Montage: 44 Interiors with Oversize Art

In lieu of writing about a particular artist for this Monday post, I’ve compiled a montage of rooms that use art to make a statement. Large canvases pull an otherwise boring room together and act as amazing focal points. Monochromatic images might add texture, while wild abstracts are perfect for pops of color. The only drawback – price. The larger the image, the more expensive it is generally. That explains why all the artwork in my house is petite. If only I could trade them in for something grand. If you’re crafty, you could splash color on a canvas on your own, or stretch a gorgeous piece of fabric over a frame and staple. Easy.







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3 Responses to Montage: 44 Interiors with Oversize Art

  1. I love big art too – but definitely agree that most of mine is small because otherwise it’s too expensive. But in addition to trying to make it myself another idea is getting art from friends, family and colleagues that are talented – especially if it’s a just a hobby for them their prices may not be so bad!

  2. Great post! Love oversized art, need to get or make some soon!

  3. WOW, some really eye catching spaces. Loving it.

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