky undercoat. Wondering if anyone has had a problem with a plywood ceiling sagging over time? How close are you doing the nails? We’ll be going through a thick layer of plaster over concrete sheeting to get to the joists. Thanks to Andrea above too for the Porter paint wood wash tip. Any advice or tips most welcome!

  8. Building a summer home in New Zealand similar to this one:
    We used the same architect. Might look into birch plywood which is not as yellow are regular ply.

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