Fine Print: Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design

The Vendome Press, September, 2010

Swedish interior designer Lars Bolander, who has showrooms in New York City and West Palm Beach, recently published his first book, Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design.

The book is quite beautiful, featuring a mix of spare modern spaces and traditionally furnished Scandinavian rooms. While the aesthetic is incredibly different, one quite modernist the other a more restrained, almost urban version of shabby chic, the designs share common elements, like muted colors, light floors, beautiful lighting, and an overall soothing sensibility.  (All four Scandinavian countries are represented. Can you name them?)

I interviewed Mr. Bolander for “The Inside Source.” I’ll link here when the piece is live later this week. [UPDATE: Lars Bolander on TIS.] Meanwhile, I didn’t want to hold off showing you the beautiful photos. Hopefully you haven’t seen them all on other design blogs yet.

The second image, which pictures a quintessential Gustavian living room, is my favorite. I love the bold blue wallpaper in the bedroom shot too. And, that glass corner bathroom with the overhead rain shower is pretty terrific too.

Photo: Steffan Johansson

Photo: Simon Upton

Photo: Staffan Johansson

Photo: Staffan Johansson

Photo: Solvi dos Santo

Photo: Solvi dos Santo

Photo: Solvi dos Santo

Photo: Lars Ranek

Photo: Ake Eson Lindman



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2 Responses to Fine Print: Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design

  1. Russ Mezikofsky

    Lars has such an eclectic look into interior design. I love his work in all the varied work spaces. He takes such a clean approach to such an enormous modern living room/dining room. While making a bed room feel so at home with just the right accents in a room with a rock wall. I look forward to getting his new book. Great blog!!

  2. So great to see he has a new book! Thanks for keeping us all up date, Marni.

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