Montage: Violet Interiors

ed-apri“Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet,” has always been one of my favorite lines from a movie. The sentiment is certainly fitting this season, as rosy purples, sweet lavenders, and deep aubergines persist in decidedly violet décors. I’m not a big pink person, and an overly obvious lavender feels a tad treacly, but violet, oh violet. Although violet was declared the new “it” color last year, Elle Decor is certainly still smitten (newest issue – April 2009 – on the left). And so am I.







Photos: The Style Files, Katz residence, Domino, Jeff Andrews, Skona Hem, Skona Hem, Kaite Ridder, The Style Files, Apartment Therapy, Cookie, Living Etc., Living Etc., NEA, Apartment Therapy, Katie Ridder, Domino, Domino, Living Etc., Domino, Living Etc., Apartment Therapy, Living Etc., Sara Story, Living Etc., Apartment Therapy, Living Etc., Eric Roth Photograpy, Domino, Apartment Therapy, Domino, Domino, Domino, Design Your Wall, The Style Files, The Style Files, Verve Designer Collections.

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4 Responses to Montage: Violet Interiors

  1. Jennifer Blaise Kramer

    Great photos Marni. I am smitten too…I painted my home office violet last summer (Benjamin Moore Beach Plum) and still love it in winter (although enough snow already!).

  2. Purple has always been my favourite colour 🙂 I just love it — it makes my eyes feel good 🙂

    I wrote a post about purple a little while back on our blog. I used some of the pictures that you’ve used here, but a lot of yours are new to me. Thanks for contributing to my “purple file” 🙂

    BTW, Patricia Gray and Alkemie also have posts about purple on their blogs.

    I’m using the picture of the room with the purple ceiling as inspiration for my dining room 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  3. What a fantastic collection of images. I normally shy away from purple, but these rooms are great!

  4. stylecarrot

    I’m so glad you feel inspired! I LOVE paint on the ceiling. All our bedrooms on the Cape have ceilings painted in lovely (to me at least) hues, including one in violet.

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