Montage: 45 Striped Rooms

Years ago, one summer weekend when I opted to stay in the City over the Hamptons, I got really ambitious, and painted my little bathroom on East 87th Street with soft green and white stripes. Well, it was already white, so I only painted the green. Only? I measured, taped, painted, painted again, waited for it to dry, and peeled. Done before the boyfriend arrived back on Sunday night. I don’t remember what he thought, I guess it was fine, but I remember that someone else described it as looking like a candy store. I suppose, depending on what you keep in your medicine chest that could be accurate…

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2 Responses to Montage: 45 Striped Rooms

  1. love all these striped rooms- the ones done on the diagonal are my favorite!

  2. oh I really really like the pink and a bit of orange in that nursery Photograph. The cat in the window even lines up with the orange stripe! 🙂 love it!

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