Montage: 32 Rooms with Bar Carts and Bars

Somebody I know is having a birthday soon, and I know he’d really like to set up a bar. Here’s some inspiration. If he’s lucky, I may just get my act together and start the process. I know the perfect spot for it.

via Apartment Therapy

M. Design

Miles Redd

Commune Design

Architect Diego Revollo

Ron Marvin Design on Lonny

Ron Marvin Design

Grant K. Gibson

via {this is glamourous}

Rue Magazine  |  Society Social

via The Glitter Guide  |  via My Cup of Te

Society Social


Joe Nye

via Pinterest

Photographer Magdalena Bjornsdotter   |  via Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins

via My Cup of Te  |  Lonny

via Everything Fabulous  |  via The Aestate

Kelly Wearstler

via Design Attractor

The Novogratz

Aerin Lauder’s NYC apartment by Jacques Grange

via Just a Modern Guy

via Belle Vivir




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2 Responses to Montage: 32 Rooms with Bar Carts and Bars

  1. I love a cute bar display…so perfect.

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