ARTmonday: 15 Sculptures by Henk Visch

I think I initially came across a Henk Visch sculpture (the metallic faceted one, I believe) on Pinterest. Visch is a Dutch sculptor, painter, and draftsman who represented the Netherlands at the Venice Biennale in 1991. Some of the forms seem very current, though they were done some time back. I love the range, some pieces are very completely non-figural, while some are sensuously anthropomorphic, and others quite whimsical. Another seems to reference mid-century works by Donald Judd, and others have a Louise Bourgeois feel. Here is a sampling of 15, plus two installations.

For what remains, 1985

Het graf (The graf), 1980

The second dream of the art critic, 2009

You are welcome, 1988

Stay strong, 1984

The fourth dream of the art critic. 2008

Names (Nour), 2007

Not for you, 1988

L’absente de tous bouquets #1

Ik was een vrouw (I was a woman), 2007

Exactly how I remembered it #4, 2008

Enemies of the third dimension, 2010

Ships at sea, 2008

Somewhere else, 2011

You will never get a second chance for the first impression

Exhibition at P.S. 1, 1992

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